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Getting started with making money online

Rogier Giersthove, Founder Real Digital Success

Hey, Rogier here. 

If you’re here because you want to make money on your own terms then I’m glad you found this page. From this page, you’ll start your journey to making money from your computer.

Just like you, I once started when reading a “getting started” page like this one. Before that I used to dabble around and get nothing done.

If there’s one thing that made a huge difference when it comes to what I’m doing now compared to all my past failed endeavors it’s that I started with a solid foundation.

A solid foundation will give you a clear path, motivation, and the right mindset to pull this off.

That’s what I’m offering you on this page. A solid foundation!

but first I want you to know...

The Truth About These "Make Money Online" Products

You might’ve seen websites with titles just like this one.

Scam header

 These Websites Offer Fake Products. 

If it seems too good to be true it probably is.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people on the internet that scam unsuspecting people out of their money with schemes like this. For every legit product, there are at least 10 other fake products.

I have been the victim of one of these and learned how to spot scams pretty quick after that. If you’ve looked at my content you’ll notice that I spend a lot of time reviewing online products and uncovering scams. 

If you aren’t sure about a product you should check if I have reviewed it already
or send me an email and I’ll create a review for you to see if it’s legit.

These claims of being able to use get rich quick loopholes just aren’t real.

Making Money Online = Hard Work  

The truth is making money online takes hard work. There's no such thing as a one click method that'll make money while you're doing nothing.

When you make money online you’re running an actual business which means you have to provide value and in return, people will give you their money. 

This isn’t something that can be achieved within a few clicks. If that was true these products would’ve gone viral immediately and would probably cost somewhere in the 5 figures.

There are no shortcuts to making money online. Like I said you’re starting an actual business which means you’re going to have to work hard and put in the time.

What do I need to succeed in making money online?  

I’ve seen too many people just dabble around with online marketing only to quit after wasting a lot of time without making a single dollar. 

Just like I’ve seen many people fail I’ve also seen a lot of people succeed
and they all had something in common.
They had a solid foundation consisting of 3 things.


A Website

Without a website, it’s almost impossible to make real money consistently. This is your headquarters from where you’ll create your brand, content, and communicate with people. 

Don't know how to create a website? I'll show you a simple 3-step method for creating a professional website without needing experience in web design.

Proper Training

Like I said a lot of people just dabble around and earn nothing. They look up some out of context advice on Google and use it without knowing there were 5 steps beforehand that you should do before the advice can work.

Proper training makes sure you aren't skipping essential steps.



While the steps to making money online are simple it doesn’t mean it’s easy. A lot of people quit before they make money because they lose motivation, lose faith in themselves, or feel the pressure from their surroundings to get results quick.

This happens to everyone but when you have the right support system they'll help you get through it.

Without these three things it’s going to be very hard to succeed.
The problem is most websites don’t offer all three of them at once.

They might sell an info product but you don’t get the support or they have a forum but there isn’t proper step-by-step training.

What if I told you I’ve put all three together in one package?

Let me present to you the...

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Getting Started Bundle

Here's What You Get When You Sign Up For The Getting Started Bundle

The getting started course is designed for people that are new to making money online. I've tried to do everything in my power to make it as beginner friendly as possible.

To be able to succeed in making money online with the Getting Started Bundle you'll need a working computer and an internet connection. I'll take care of the rest. 

Here's what you'll be getting once you sign up.

7-day email course that gives you a step-by-step method for creating a $100/day website.

Access to an online marketing training platform with +1.4 Million members to mastermind with and learn from.

Free online resources provided by a website I partnered up with such as 2 Free websites, hosting, Keyword research planner and more.

All For Free!

Why Give It Away For Free?

There will come a time when you’ll invest money into your business but that’s not today.

After learning the truth about “make money online” products I became a firm believer of being able to try something out before you make a purchase.

  • When you buy a shoe you need to be able to see if it fits. 
  • When you hire a person for a job, you need to know if he’s qualified.
  • when you’re going to marry someone you need to get to know your potential significant other first.

Why should the process of buying a product that’ll teach you how to create an online business be different? 

What I’m offering right here could be the perfect fit for you but it could also be not. Either way, you should at least have the opportunity to try it out with no strings attached.  

How it Works 

There’s a simple 3 step process that you’ll have to follow to get the getting started bundle. After that just follow the course and take advantage of the free websites to implement everything you've learned immediately.

You’ll also be able to reach me through the wealthy affiliate private message system if you have any questions that might go beyond the X and O’s of online marketing.

These are the 3 steps you'll have to follow

Step 1: Sign up with name and

Needless to say for sending the email course I'm going to need an email to send it to. Fill in your name and email adress in the form below.

Step 2: Follow Video Steps

You'll get directed to a video page where I explain the steps you need to take to get the free online tools to get started.

Step 3: Start setting up your business 

You'll receive my 7 day email course, 2 websites, access to an online marketing platform with +1.4 Million members(wealthy affiliate), online marketing tools, and personal coaching from yours truly.

Get The Bundle Now!

Sign up now and get the Road map, Training, Websites, support, and marketing tools.

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