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Getting started with making money online


My name is Rogier and I’m the founder of Real Digital Success. 

In an age where everybody is showing only the highlights of their life, I created this website to provide people with methods to achieve real success online.

After reviewing hundreds of “make money online” products this is without a doubt my highest rated product.

It is called Wealthy Affiliate.

Keep reading because I’m going to show you exactly why I think this is my highest rated "Make Money Online" product.

In A Nutshell What You'll learn...

  • The exact step-by-step proven blueprint that has helped thousands earn money online.
    A step-by-step method that you can just copy and start earning money without wasting time.
  • How to pick a profitable niche for your online business.
    Niches make or break businesses. Learn to pick the right one and succeed in one go.
  • How to create a simple but professional-looking niche website within 30 minutes.
    Start building credibility without needing any technical knowledge.
  • How to attract people to your website that are already interested in buying your products.
    Your offers will only be seen by people that want to buy products similar to yours. 
  • How to monetize your website in 3 extremely effective ways.
    Leave nothing on the table and maximize how much money you can make.
  • How to build your brand (Without needing to show your face).
    Learn how to build relationships and trust so people keep coming back
About Wealthy Affiliate

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Earning Potential


Why Most People fail To Make Money Online

Get-Rich-Quick Products (They want immediate results.)

It’s natural to look for the best and shortest way possible to get to your goal but it's important to differentiate real from fake.

When you’re making money online you’re running a business and that takes time.

These get-rich-quick products promise so much in such a short time that when people come across real products they quit pre-maturely because it takes longer to succeed.

Done-for-you systems ( They don't want to put in the work to learn.)

You’re going to have to put in some work and learn new skills. This is why 99% of done-for-you systems are BS.

I’ll be honest with you. There are some of them that are legit but there are often strings attached such as not owning the website, only getting a small portion of the money, and no long term security.

You’re so dependent on the system in these cases that it's easy for them to take advantage of you financially.

The new shiny object (They can't stick with one thing.)

They have the drive and the motivation but they get distracted by every new product, course, or method that hits the market.

First, it might be affiliate marketing, then creating a social media marketing agency, then they want to create a Shopify store.

They jump from product to product before getting any results.

It's only a matter of time before they lose hope and quit.

To succeed in making more than just some pocket money online it’s important not to fall in these three traps.

How To Succeed In Making Money Online

I can come up with an 8-hour long rant about what it takes to succeed in making money online but this quote captures it perfectly.

Tony Robbins

“Success leaves clues. Go figure out what someone who was successful did, and model it. Improve it, but learn their steps. They have knowledge.”

 Tony Robbins — Entrepreneur, 6X NY Times Best Selling Author, The US’s #1 Life and Business Strategist, and chairman of a holding company with sales exceeding 6 Billion a year.

In other words, follow the money and you’ll get where you need to be.

If this is true there’s definitely something amazing happening at a website called Wealthy Affiliate that you should be interested in.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online marketing training platform created by Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim.

2 affiliate marketers with a combined 20 years of experience in the field of internet marketing.

Kyle Loudon — Co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate

Kyle loudon

Carson Lim — Co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate

Carson Lim from Wealthy Affiliate

I have seen a lot of products with a handful of testimonials but this was my first time seeing a website with thousands of success stories.

What people are earning at Wealthy Affiliate

Success story Wealthy Affiliate

Jerry — Founder of Smartaffiliatesuccess.com
Click here to read Jerry's Full income report

These are real people with real websites that are making money thanks to the training they received on Wealthy Affiliate.

How much you make and how long it takes is entirely up to you. 

I have seen people with full-time jobs succeed relatively quick and I have seen people without jobs living of wellfare take forever. 

How much care and effort you put in your training and your content will determine how long it’ll take to get this kind of results.

As Starters member you’ll see hundreds of: 

  • success stories,
  • income reports
  • revelations 

on your wall from people that are going through the training at Wealthy Affiliate.

I have placed links under the picture that direct you to the income reports of Mike and Jerry in which they explain how they got to that point.

Take a look. 

You might learn something new.

Afftraining August report

Mike — Founder of Afiliatemarketertraining.com
Read Mike's Income Report Here.

Affiliate Marketing Success Story Grace

How do people make money on Wealthy Affiliate?

They teach people how to create a website and earn money with Affiliate Marketing using their famous 4-step formula. 

What is Affiliate Marketing?

It’s a form of marketing where you promote products from companies in exchange for a commission.

You don’t need to create, buy, or store products
You don’t need to do customer service

You just need to direct people to a merchant website and you earn a commission.

You’ll be selling products without owning them.

The “new” business tycoons all use similar methods to make money.

  • Uber: Provides taxi services without owning cars
  • Airbnb: Does Real Estate without owning houses
  • Amazon: Does Commerce without having stores

A lot of people that aren’t willing to adapt don’t like it but it’s without a doubt the future.

Cool fact* All these businesses have affiliate programs. This proves there is a lot of value in affiliate marketing.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

There are a few reasons why it’s smart to get into affiliate marketing:

  • Affiliate Marketing is skyrocketing in 2020!
    There are a lot of crazy things going on in the world but for affiliate marketing, it’s business as usual. The affiliate marketing industry is making more money than ever.
    Article from Forbes
  • Financial Risk is low
    No need to invest time and money in creating, buying, or storing products. You can start today with almost no money.
  • Affiliate Marketing can create passive income
    The moment your website is set-up and the links are placed all you need to do is get visitors to them. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to get Google, Yahoo, and Bing to send visitors to your website passively.

    You could also promote subscription-based products and get a monthly commission for as long as people are using the product.

    One sale can bring in years of recurring commission. 

Affiliate Marketing Isn’t A Get Rich Quick Scheme or A Done-For-You product

if you’re looking for a get rich quick scheme you’re in the wrong place.

Get rich quick schemes are often fake or not sustainable. 

This is about building a legitimate income generator that will still be functional 30,40, and even 50 years from now.

Don’t bother investing time in Wealthy Affiliate if:

  • You aren’t willing to work hard.

  • You expect to be earning $4K in 1 month

  • You get discouraged easily

It’s not a quick way to make money online and It’s not a done-for-you product that takes zero effort...

...but it 100% f%*ing works! (Excuse my french)

What Will You Get With Wealthy Affiliate?

  • Access to a highly active community with +1.5M members.
    It’s not every day you can network with +10K/month affiliate marketers
  • Task-based Step-by-Step Training ( +60 hours of video content )
    Stop wasting time trying to figure things out. These tasks are designed for you to immediately take action and start building your business.  
  • Weekly Live Classes (+400 hours of educational video content)
    The classes will keep you up to date with changes in the affiliate marketing industry and teach you how to take advantage of new trends.
  • Online Marketing Resources
    Websites, Hosting, Research Tools

Here are some Wealthy Affiliate numbers 

Wealthy Affiliate is
Active in 195 countries

Has helped Start 217.530
Businesses last year.

WA is active 24/7 with
+32.000 Interactions/day

Has spotted 6 Billion niches in which WA can help you earn money.

At Wealthy Affiliate, they’ll teach you how to capitalize on your hobbies and passion

There are thousands of niches that members are making money in. Just bring your love of something and the wealthy affiliate training will help you turn that into a lucrative business.

Examples of niches members are capitalizing on:

  • Sports (Football, Soccer, Basketball, Fitness)

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Writing

  • Pets & other animals

  • Nutrition ( Vegan, Keto, and more)

  • Beauty Products

  • Religion

  • Movies, Anime, and cartoons

  • &more

Important* you don’t have to be an expert in your niche. You just have to be able to talk about it.

There are hundreds of YouTube channels making affiliate commissions by unwrapping products they don’t know anything about.

Most affiliate marketing products force you to go into the “make money online” niche (which is unbelievably competitive) and promote their own product. 

Wealthy Affiliate gives you a choice to go for your interests and hobbies because these give you the highest chance to succeed.

How to get started?

Sign-up for a free starters account and go to the training area and start with level 1 of the Entrepreneurship Certification course. 

Wealthy Affiliate Training

They’ll explain how everything works and will help you create your first website. 

When you’re ready to take the leap you can get a premium account which will give you access to the other 4 levels of the and finish your training.

Let’s get started!

About Wealthy Affiliate

No Credit Card Information Is Needed To Join!

Some tips that’ll help you succeed!

Here some personal tips that have helped me to succeed.

  • Take the training seriously!
    I don’t know anybody that took the training seriously and failed at making money with Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Ask A Lot of Questions
    It’s an understatement to say that there are some very successful people on the platform. Take advantage of the fact that you can communicate with them.
  • Watch The Live-Classes ( I can't stress enough the importance of this.)
    90% of the problems I thought weren’t being addressed were solved by looking at the live-classes. It’s more than 400 hours of content talking about even the smallest details in internet marketing.
  • Upload a photo and fill out your description properly
    There are always a few spam accounts or people that don’t take it seriously that create a free starters account. Filling out your description properly will show members you’re taking it seriously which makes them more willing to help.

Wealthy Affiliate Overview

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Website: wealthyaffiliate.com
Founder: Kyle Laudon & Carson Lim
Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training platform
Earning Potential: $100 - $10.000/month
Starter Membership, Free
Premium, $49/ month — $359/ year
Rating: 9/10



Earning potential


Wealthy Affiliate is an online marketing training platform that teaches people how to make money online through affiliate marketing. 

The platform has more than 1.5 million members all over the world and has helped millions of people with creating a business that brings in a full-time income. 

If you follow the training to a tee and you're patient enough to go through the process your chances of succeeding will be very high.

Take a Free sneak peek and see if it's a good fit.

Follow the level 1 training in which they explain how everything works
and help you create a fully function affiliate website and decide after that if you want to go Premium.

Wealthy Affiliate education

No Credit Card Information Is Needed To Join!