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Social Media Marketing Agency Owner

"Give, give, give and then Ask - Gary Vaynerchuk"

Rogier splendidly made use of this concept by offering straight up VALUE free content first, after that asking a small fee for an even more FIRE course. No jerky close on the first dates moves from this guy; he gives value up front and lets YOU be the judge if you want to proceed. 

I'm going to be honest, he could've easily packed everything he offered for free and sell it to me. But he didn't - that's what I like about his style.


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Do you know what I like more than making money? Saving time! That's exactly what Rogier provided by offering a huge blend of free content I would've otherwise had to find on my own by searching the web, reading books or watching videos. 

For a lazy person like me, this is exactly what I needed for my business. It's like Rogier is doing the thinking for me by summarizing the tools and tips that are designed to make your business a success.

Everytime I open my e-mail I get excited to read what the next step is to accelerate my business. Time is a finite resource and timesavers like these are a godsend!

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