Here Are 3 Ways You Earn Easy Money Online In 2022(And Beyond)! 

can you really make money with surveys


My name is Rogier and I have been active in the make money online niche since 2018.
In that time, I’ve tested and reviewed over 300 websites, apps, and opportunities to earn money online. 

I have come across easy money opportunities that are absolute scams but every now and then you find opportunities that are legit. 

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Here are a few examples of opportunities that you can use to earn easy money.

1. Completing Surveys

Completing paid surveys is one of the easiest ways to earn money online. Companies value information about their target audience because it gives them an edge in selling products. 

This is why they’re willing to give money in exchange for that information. 

is my digital survey a scam

My Survey Recomendation: PrizeRebel 

Payout threshold: $5

Location: Everywhere

Prizerebel has been on my radar since 2019 but I started giving it a chance in 2021 and it turned out to be legit. 

The earning potential isn’t the highest but if you have nothing to do and want to go to the movies or something once a month you can use this to pay for it.

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2. Transcribing Audio & Labeling images

These are often simple tasks that anyone can do. Like most easy money opportunities they’re based on providing companies with information.

These types of tasks often require you to do a simple 20-minute introduction course on the website but after that, you can apply for any task available.

Transcribing audio

I made a review of Remotask a few years ago because I saw that there was a gap when it come to people sharing their experiences about this platform. 

The reason for this was that it was required to give your mobile phone number for verification. After reviewing it I was pleased with the results.

I recommend trying it out.

My Transcribing & Labeling Recommendation: Remotasks
Payment Threshold: None
Location: Can be done from anywhere
Pay date: Weekly on Fridays

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3. All-Around GPT Websites 

My All-Around GPT-Website Recommendation: Swagbucks
Payout threshold: $1 — $5
Location: Eveywhere

Swagbucks is one of the most popular GPT websites. GPT stands for Get-Paid-To which refers to doing tasks in exchange for money.

Out of all the websites I have mentioned on this page Swagbucks offers the most variety. You can earn money by downloading apps, watching videos, completing surveys, and a lot more.

It’s one of the first websites I joined in order to make quick money online while I was building my online business.

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Per easy make money website, there will be a limit to how many opportunities you can do simultaneously because of things like qualifying for surveys, the number of tasks, apps, and more. 

This is why I’d advise you to sign-up for multiple websites. If you’re interested in getting recommendations every time I find a new opportunity sign-up for my email list. 

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