3 Ways To Earn Enough Money Online To Replace Your Jobs in 2022 (And Beyond)!

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My name is Rogier and I have been active in the make money online niche since 2018.

In that time, I’ve tested and reviewed over 300 websites, apps, and opportunities to earn money online. 

I have come across make-money opportunities that are absolute scams but every now and then you find opportunities that are legit. 

In this post, are a few examples of strategies and recommendations that you can use to earn a full-time income (+$100/day).

These strategies aren’t for everyone.

Here’s why I say this.  

Typically to make enough money online to replace your job you have to sacrifice 1 of 3 wants. 

  • Time: How long it takes to earn money
  •  Costs: How much money you’re willing to invest
  •  Earnings: The earning potential of your strategy 

Here are some scenario's to illustrate what I mean.

Scenario 1: If you want to create a high-paying business (earnings) without investing a lot of money (costs) you’re going to have to sacrifice time. 

Scenario 2: If you want to create a high-paying business (earnings) without investing a lot of time. You’re going to have to sacrifice some money.

Scenario 3: If you don’t want to spend time or money you’re going to end up with low-paying make-money opportunities aka easy money which aren’t bad but won't replace your 9 to 5.

Keep this in mind when you try out the methods mentioned below.

Now let’s take a look at the methods below that have proven to make it possible to earn +$100/day if done properly.


1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a strategy that requires you to refer people to merchant websites (Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc.). Every time someone you referred buys something on one of these websites you’ll earn a commission.

Affiliate Marketing doesn’t require you to create products, do customer service, have expert knowledge, or be at or rent a fixed location. You can earn money simply by talking about your hobbies and interests.

replace your 9 to 5


This makes it a cheap method for earning money online with a low barrier to entry.

My recommendation for learning proper affiliate marketing is called Wealthy Affiliate.

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Earning Potential: $100/month — $10K/month
Product Type: All-in-1 Affiliate Marketing Training Platform
Summary: It’s an all-in-one package with 90% of all the resources you need to do affiliate marketing. 

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2. Creating an Online Course

The second method for making money online that I recommend is creating an online course. It takes a bit more work to put together an online course than an affiliate marketing business.


If you have a lot of knowledge about a particular subject or know how to effectively guide someone to the next step of their goal you can earn a lot of money by creating an online course.


For those interested, I have a recommendation for creating an online course called Teachable.

Replace your 9 to 5 with an online course

Name: Teachable
Earning Potential: $20/month — $10K/month
Product Type: Online Course Platform
Summary: This is a platform that makes it possible to host your online course and it also gives you (educational) resources for creating your course.

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