7 Mistakes That’ll Kill Your Lead Conversion Process

In this post I’m going to show 7 mistakes that’ll kill your lead conversion process. What are leads and what do you mean by conversion? Since not everybody is familiar with the online jargon online marketers and salespeople use I thought I’d take a short moment to explain what a lead and conversion is in

5 must have wordpress plugins for every website in 2018!

This post contains a list of 5 must have wordpress plugins for every website in 2018! It doesn’t matter what kind of website you have as soon as you’re ready to go do It’s ideal if you want to start an email list just let them fill it in and stack up email subscriptions.  

How to improve google ranking with 5 simple seo writing tips

In this post I’m going to show you how to improve google ranking with the help of 5 simple seo writing tips. Nobody knows exactly all the factors google uses to rank websites, but people on the internet are discussing and trying things out 24/7. We know google inserted rankings to give their users the

2018 Mailchimp Review — Is it really worth the money?

This is a comprehensive 2018 Mailchimp review. Ever wondered if Mailchimp is the web tool you need than keep on reading. We’ll be talking about: What mailchimp is The pros and the cons of mailchimp the tools mailchimp offers The support system mailchimp possesses The different price plans mailchimp offers My personal take on mailchimp

How to earn money online — A beginners guide

How do you earn money online? With so much information out there that’s out of context it’s really easy to get confused. A website can say one thing and another blog can say another thing only to find out three months later that the first website’s information applied to dropshipping and the other to maybe

Is this really how you wanted to live your life?

I was watching the news yesterday and they were talking about that record amount of people are re-schooling to do something else, because they aren’t happy with their current jobs. Some of them didn’t like their boss, others didn’t feel like they were doing meaningful work & some just wanted more freedom. When I saw