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Hi! My name is Rogier and I'm here to show you how to achieve Real Digital Success. On this website you'll find my findings on website marketing, online conversion, and creating a passive income online.

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A Few Words About Me

I currently have my own online business and Rogier has helped me on a few occasions by giving me tips. 

He’s always willing to help doesn’t matter if he knows you or not.

You can leave comments under his posts and he’s always quick to respond.

I definitely see this guy going places in the near future.


Founder of Cartoolsforyou

What I like about Rogier and his platform Real Digital Success is that it’s super transparent and straight to the point. Concise, but with a lot of good info. 

He always helps when you ask him and he is a no BS guy who says it how it is.

Follow Rogier for the best online marketing strategies.

His mantra is value-bomb people first before asking for something in return!

That alone says enough.


Founder of Keto district

& Your online influence

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