How To Sell Music Online — 3 Steps To Creating A Successful Music Business Online.

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If I’m completely honest I’ve never sold music in my life but I do know how to sell products online. I’ve received training from market leaders like and wealthy affiliate. I make a living out of promoting and selling products online and have helped people sell the weirdest things online.

Compared to the things I’ve seen, music is a pretty easy sell in the online world if you know what you’re doing.

I’ve known a lot of people that tried to sell their music online. Some tried to sell beats others entire songs or just lyrics. They all enthusiastically put their music online hoping to be noticed by people that need their services only to find out that the only one that paid genuine attention to what they were doing was themselves.

Sounds familiar?

It’s not their fault!

When the internet was young there wasn’t a lot of competition so putting your music online was enough to get exposure and sell music online. Nowadays there are so many people trying to sell their music you’re going to have to take marketing and sales more serious.

Putting your music online is one thing but finding methods to expose it to a highly targeted audience that’s willing to part with their money for your music is a different animal.

Let me make this clear…

I have zero intention to sell your music for you but I have every intention to help you with doing it yourself.

As a wise man once said:

Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime

This is why I created…

The 3 Steps To Selling Music Online

Step 1: Create a headquarters for your music.

You can’t make any money if people can’t go to a place to hear your music. This is why you need a headquarters where you can direct people to so they can listen to your message and your music.

You can create your headquarters on social platforms but if you do that you’ll always be a slave to their algorithm changes which aren’t always to your advantage.

This is why I advise making your headquarters a website. You can fully customize a website, there aren’t sudden changes that impact your business, and you use things like social media as tools to get eyes on your content.

To create a website you need two things:

1. Hosting
Hosting is the most important part of creating a headquarter for your music. A host provides you with space online where you can put all your content and function as a storage facility.

2. Domain name
Is a memorable name people can use to access the place where all your content resides. Ideally, try to get a brandable and relatable name which describes what kind of content the website visitor could expect.

Tip* Don’t spend months trying to come up with a name and waste time. Nobody knows what a “Google” is but its one of the most successful companies in the world.

Nowadays you can create quality WordPress websites within 10 minutes. Here’s an example of a WordPress website you can create on Siterubix.

Fully functional, fast and mobile-friendly made within 10 minutes.

SiteRubix gives you 2 domain names and unlimited hosting for free (No credit card needed)

you can use the tool right here to find out if your domain name is available.

Or you can go to and start building your own website right now.

Step 2: Marketing your website and getting eyes on your content.

You could have all-time great music on your website but if nobody knows about it you’ll never be successful. This is why marketing is important. There are all kinds of methods to get eyes on your content.

A few methods are:

Search engine marketing
Search engines are a huge opportunity when used right. Let’s check out how many people are on search engines like Google which potentially can buy your music.

This might not look like the most obvious way to sell music but Let’s look at how many people look for music to buy online by looking at the search history on search engines.

What you see here is a keyword tool that can find out how many times certain sentences and words are being typed into search engines. AVG is the average amount of monthly searches using a certain sentence. Almost 3000 people are looking to buy music beats on google. Can you imagine how many more people might have used variations of this sentence or are looking for songs, lyrics or anything else?

By optimizing your content to target people specifically looking for music to buy online and ranking for it your chances of making money raise infinitely. You do this through search engine optimization. It takes a while to get ranked but after getting ranked you’ll get daily visitors without ever needing to lift a finger.

The higher your content is ranked on search engines, the more visitors will be directed to your website. With PPC you can pay to get to the top of search engines. Compared to ranking for content, you’ll get to the top of the page immediately but you’ll have to invest money.

Social Media Marketing
Not only on search engines but also on social media there are a lot of people that could be interested in your music.

With the help of social media, you can build an audience of potential customers based on the relationship you create through the music you and things about your life that you post.

Social media sponsored content
Just like with PPC you can invest money in your social media strategy.

You can get more exposure by paying for advertisement on social media to get it in front of people outside of your normal circle on social platforms.

To make your music business successful you’re going to need to drive traffic to your website in one of these ways effectively. This is hard to do without having someone knowledgeable by your side or quality training. If you set up a website with siterubix you’ll get access to the FREE wealthy affiliate training ( No credit card needed ).

If you already have a website for your business and you just want to receive simple but effective marketing training you can sign up directly (again for free) on the wealthy affiliate website. Receive training on search engine marketing, social media marketing and get more eyes on your content.

Step 3: Surround yourself with people that can help with promoting and selling your music.

Imagine having more than 1000 of experts you can ask for advice with everything that comes with creating a high-quality website, promoting it and getting more exposure.

This is what you get when you join wealthy affiliate.

This is the platform on which I help people with promoting their website and the products on it. If you have any questions feel free to look me up anytime so I can help you.

The moment you join wealthy affiliate you’ll have expert help available 24/7 to help you with any kind of problem you might encounter when setting up your online business. They also give training in setting up your website, marketing, sales, branding they’ll cover it all in their training.

Got any questions about promoting your music online?

Promise me one thing… don’t be afraid to post your questions in the comment section of this post. I am here to help and would love nothing more than to help you create a successful campaign to promote your music with the help of online marketing. Hit me up if you need anything and I’ll be sure to get back to you within hours.

Hope to see you on the other side!

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