7 Mistakes That’ll Kill Your Lead Conversion Process

In this post I’m going to show 7 mistakes that’ll kill your lead conversion process.

What are leads and what do you mean by conversion?
Since not everybody is familiar with the online jargon online marketers and salespeople use I thought I’d take a short moment to explain what a lead and conversion is in the context of this post.

A lead is a person or an organization that’s potentially interested in what you offer.

Conversion is what we name what happens when a lead takes a specific action that you want them to take.

Short and sweet!

Now that you know what these terms mean I can imagine that you want the lead conversion rate of your business to be as high as possible. Well sometimes without meaning to the things we put on the internet makes or conversion rate drop.

To prevent that I’ve put together a list of conversion killers so you can check if you’re a victim of one of these without knowing.

Conversion Killer #1 Lack of trust

The moment you are trying to convert a lead you’re asking them to invest in not only
what you’re offering, but also to invest in you. In a world where not everybody has your best interest at heart that sometimes can be asking for a lot.

If the people you’re offering your product to don’t have some kind of connection with you that is build on trust they’ll never buy something from you.

There’s a statistic that says that people have to have been in contact with you at least 7 times before they even consider buying something from you.

Start showing who you are, what you stand for, what you’re trying to achieve and watch while your conversion rate goes up.

Conversion Killer #2 Nobody understands what you’re offering

I used to have this problem all the time. Just thinking about past offers that didn’t work, because people didn’t understand what I was offering irritates me. You need to know beforehand who you’re offering your product too. Maybe your target audience vocabulary differs from yours, or their language.

If people don’t understand what you’re offering its hard for them to see how your product can be of value for them.

A tool to help with this is to create customer avatars beforehand. If you know precisely what kind of audience you want to attract it will be less of a hassle to find understandable ways to communicate with them.

Conversion Killer #3 Your product is too complex

People instinctively try to gain the most while do the least possible. If you don’t keep that in mind your conversion rate can take a nosedive really quick. People are looking for quick fixes. If you present your offer as something which takes years and you have to go through infinite steps to get at the end goal people are going to get turned off.

I’m not telling you to lie, but focus way more on the benefits of your product than the technicalities. There are some groups of people where this isn’t the case, but for this post we are talking about the masses.

I’ll write something about these exceptions in another post.

Conversion Killer #4 Not offering value, before you offer products

I think we can all agree that we can’t stand spam, but still for some reason its hard to resist putting out that extra offer especially if you know it will make a lot of people their lives better.

The problem is most people don’t know it will improve their life on first sight they can’t read your mind, because of this they will put it in the group of thousands of other offers they get daily. They might even get annoyed and add you to their “Blacklist”.

To prevent this you’re going to have to prove that, that offer is legit by giving some value beforehand. Most of the time people do this by giving content. Blogs, Video’s, podcasts etc. If its really good it can give people thoughts like “If his free content is this good, how much better must his paid content be?”.

If your audience thinks like that will they ever see an offer from you in their email as spam. Probably not!

Conversion Killer #5 Not connecting to your audience their needs

In CK#2 you had the situation where your audience isn’t understanding you. This is the exact opposite you don’t understand your audience. You might have made something incredible, you’ve invested a crazy amount of time in it and you’re unbelievably proud of this achievement. This doesn’t mean they need what you’ve created.

Ideally you don’t need to convince your audience to buy your products. The product should be a match with your audience and your only job is to get them to allow themselves to buy the product.

Conversion Killer #6 Offering too much at the same time

The best way to lower your conversion rate would be to confuse your audience. This happens when you offer too much at the same time. Ever heard of the term paralysis by analysis? This what can happen when you give too many options.

The more options you have to choose from, the harder it is to make a decision. It also drains a lot of mental energy.

In these situations it can happen that people will postpone their purchase and leave your website only to be offered a similar product correctly by a different website.

Keep at simple for your audience and offer just one thing at a time.

Conversion Killer #7 Not A/B testing

This is probably the biggest mistake you can ever make. Everybody is different so not everything works on everyone. All these best practices for sales exist and they make a lot of sense, but the worst thing you could do is to blindly follow everything you read ( … I know its Ironic to talk about this right now… ).

Try out different things and compare to see what works better. Change your headlines, your call to actions, change everything and see what happens. Off course don’t do this randomly, but be willing to make changes.

You might find out that, that 15% conversion rate of yours could’ve easily been 21% if you just tweaked some things a little bit.

I know nowadays online marketing has become really popular, but don’t forget marketing is used to get people attention.

To spur them on to take action once they’re on your website is what salesmen do.

Don’t take working on your conversion for granted.

Keep that in mind.


I’m a vivid believer of putting everything your learn immediately into action so I have a mission for you.

Mission: If any of these tips were helpful leave a comment below concerning which one.





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  1. These are great points that anyone can learn from to improve their conversions.

    I Think what it ultemely boils down to is gaining your readers respect by offering valuable information and high quality products to solve their problem.

    If you do this, then you can easily make one sale after another.

  2. As a newbie to affiliate marketing I really enjoyed reading your post about conversions.

    Affiliate marketing , at first glance seems to be a very straightforward discipline, but in fact it is kind of complicated and nuanced and your input has been very helpful. So much to learn.

    Thanks for this,



    • It is indeed complicated and I’m really grateful for it. 

      The things you learn about marketing and sales because of Affiliate Marketing will benefit you 
      for the rest of your life.

      Joining the WA-community is probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!


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