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Helping people with online marketing and creating an online business

See my wins and losses

Learn from my wins but also my losses. Failure is a part of the process. On Real Digital Success you'll get a real picture of what you can expect.

No Get Rich Quick Tricks

At Real digital success, we focus on creating a digital financial asset the sustainable way. No shortcuts, no schemes just old fashioned hard work. 


I didn't start Real digital success to make money but to have the freedom to design the lifestyle I've always wanted. It's our lives. We should be able to choose our direction in my opinion.

A few facts about me.

  • My name is Rogier. I was born and raised in The Netherlands.
  • I studied architecture but didn't see myself working in that space. I wanted to do something that gave me the freedom to be more flexible.
  • I created a barter app for startups. It failed horribly because I had lousy marketing and management skills.
  • Started getting into Digital Marketing with products from digitalmarketer.com, Affilorama, and Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Started a white label copywriting agency called "The Perfect Pitch" with a friend but we went our separate ways after he moved to Ukraine. 
  • Created a personal development blog that got around the 600 visits a month. I didn't know I couldn't monetize on a free blog because I neglected research(stupid!).  
  • Started Real Digital Success February 24th, 2018
  • Wrote articles for websites such as Social Animal and Goldenbloggerz
  • Partnered up with companies such as Wealthy Affiliate and GetResponse.
  •  Ready to help you take the first steps.

As you can see I've made mistakes but with those also came a lot of experience.

While a lot of bloggers give out shallow tips they maybe read on other blogs
everything on Real Digital Success is based on the experiences you just read about.

Real Experiences, Real Tips, and Real Success!

What is Real Digital Success About?

As the name says I want to help people gain Real Digital Success!

In the age of social media where most people are only showing the highlights of their life, I want to help people create something that is actually real.

No fake travel pictures, No exaggerating about how happy you are, No need to overcompensate!

Just working on turning your dream into truth.
I will provide you with the resources that'll help you with creating an online business about the thing you love.

Take a look at these posts to see what kind of content you can expect when you join
the Real Digital Success community.

What services does 
Real Digital Success offer?

Product Reviews & Suggestions

Real digital success’s product reviews can help with picking the best possible tools.

This way you’ll know with certainty that you’ll never get scammed and have the best tools to make you succeed.

1-on-1 Consults

I offer 1-on-1 consults through private messaging. 

Most people fail at Online marketing because they don’t know how to go beyond the X and O’s of Online marketing.

In these 1-on-1 consults, I’ll be able to help you with even the smallest problems.

Online Marketing Community

Real Digital Success has partnered up with Wealthy Affiliate which has a highly active community with +1.4 million online marketers you can mastermind with. 

You’ll also get access the community, live classrooms and video training to support you as an online marketer.

Marketing Research Tools

Just like any other business online marketing is about supply and demand. This is why it’s important to have adequate research tools.

Thanks to the affiliate companies I’m partnered up with my referrals are provided with the best marketing research tools.

Websites & Hosting

Finding an affordable provider with the right kind of hosting for the website you envision creating can be hard.

Thanks to our partnerships we can provide our referrals with two free websites and unlimited hosting specifically designed for websites that want to make money online through online marketing.

Step-by-Step Guides

Too many people are creating content out of context which only leads to confusion.

At Real Digital Success, we try to avoid that by creating step-by-step definitive guides that’ll help you get to the next level so your website goes from being a hobby to being a full-blown financial asset.

What's Next?

I want to change the way people think about making money online.
A lot of people quit before they even make a cent online because they come in with the wrong expectations.

They see all these marketers talk about earning 5 figures in their first 2 months without any hard work
and start to compare themselves to them when they aren't seeing the results.

 It's not healthy, not sustainable, and not realistic.

By growing this website and starting a community I can show people what it actually takes to make money online.
I can say from experience that the steps to making money online are simple but it definitely isn't easy.

The method you choose, your niche, your training, and all sorts of other things will decide how long it'll take
and how much work you have to put into it.

Anybody can make money online if they're truthfully told what it takes and put in the work.

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