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Real Digital Success is a website created by me, Rogier Giersthove, and can be seen as a tool for you to learn about website marketing, website conversion, new online tools, and making money online.

Read further to find out what I'm all about.

real digital success

Who is Rogier?
How does he even know about this stuff?

Not that long ago I used to be an architecture student on one of the top 5 architecture universities in the world. I learned a lot there and it was definitely fun but I felt like it didn’t guide me in the direction I wanted to go.

You see, I wanted a job with which I could travel the world, meet all kinds of new people, and have a decent social life. The more I learned about architecture the less it felt like I was going to have the freedom to do all that.

I was looking for something else, I was looking for passive income.

I started researching passive income on Google and before I knew it I was doing all kinds of entrepreneurial endeavors.

I created apps, did some freelance copywriting, learned about business in general but the moment it all changed was when I found an online platform that trains marketers.

I learned the basics there about creating websites, marketing them, and earning money in an effective way.

After that, every time I learned something from websites such as smartpassiveincome and Backlinko I’d try it out and see if it would work not only for them but me too.

By going into an extreme trial and error process in which I made 4 websites, 2 YouTube channels, 7 social media accounts I learned something very important.

create passive income

I learned to take an idea and turn it into something that can produce income in a passive way.

I won't lie to you I'm definitely not a millionair but experimenting with everything related to website marketing has taught me a lot.

What is the goal of this website?

As the name says I want to help people gain Real Digital Success! In the age of social media where most people are only showing the highlights of their life, I want to help people achieve something that is actually real.

No fake travel pictures, No overexagerating about how happy you are, No need to overcompensate!

Just working on turning your dream into truth.

You want to be able to travel the world? Let’s work on getting you into that plane.
You want to earn 10K/ month passive? Let’s work on setting that up.
You want to spend your days creating content about what you love? Let’s do that.

I want to create a real online business what should I do?


I’ve made a lot of mistakes but thanks to those I can show you the exact blueprint you’ll need to get to the point of creating an online business that actually generates passive income.

Click on the get started button and begin right away for free!

See you on the other side!

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