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The Ultimate Online Marketing Dictionary

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Hey, Rogier here.

On this page, you’ll find all kind of terms marketers use translated into plain and easy to understand English.
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301 Redirect

A permanent redirection from one URL to another.

302 Redirect

A temporary redirection from one URL to another.

404 Error

An error that indicates that the website that you requested to go to with your web browser can’t be found.



Ad extensions

Extra information that is added to your text ads that people can immediately go to.


An advertising service created by Google that lets you place your website in the top of their search engine result pages in exchange for a fee.

Ad Network

A group of websites that are used for advertising by one advertiser. Examples are Google Ads and Bing Ads.


Alexa is a virtual voice assistant created by Amazon.


A protocol often used in SEO to decide what position content on search engines should have.

Alernative texts, Alt-Tags

A word or phrase that can be inserted into html documents that explains what an image is all about for website viewers.

Anchor Text

Anchor Text refers to the text used for a hyperlink that you can click on. In SEO it’s favorable to use anchor text that describes the page the hyperlink is connected with.

Affiliate Marketing

Marketing form where companies partner up with marketers to promote their products in exchange for a commission on every sale.


The practice of using fake endorsers to make a website, business or person look better than it actually is.

Automated Rules

A feature in the ad service create by Google called Google ads that automatically adjust your settings to optimize your campaigns.


Software used to automate and manage communication with a group through email.

Avarage Position

The average position of your content in search engine result pages over a specific timespan.




A backlink is a link one website gets from another. These backlinks can have a huge effect on the authority of your website.

Black Hat SEO

SEO practices used to rank higher in search engines that go against the guidelines of search engines.


A blog is a webpage that gets regularly updated with new content.

Bounce rate

A factor that is shown in Google Analytics that displays the rate of people leaving your website after looking at just one page.


Marketing practice that creates an identity around a product or business to differentiate it from other products and businesses.

Broad Match

A bid type in search networks like (Bing Search and Google Ads) that includes showing your ads in every possible search containing your keyword, synonyms, and variations.

Buyer Persona - Customer Avatar

A detailed profile of your ideal customer created to get insight into how you should approach your ideal target audience.



Cascading style sheet, CSS

Code that defines the functionality, design, and presentation of a webpage.

Clickthrough rate

The ratio of users who click on a specific link.


Practice in SEO where the content that is shown to a search engine spider is different than the content shown to the user but has the same URL.

Consumer data

Information customers leave behind through their actions.

Content Management System

Digital application use to manage and create content on websites. Examples. Wordpress and Joomla.

Content Marketing

Marketing strategy that focuses on creating high-quality content to attract a beforehand clearly defined audience.

Content Network

A group of websites that create content and allow advertisers to show ads alongside of it.

Conversion Rate

The ratio of users that you can get to do a specific action. Examples. Buy a product, subscribe to an email list, etc.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The practice of increasing your conversion rate.


Text files stores into people browser or directories to retain login information, identify customers and create an overall good user experience.


How much you pay for every click your website receives when doing a marketing campaign.

Cost-per-Mile ( CPM )

Mile is Latin for thousand. It’s the price an advertiser pays for every thousand clicks.

Country Code Level Domain, CCTLD

The two letters at the end of a website domain that corresponds with a country, territory, or geographical location. Example .uk (united kingdom) .DE (Germany) .NL (Netherlands)


Program used by search engines such as Google and Bing to find and index web pages.

Customer Relationship Management, CRM

The process of building relationships with clients through marketing strategies and activities.



Display URL

The URL users see on a PPC ad.

Do-follow link

links that do not have a rel=”no-follow” attribute. These links can influence how high you rank on search engines. Do-follow links from high authority websites will help your rankings.

Domain authority

A rating created by Moz that indicates your chances of ranking for search engine results in general. The rating goes from 0-100 and if often used to measure the progression of websites.

Domain name

The domain name is basically the address of a website used by other people to get to your website. examples. or

Doorway Page

A doorway page will affect the index of a search engine by inserting results for particular phrases while sending visitors to a different page.

Drip Marketing - Also soap opera sequences

Strategy where a sequence of pre-written messages are being sent to customers and prospects over time.




The buying and selling of good on the internet.

Email Marketing

Strategically sending commercial messages to customers and prospects.

Email Marketing Service

Software that facilitates email marketing by being able to send, automate, and customize emails.

Email Sequence

A set of pre-written emails often used to create relationships with customers to increase the chances of selling products or services.

Enhanced Bidding

Option that adjusts your CPC automatically to the price that’ll get you the most sales.



Facebook advertising

The act of placing ads on Facebook.

Facebook retargeting

Form of marketing where you send ads to people who left your website on facebook.


Stream of posts that gets updated every time new content is being uploaded.


A digital bulletin board where ideas and opinions are shared.




The practice of focusing your marketing on a specific group based on their location.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is an advertising platform that has created a huge network of websites that people can advertise through CPC.

Google Analytics

Free service created by Google to monitor the progression of your website through different statistics.

Google Search Console

Free service created by Google that lets webmasters monitor the indexing and ranking of webpages. It’s mostly used to optimize the visibility of websites in search engines.

Growth Hacking

The practice of achieving rapid growth through optimizing lead generation and conversion.




It’s the name for the symbol (#). It’s used on social media to group together content that has the same theme.


Map that shows all the interactions visitors had on a specific webpage. The red areas are the places where a lot of interactions take place while the blue areas are the places with the fewest interactions.

HyperText Markup Language, HTML

HTML is a markup language for text pages. HTML elements are used as building blocks for webpages.


Is an element (word, phrase, image) that is turned into a link you can use to go to another webpage.



Image maps

Set of coordinates regarding an image in order to hyperlink different areas of the image to different webpages.


The number of times viewers see a search engine result page with your website on it. This doesn’t necessarily mean they saw your page just the search page your website was on.

Inbound links - also backlink

Hyperlink on another website that points toward your own website.


The organization of information in indices after websites have been crawled so they can be seen on search engines.


A person or a group of people who have the ability to influence people’s behavior.

Influencer Marketing

A form of marketing where influencers endorse your products and/or services to get more exposure.

Internal Linking

Using hyperlinks that point to other pages on your website.


A pop-up ad that appears in the middle of browsing a website.


A social media platform that predominantly focuses on pictures.