How We Review Products, Services, and Online Tools

A lot of the content on Real Digital Success contains not only business opportunity reviews but also reviews of products, services, and online tools.

Some examples of the types of products we cover are email marketing services, keyword research tools, web page builders, funnel builders, content marketing tools, etc.

To make sure, we provide readers with accurate information, we research multiple factors before giving our opinion about a business opportunity.

Factors we review at Real Digital Success

The history of the founder & the product

The reputation of the opportunity and the originator of it can say a lot about its legitimacy.

At Real Digital Success, we use multiple authority websites to find out the founder’s history and if they have been involved in practices that possibly put future participants at risk.

We also look if they’ve been involved in other products and look at other people’s opinions on websites such as the Better Business Bureau.


Any review published on this website will go through a rigorous process of testing out the features beforehand.

These are the questions we aim to answer when reviewing the features of any product.

Does the product contain all the features needed to fulfill the sales page promises?
Are the features working properly?

User Experience

At Real Digital Success, we value the user experience of products, tools, and services.

The score of the user experience is based on the learning curve needed to benefit from the product, malfunctions of the features, the navigation, the design, and the speed of the features.


A lack of support can be a big reason why people don’t succeed with a specific business opportunity.

At Real Digital Success we take a look at the resources needed to succeed and if they’re provided by the people behind the business opportunity.

Is there training involved?
Do they provide the tools needed for the opportunity?
Do they respond to questions promptly?

We base our opinion on the answers to these questions. We will either temporarily participate in the opportunity or look up the answers to these questions on their website if they make that available to the public.

Pricing/ Costs

An important element costs involved in using and succeeding with the product.

We judge the costs based on the ROI you can expect from using the product properly and the alignment with the rest of the market.

We compare it to similar products with the same overall score. If it exceeds the price of similar products with the same score by a large margin it’ll get a lower score.

This website’s aim is to provide you with products that are fairly priced for the benefits it provides.

Our Personal Experience

90% of the products, services, and online tools reviews are done through our personal experiences with them to give a unique perspective.

In the minority of cases where it isn’t possible to personally try out the products, we consult multiple people who have tried out the product and try to find a general consensus.

Either way, every product on this website contains the knowledge and opinions of people who have personal experience with the products.

Understanding the Real Digital Success Scores

Every product, service, and online tool review ends with an overall product score (which consists of the factors mentioned before).

These scores are expressed in numerical values. Here’s a breakdown of what every score says about the product.

10 – An Exceptional score, only a handful of products are on its level
9 – An Excellent score, the products are capable of adding value that only a select few products can give.
8 – A great score, that is superior to 80% of its competitors. It’s highly unlikely you won’t be satisfied with the product.
7 – A decent score, the product adds value and can help you reach your goals but there’s room for improvement.
6 – An Average score, the product has no features that set it apart but can add value depending on your situation.
5 – A mediocre score, Mediocre product with no distinguishable feature. It’s likely you’ll have to pull from other sources alongside this product to make it work.
4 – A bad score, adds no value
3 – A poor score, the product doesn’t deliver on its claims in any way
2 – A very poor score, given to products you should avoid
1 – A terrible score, the products that are certain to lose you money and hurt your reputation.

The function of decimals in product scores

The score on this website will occasionally contain decimals. These are used when factors of a product, service, or tool wildly differ from the other factors.

An example can be an online course that might score low on customer service but the educational content is exceptional.

In these cases, simply rounding up the score doesn’t do the product justice. So if you find decimals in a score on our website I always recommend reading why exactly this score was given.

Review methodology

This page contains the current method for reviewing products. This of course can change over time while improvements are added to our review methods.

In the case, our review method changes we will add a review method legacy page detailing the old scoring method to give you insight into what we changed and why we’re moving forward with the new reviewing method.

Feedback on Reviews

Do you disagree with the review method that is used on this website or want to see some improvements feel free to give feedback by going to this contact page.

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