How we Review Business Opportunities

A lot of the content on Real Digital Success contains reviews of business opportunities.

Some examples of the types of business opportunities we cover are Network marketing programs, Merchant website Affiliate Programs, Make Money Online courses, etc.

To make sure, we provide readers with accurate information, we research multiple factors before giving our opinion about a business opportunity.

Factors we review at Real Digital Success

History founder & opportunity

The reputation of the opportunity and the originator of it can say a lot about its legitimacy.

At Real Digital Success, we use multiple authority websites to find out the history of opportunities and if they have been involved in practices that possibly put future participants at risk,

A few websites consulted before creating reviews are the US Securities & Exchange Commission, The Federal Trade Commission,, Linkedin, etc.


A lack of support can be a big reason why people don’t succeed with a specific business opportunity.

At Real Digital Success we take a look at the resources needed to succeed and if they’re provided by the people behind the business opportunity.

Is there training involved?
Do they provide the tools needed for the opportunity?
Do they respond to questions promptly?

We base our opinion on the answers to these questions. We will either temporarily participate in the opportunity or look up the answers to these questions on their website if they make that available to the public.

Compensation Plan

How people are paid through the opportunity is an important factor when it comes to the legitimacy of an opportunity.

While researching the compensation plan we look at the tasks that need to be done to start earning money and how much time is involved.

Based on the degree of difficulty and the likelihood that these tasks can be completed we will evaluate the quality of the compensation plan.

Earning Potential

We review the earning potential of a business opportunity based on the cost-to-return ratio and the general earning statistics of other people involved in this business opportunity.

This can come in the form of income disclosure statements published by the company and studies done by organizations such as The SBA’s Office of Advocacy.

Costs and Pricing 

Most business opportunities require some sort of investment. This could, be time, energy, or money. We look for imbalances in how much you invest compared to its earning potential.

To judge if it is a fair investment we compare the business opportunity to similar business opportunities on the market. If there’s a large discrepancy in the costs it’ll influence the score it gets for pricing and costs.

Scam likelihood 

Not everyone has your best interest in mind. 

Some people are trying to scam others out of their money by running illegal pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes, or simply making false claims. 

At Real Digital Success, we look at the general red flags that come with each type of scam. 

For spotting Ponzi schemes we adhere to the red flags listed by authority websites such as which extensively covers multiple Ponzi scheme types. 

For pyramid schemes, we adhere to the red flags listed by authority websites such as the SEC.GovWe also use these websites to uncover affiliate marketing, trading, and other scam types.

Testimonials (current & ex-users)

The experience of current and former participants has a place in how we review business opportunities.

This is why we use testimonials from websites such as the Better Business Bureau to gather reviews. We also make an effort to contact people who have tried the opportunity directly to get their opinion.

We realize that most people don’t leave testimonials unless they’re extremely positive or negative about an opportunity.

This is why rather than taking the testimonials for face value we look for patterns in complaints and compliments and do further research about these subjects.

I hope I have provided you with enough information regarding our review process. If you have any questions or think there are aspects we can improve in the way we do reviews feel free to contact us.

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