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  • Do you have a website?
  • Do you have a hard time getting people to visit your website?
  • You don’t want to spend money on advertisement if you don’t have too?


Try this free keyword research tool!

If you don’t know how keywords can help you get people to your website I have a written a blogpost
named How do keywords work?


If you do know the advantages of using keywords just give it a try right now!



When looking for quality keywords focus on these metrics.

Monthly searches
Very important Metric to have insight in. It shows you how many people
search for a specific keyword in a month. It can be the difference between using
for example the keyword “powerlifting” and “power lifting” with space between the

KQI ( Keyword Quality Index)
This will let you know in an instant how effective using a keyword will be.
It will show you how many visitors are expected to visit your site depending
on your rank in search engines.

QSR (Quoted Search Results)
This will show you how many websites are trying to rank under the same keyword
as you. With this metric you can find opportunities other people haven’t looked into
to give you a competitive advantage.

This metric tells you if you have a good chance of ranking under a specific keyword.
Ranking = Traffic, Traffic = Attention, Attention = Money

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