How To Write Content That Ranks And Makes Actual Money In 2024!

In this post, I’ll show you with the help of a few tips How To Write Content That Ranks And Makes Money In 2024! After reading this post you’ll know exactly how to write content that will get ranked on Google and other search engines also factors that can affect your rankings badly will be mentioned.

Why Should I Want To Be Able To Write Content That Ranks On Google?

Google always aims to give the highest quality content to its users so I thought “… Let’s look up how many people use Google…”.

That’s a crazy amount of eyes that potentially could be directed to your content. The moment you rank high on Google a large portion of the people looking for your content will be directed to your website without spending a dime. Free highly targeted marketing performed 24/7 by Google.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

How To Succeed In Getting Content Ranked On Google

To succeed in ranking on Google you don’t have to go through a complicated process, but that doesn’t mean it’s as simple as stuffing your content with the keywords you want to target.

On the contrary stuffing, your content with keywords could make Google perceive your content as one big piece of spam.

Do you want to learn how to do it the correct way?

If yes, take a look at these tips to prevent spamming and write content that ranks on the first page of Google.

Write With Purpose To Prevent Reader Confusion

Knowing what people want to read before writing is very important but how they experience your content while reading it is just as important.

Are you sticking to the point and guiding your readers through your content efficiently and satisfyingly or are you diverting from the subject now and then which can cause confusion?

Write with purpose decide how you’re going to navigate people through your content by creating an outline after that create the sub-headlines and the headline. When you’ve done all this you start writing out the paragraphs.

Write With The Reader In Mind

The most important thing you should think about is the people you want to read your content. It’s always smart to choose a niche you’re interested in, but not everybody in that niche might be interested in every topic you want to write about.

This is why it’s important before you even start writing to find out about what specific topics your niche is interested in.

An easy way to find this out is to research how many people are searching for specific keywords. The more popular the keyword, the more interest there is in content concerning that keyword.

Something to think about is that just like you there are a lot of other people that might be trying to rank for the same keyword.

The more competition there is the harder it might be to rank for those keywords. This is why it might be smart to go for keywords that aren’t too competitive but still get people to your website.

A way to find all this out about keywords is to use a keyword tool.

Sidenote. Ideally, you put your main keyword in your headline, the first paragraph of your content.

Next to this also place them in your title tag and your meta description. No need to put it in your content a million times.

Get People To Stay Longer With Internal Linking

Linking to other content can do wonders for your rankings. One of the factors Google takes into account is the bounce rate. The bounce rate is dependent on how many people are leaving your website after being on one page.

If your website visitors look at multiple pages this must mean there has to be something valuable on your website.

Through internally linking to other pages on your website you give people an easy way to look at other pages which communicates your website has value.

Focus On The Depth Of Your Content And Practicality

Avoid creating superficial content. There are way too many bloggers out there who write a lot of words but say nothing.

The kind of content that after reading not answer your questions. As I said before Google aims to provide the highest quality content to their users and what they prefer are depth and practicality.

For example, let’s say you start a blog and have a post called

“How to date the girl next door”

A superficial blog would probably give tips like being nice, acting confident, and dressing nice.

If you have problems with talking to girls and you read this you don’t learn a real approach to becoming that guy the girl next door wants to date.

By going deeper and trying to answer questions like what confidence is and how you can gain it and come up with psychological concepts to increase your confidence you’re giving your reader something to work with.

This is what you should aim for with your content.

Add Validity By Incorporating Relevant Research in your content

Google values accurate quality content and while Google does its best to fact-check content through various methods it does have its limits.

This is why giving them an “assist” can go a long way.

You can do this by referencing research that confirms the statements you make in a post.

The research you’re referencing doesn’t have to be from someone else.

According to a study from Orbit Media, bloggers who use original research are more likely to report what they call “strong” results.

Content that incorporates research also tends to get linked to a lot which helps with getting your content ranked on Google.

How to write content that ranks

Increase Clickthrough Rate By Optimizing Your Headline

Let’s say Google ranks you on the first page and sees that more visitors are going to your website than other websites ranked above you they’ll see it as a sign that people value your content more than those above you and will rank you higher.

This is why having an attractive headline is important.

  • Put your main benefit in your headline so people see immediately what they’ll gain by clicking on the link.
  • Make your benefit look more precise by inserting odd numbers in your headline.
  • Write the first letter of every word in caps so it’s easier to read.
  • Write with enthusiasm, nobody is going to click on boring generic headlines.

Consistency Is The Key To Recurring Visitors

Google rewards websites that post quality content consistently. By being consistent you also give website visitors a reason to come back after they’ve been on your website.

Ideally, you should be posting fresh content daily but that isn’t a possibility for everyone so at least aim to be consistent. Create a schedule and try to uphold it.

Uphold The Quality Of Your Content By Avoiding Spamming

Most people who optimize their websites to rank high in Google do it to monetize somewhere along the line. Google has no problems at all with you doing that as long as it doesn’t affect the content you’re putting out.

The last thing they want is to rank content that promises something but turns out to be one big promotion for some product you’re selling.

Focus on putting out quality content and getting ranked first and after that, you can direct people towards your products in a way that doesn’t affect your content or your rankings.

Avoid Creating Duplicate Content

Nothing is completely new under the sun but that doesn’t mean you can copy everything you see on the internet and expect it to be ranked just as high as the original content.

Curating content is something almost every blogger does but how are you going to build upon it to create something fresh?

This is what you should ask yourself in these situations otherwise you’ll be creating duplicate content that can affect your rankings.

Add Something To The Conversation

Not too long ago a friend of mine asked me why the content on his website never ranked as high as he expected it to rank. He picked the right keywords for all the content he wrote and consistently uploaded five times a week. Sounds like a formula for success right?

It would’ve been perfect if he didn’t forget this one really important thing…

Content that ranks higher than other content is simply better. Writing a random post targeting a keyword without researching the highest-ranked posts under that keyword is a method that guarantees you’ll never get on the first page.

A word for those with brand-new websites

You might be inspired after reading this and create a website/blog and start writing good content but I also want you to take into account that it takes longer to rank content on brand-new websites.

To prevent spammy websites from ranking high they need to see you post quality content over a long period before they boost your rankings.

You might get doubts on your way to getting your website ranked.

“… Am I doing everything the right way?..”
“…It’s taking too long. Should I quit?…”
“…Did I start too late and miss this opportunity?…”
“…Is Blogging still relevant?..”

Just be patient and consistent!

You’ll get where you need to be.

If you have experience with some of the mentioned strategies let me know in the comments.

That’s all for today.

See you at the next post.

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