Is KashTree A Scam? Here’s How They Do It.

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Welcome to my KashTree review.

You probably came to this page because you wonder if KashTree is legit or a scam.

No need to worry you’re in the right place.

Over the last years, I’ve been busy creating reviews about all kinds of online products.

Some turned out to be fake other were legit ways to make money online but in the process I learned how to spot scams. 

In this post, I’ll show you absolutely everything you need to know about KashTree and after reading it you’ll know exactly if you should give it a chance.

KashTree Review Overview

Name: KashTree


Founder: Unknown

Product Type: “get-paid-to” website

Price: Free

Rating: 1/10

Kashtree main page

KashTree is a "get-paid-to" website. In other words, a website where you can earn money in exchange for doing tasks. 

KashTree has unusually high rates for the tasks and after researching the website I found out that it's a scam. 

You won't make any money with KashTree.

Similar to: Tap to Earn

Rating: 1/10

Recommended for: No one 

What is KashTree?

According to the official Kashtree website, it’s the #1 Influencer platform in the world.

Although by looking at the features on the website I’d describe it as a “Get-paid-to” website.

For those that don’t know what a “get-paid-to” website is, it’s a website where you can earn money in exchange for doing tasks.

In this case, the tasks involve completing surveys, getting referrals, and posting reviews on social media.

On the website, it says that Kashtree was founded in 2015 and helps regular social media users to make money without needing hundreds of thousands of followers.

KashTree is active in 150 countries and has paid over 44 Million to 300K members since it’s been founded.

To find out some more about Kashtree I did some external research by looking at the WHOIS of the website.

Below is the information which I’ll go into further detail about later in the review.

WHOIS kashtree

How to get started with KashTree

Like most “get-paid-to” websites you have a 3-step process that you have to follow to get started with KashTree.

I wouldn’t recommend doing it but I’ll lay them out for anyone that is interested in getting started with Kashtree even after reading my review.

 1. Join Kashtree
You can sign-up on the official website for free and create an account that you can log into with your username and passwords.

 2. Start doing tasks
This can be things like sharing your referral link, completing surveys, and more in exchange for points.

 3. Redeem points and Earn money 
Redeem points and get money sent to your PayPal account.

Before doing this I highly recommend you read the rest of this post so you can make a well-informed decision.

Who can benefit from KashTree?

Who would benefit from Kashtree:

  • No one

Who shouldn’t invest in Kashtree:

  • Everyone that wants to make money online.

Pros and Cons


  • It mind sound harsh but I can’t think of any pros when it comes to joining this program.


  • Will receive spam emails after signing-up
  • Cash-out doesn’t work

What is inside Kashtree?

In order to make an objective review I signed-up and created a Kashtree account and to be honest the main dashboard looks a lot cleaner than the sales page.

Kashtree dashboard

The moment you enter you’ll immediately receive a referral link that you can use and you’ll have access to all the methods you can supposedly earn money with.

You’ll also get $50 just for signing up.

Here’s a picture showing you how much money you can earn by doing the tasks 

How much you can earn with KashTree

Aside from earning money, you can also use your points in their reward center where they have gift cards from Amazon, Visa, and Netflix. 

It’s also possible to get physical products with the points you earn such as all kinds of Apple products.

Kashtree reward center

It looks like a lot of effort was put in designing this website but having reviewed hundreds of “make money online” websites I know that this is a template that has been overused by a lot of scammers.

Which is a shame because it looks really good.

Red Flags

After going through the website trying things out and taking a look at the experiences of others I found some red flags that you should take into account before signing-up. 

I have summarised them all below for you to read. 

1. Website info doesn’t match-up with WHOIS info
At the beginning of this post, I showed a picture of the website information I got from a WHOIS website. In this picture, you see a lot of information that doesn’t add up with what is said on the website. 

A few examples of these are:

The year Kashtree was founded
Kashtree was founded in 2015 but the website was created in 2019. Is it possible that they founded it in 2015 but started taking action in 2019? 

Yes, but I can’t imagine them getting 300K members in one year without going viral. 

I have never heard of this website until two weeks ago and I review websites like these for a living. 

2. Almost exact same layout and copy as multiple scam websites
In the past, I have come across multiple websites using the same template all claiming to be the #1 social media influencer platform

3. A lot of negative user experiences
The moment you go on YouTube you can find hundreds of people complaining about never getting paid after joining Kashtree and doing all the tasks. 

Here a few examples of people that got scammed by Kashtree:

Kashtree Youtube comments its a scam
Kashtree comment was supposed to be cashed out today

4. Unrealistic rewards
You have already seen in my post how much money you supposedly can earn on Kashtree and it’s absolutely ridiculous. 

You can earn $50 just for signing up and they say they have over 300K members.

I don’t care how big your business is just paying that amount will have you going bankrupt quickly.

Then you have all kinds of social media submissions that you can do every 48 hours for 50 dollars, surveys you can do for $40, and apps you can download for $40 per download.

Even the biggest “get-paid-to” websites like Swagbucks only pay a max of $2 per task and even that is rare.

Why are there also positive reviews? 

You might’ve also done your own research and notice that there are also a few positive reviews on YouTube.

This confused me too before I joined and tried things out at Kashtree. 

That’s when I found out that they say they’ll give you $40 for posting reviews about the website. 

They do this for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

The worst part about this is that the people that made these reviews never got paid either and they also can’t remove the reviews because they’re uploaded through on the platform.

How Kashtree is scamming you

This is the million dollars question.

If joining Kashtree is free how exactly are they scamming you? 

From what I have seen similar scam websites do they scam you in 2 different ways.

1. Selling your information
Selling products is so much easier when you have information about your prospects.

Just by joining Kashtree, they know your email address, that you have an interest in making money online, and more.

Scammers sell these lists to people that’ll spam your email with their offers.

2. They are getting paid for your hard work
Some of the survey websites that are being used offer a commission for referring applicants. 

While you think you’ll make money by completing the surveys they’ll make actual money just for directing you to the website. 

The same applies to some of the other tasks such as downloading apps.

They don’t scam you out of your money but they’re making money at the expense of you.

My Personal Take

There isn’t that much for me to say to be honest. 

After researching everything about Kashtree I can say without a doubt that it’s a scam.

I also think it’s made by the same people that have made multiple scam websites in the past with the exact same template and copy.

I can’t recommend Kashtree to anyone.

You won’t make any money it’s a complete waste of time.

I have seen hundreds of people being scammed by programs like Kashtree luckily there are legit websites out there on which you can make money.

In 2018, I learned how to make money online on an online marketing training website called Wealthy Affiliate. 

Unlike “get-paid-to” websites it didn’t teach me how to make pocket money. 

I was taught how to make a full-time income.

I think my time is worth more than a measly $20 a week.

If you think your time is also worth more than that join the same website get the training and start earning life-changing money.


Product rating

Is KashTree legit?

After doing extensive research I've come to the conclusion that KashTree is not Legit it's a scam.


KashTree might not be what it presented itself to but there are other products out there that are legit.

If you want to make money online from anywhere including your own home by making content about what you love I recommend you to look at Wealthy Affiliate.

About Wealthy Affiliate

It’s the platform that taught me how to create an online business revolving around a niche of your choice and make money from it.

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That’s all for today. If you have any questions or you just want to show some love don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

See you at my next post

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