#00: Introducing The Real Digital Success Podcast + 9 Truths Of Online Entrepreneurship.

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Welcome to season 1 of the Real DIgital Success Podcast. 

I have decided to try something out I have always wanted to do but honestly have been afraid to start for years. 

The content on the podcast will be similar to that of my normal content the only difference will be that it’ll be a lot more personal. 

These episodes will not only give you a lot of tips but will also give you a peek into what online entrepreneurship is like (the good and the bad).

I’ll also invite people a lot smarter than myself to talk about how they started their business.

I’m going to start uploading new episodes of the Real Digital Success podcast every Thursday.

Have fun listening to this week’s episode

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Main Points of The Podcast

A short summary of what is discussed:

  • How I started my journey as an online entrepreneur
  • The 9 truths I learned while being on my 2-year journey as an online entrepreneur.
  • 1.This isn't a get rich quick thing
  • 2.You'll have to learn things you never expected to learn
  • 3.The step to succeeding are simple but not easy
  • 4.You'll be confronted with your bad habits
  • 5.You'll have to sacrifice a lot in the beginning
  • 6.People won't understand what you're doing
  • 7.It'll solidify your self-belief
  • 8.You'll learn being social is a skill and you can lose it.
  • 9.I should've aimed for more

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