WP Super Affiliate Review — Legit But There Is A Catch involved

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Welcome to my WP Super Affiliate review.

You probably came to this page because you wonder if WP Super Affiliate is legit or a scam.

No need to worry you’re in the right place.

Over the last year, I’ve been busy creating reviews about all kinds of online products. Some turned out to be fake other were legit ways to make money online but in the process I learned how to spot scams. WP Super Affiliate is one the products I reviewed.

In this post, I’ll show you absolutely everything you need to know about WP Super Affiliate and after reading it you’ll know exactly if you should give it a chance.

WP Super Affiliate Review Overview

name: WP Super Affiliate

Website: wpsuperaffiliate.com
Founder:Anthony Mancusso, Paul Nicholls

Product type: Affiliate Marketing page builder
Price: $67
Rating: 7.8/10

WP Super Affiliate landing page

Summary: WP Super Affiliate is a pagebuilder dedicated to increasing the conversion rate of affiliate marketer by creating a high-functioning bonus page.

Rating: 7.8/10

Recommended: Yes. If you only need bonus pages that you can attach to your website. If you want a more all-in-one affiliate marketing training product I'd recommend checking out my #1 recommendation.

How does WP Super Affiliate work

WP Super Affiliate is a product made by expert affiliate marketers Anthony Mancusso and Paul Nichols to help affiliate marketers with their business.

While most affiliate marketing programs focus on building a website and getting traffic WP Super Affiliate takes a different approach.

WP Super Affiliate is a product that is geared towards boosting the conversion rate of affiliate offers. They do this with the help of a WordPress plugin that has a simple page builder that you can use to create high converting bonus pages.

The plugin also makes it possible to add conversion elements to your pages such as countdown clocks, progression bars, special buttons, and more.

While most affiliate marketers have a conversion rate between the 1 and 8% the WP Super Affiliate sales letter claims they're able to get that rate somewhere between the 30 and 50%.

Is that true? Let's find out!

Who can benefit from WP Super Affiliate

Who would benefit from purchasing this product:

  • Affiliate Marketers in general
  • People interested in boosting their conversion rates
  • Affiliate marketers that don’t want to spend time creating bonus pages

Who shouldn’t purchase this product:

  • People expecting a complete done for you product.
  • People that want to learn about SEO and paid traffic
  • People that don't want to make content.

Pros and Cons of WP Super Affiliate

  • Pros
  • cons
  • Limited only to bonus pages
    While I like the idea an affiliate marketing website is more than just bonus pages. People often want to know who they are buying their products from which means you'll also need to work on your home page, your about page, and more.
  • Not a complete done-for-you product
    I can't call WP Super Affiliate a complete done for you program because you'll still need to get hosting and a domain name. While they have a lot of training videos there's something to say about getting support from a community.
  • No focus on "luke-warm" leads
    List building is only done after you buy the product which means you miss out on the people that weren't sure about the product but just needed one more push to buy it.

Tools, Training, and Other Features

Main features of WP Super Affiliate

The WP Super Affiliate plugin
This is the software that makes it possible to create the bonus pages without you ever needing to code. You just insert the links, text, video, and pictures and you can have an entire sales page up in a matter of minutes.

Step-By-Step video guides
Step-by-step video training that explains how WP Super Affiliate works and shows how you can et the most out of WP Super Affiliate.

Case studies
In this section, they showcase studies of websites that have used WP Super Affiliate which give a lot of insight into how you can take advantage of WP Super Affiliate.

Traffic Methods
WP Super Affiliate contains multiple modules dedicated to driving traffic to your website. In the modules, they deviate from the standard methods of driving traffic and use things like SMS marketing and other methods.

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One time offers of WP Super Affiliate

WP Super Affiliate currently has temporary one time offers for people that purchase WP Super Affiliate right now through their JV's. It doesn't say anything about this on the main page but when you look at the JV page you see that these one-time offers are included.

OTO 1 Pro/ Unlimited version
The pro and unlimited version make it possible to use WP Super Affiliate for multiple websites. This is extremely beneficial for people that have digital marketing agencies.

OTO 2 Done For You super affiliate campaigns
The DFY supper affiliate campaign offer gives you access to all the done for you campaigns of WP Super Affiliate. These are templates of email sequences, videos, reviews, and bonuses ready to be used immediately.

OTO 3 Unlimited traffic siphon
This offer makes it possible for the first 50 people who buy WP Super Affiliate to siphon traffic directly from the WP Super Affiliate sales page.

OTO 4 Super Affiliate Classroom
Learn the tips and tricks from Anthony and Paul that made it possible for them to become super affiliates and earn up to $1000 a day.

OTO 5 Reseller/ License rights 
Get the rights to WP Super Affiliate and sell it as your own product. You can keep 100% of the commissions while the people at WP Super Affiliate handle support and delivery.

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1. The underground $100-$200 a day method.
Separate method for making up to $200 a day.

2. Incometastic
A video series dedicated to showing multiple income streams beginners can use to get money immediately.

3. Passive income machine/ Campervan Commisions
Step by step videos detailing how you can earn passive income by promoting subscription-based products and getting recurring commissions.

My Personal Take On WP Super Affiliate

WP Super Affiliate takes a very interesting approach when it comes to helping affiliate marketers. As a copywriter, I can appreciate that they focus on conversion.

They also exposed a glaring hole in a lot of affiliate marketing programs.

Since everybody is promoting the same thing and most affiliate marketing websites are review websites that don't stand out a lot you often aren't taught how to get people to buy a product from you that millions of other people are promoting too.

Branding is indeed a powerful tool but this creates more immediate desire.
While I think very highly of this product there are a few things I need to address.

Right here you see a picture from the sales page telling people what they don't need to succeed with WP Super Affiliate.

The product is marketed as a complete done-for-you program but it isn't. 
You'll need to make content (preferably video) that goes on the bonus pages and helps with directing people to your website.

Having a high converting page is nice but if nobody visits the page your website is useless. This is why you could benefit a lot more from this program if you have some marketing experience.

exaggerated guarantees
According to the sales page you can get paid as soon as tomorrow but I've seen more than a few people pop-up using the program and they still had to rank their videos on YouTube or get them in the suggested area. 

This means in a lot of instances you'll still need to take some time to increase the visibility of your content. 

While the sales letter makes it look better than it actually is I have no problem recommending this product if you are aware of the downsides.


Product rating

Is WP Super Affiliate legit?

After doing extensive research I've come to the conclusion that WP Super Affiliate is Legit.

Unlike what is advertised:

  • you'll still have to product content. 
  • You'll have to get traffic to your website
  • It focuses on bonus pages not creating an entire websites.

Alternatives to WP Super Affiliate

I'm very impressed with what the people at WP Super Affiliate have done but I can imagine it's not for everyone. Some people might be interested in an all-in-one package.

This is why I also want to leave you with an alternative which is more of an all in one affiliate marketing package called Wealthy Affiliate.

At the moment I consider Wealthy Affiliate my #1 product because of the support they give.
It’s the platform that taught me how to create an online business revolving around a niche of your choice and make money from it.

Click on the button read my wealthy affiliate review

That’s all for today. If you have any questions or you just want to show some love don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

See you at my next post

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