2018 Teachable review — Is it worth the money?

Teachable review

This post is a comprehensive teachable review.

If you’re wondering if:

  • Teachable is a scam?
  • Teachable has all the components you need to make money online?
  • Teachable is worth the money

Then keep reading, because at the end of this review all these answers will

be questioned.

I’ll discuss:

  • What makes Teachable stand out.
  • The good and the not so good.
  • The training and tool you’ll receive when buying Teachable.
  • The types of plans you can choose and their price.
  • My personal take on Teachable.
  • And the final verdict! Is Teachable really worth the money?

So let’s start with the…

Teachable, product overview

What is teachable?

Teachable is an online service created by founder Ankur Nagbal. Before it was rebranded in 2015 it was called Fedora.

Teachable helps people create and sell online courses.

With a variety of tools and support provided by teachable, it’s possible to get
a course online quick.

Pros and Cons of Teachable

As all products out there Teachable isn’t perfect. So it seems fitting to
say something about the pro’s, the cons and everything in between.


pro #1 The free school
You can start out by creating a course for free. This gives you a chance
to take a good look at Teachable before making a financial commitment

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pro #2 How many features it has for a low price
Teachable contains a lot of external programs that you would normally
have to pay for separately which makes it a bargain.

Pro #3 Besides making a course it’s also focused on selling it.
It also sets you up with a landing page and domain name. It’s also possible
to use your own domain name if you already purchased one before you knew about

Pro #4 Upselling through email marketing is possible.
You can create your own email list on the platform and upsell your students for maximal profit.

Important to know
Unlike udemy Teachable isn’t a marketplace. They won’t market your course for you. You might see this as a bad thing, but they have multiple services that compensate for this which I will discuss later.


Con #1 MailChimp only email service that can be integrated with teachable.
If you’re new and have no email list this doesn’t really matter, but if you’ve been using another email service for a while this might be an inconvenience.

Teachable tools & training

Teachable contains a lot of external software that can help you with creating and selling your courses.

They call it…

Third party integration

  • Google analytics ( Analytics program to keep an eye on your traffic, sales etc.)
  • SumoMe ( Highly effective tool for growing your websites traffic and getting more subscribers. )
  • Mail Chimp ( email marketing service )
  • Segment (an analytics API (Application Program Interface) that allows you to collect customer data and send it to any analytics or marketing services you use)
  • Covert kid ( Email marketing tool that can create opt-in forms, landing pages, email courses,
    automated emails etc. )
  • Webinars & Livestreams
  • Dropbox, google drive & one drive

Tutorials: Articles and videos
When starting out there’s a tutorial containing articles and videos with everything from making your to selling it.

Salespage editor
Simple and easy to use software that helps you with setting up a sales page.

Teachable Support

No matter how much knowledge you have meaningful support can cut your learning curve considerably.

So let’s take a minute and look at the support Teachable provides.

They have a…

Customer care team
active 7 days a week from 10am – 6pm

Help guides
You can check out articles on their support site. Teachable has a database of articles covering common issues and commonly asked questions.

Weekly live workshops

You can sign up for weekly workshops, where they’ll guide you through setting up your technology and marketing your course.

Teachable online academy

Teachable has an online academy with tutorials and courses on creating content, marketing your course, and many other aspects of becoming an online teacher.

Teachable instructor academy

There is a Facebook group just for instructors with over 6,500+ members and counting. Ask questions, share resources, and more with other Teachable school owners.

Teachable price

Besides the free plan, there are…

Three types of plans

Basic plan $39/m

  • 5% transaction fees
  • monthly payouts
  • 2 owners/ authors
  • product support
  • customer support
  • coupon codes
  • Drip course content
  • integrated affiliate marketing
  • integrated email marketing
  • Third party integration

Professional plan $99/m

  • No transaction fees
  • instant payouts
  • 5 owners/ authors
  • priority product support
  • graded quizzes
  • advanced theme customization
  • advanced branded website reports

High value plan $299/m

  • No transaction fees
  • instant payout
  • 25 owners/ authors
  • priority product support
  • manual student imports
  • bulk student enrollments

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My personal take on Teachable

When it comes to making online courses in my opinion it’s almost the perfect product.

The third-party integration makes it a bargain that’s worth the money.

There’s a lot possible with the free plan and gives a lot of insight to if the paid plans are worth it.

Teachable overall overview

Founders: Ankur Nagpal
URL: www.teachable.com
Training: 8/10
Support: 8/10
Website builder: 8/10
Website hosting: 8/10
Research tools: 7/10

Price: free account, paid accounts $39/m – $299/m
RealDigitalSuccess rating: 7.8/1


In my opinion if you’re planning on making money selling an online course
this is definitely the program to go with.

The additional integration and the possibility to make sales pages and incorporate
your own affiliate program make it more than worth it to give it a try.

Take a look or join Teachable by clicking here.


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