Making Money on Youtube — Without Adsense

In this post we’ll discuss ways of making money on YouTube without ad sense.

You’ve probably already heard about it or it has happened to you.
YouTube decided to demonetize small channels that have less than 4000 hours of
view time in the last 12 months.

I see people freaking when in reality it doesn’t really matter that much.

As long as you have your audience you can still make money in a lot of other ways.

Because of this I present to you

5 ways of making money on YouTube — Without Adsense

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a form of marketing where you refer some someone to a product
and if the person buys that product upon your recommendation you receive a commission
from the seller of that product.

It’s a really great alternative to ad sense, because even as a small channel you can earn
just as much as the larger channels do with just ad sense.

There are multiple sites where you can find products where you can earn commission on.
A few examples are Amazon Associates, Clickbank & eBay.

Just build a website with the products on it and send your subscribers to it. If you do this in
a strategical smart way you can earn a lot of money. There are a lot of people who have actually become
millionaires through affiliate marketing.


If this is something that interests you I suggest you take a look at wealthy affiliate.
It’s a community that help you with setting up an affiliate business from start to finish.

Pro ‘s of affiliate marketing:

  • You’re not dependent on a single platform that can switch their policies whenever they want.
  • You can make just as much money as the large YouTube accounts.
  • No money required to start.

Con’s of affiliate marketing:

  • If you don’t have an audience. It will take a while to set it up.

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2. Brand deals & sponsorship

In some instances companies can pay you to feature their products.
There are a lot of YouTube channels that do brand deals. A few examples are unbox therapy,
crazyrussianhacker, Marques Brownlee. If you’re new to this you can start by reviewing products
and build an audience that way.

There are a few sites that sends samples you can review.
You can try signing up for Influenster, Smiley360, Opinion Outpost, I-Say Panel,
or Global Test Market.

Most of these will want you to have an audience before they send you free samples
so I suggest you use something closely related to the products you want to review.

Exp. Let’s say you want to review headphones, but you don’t have an audience.
Try putting out music mixes on YouTube and as soon as you have an audience apply
for one of the sites.

Pro’s of brand deals & sponsorship.

  • You can get a lot of money in a short time.
  • Free samples which in a lot of cases you get to keep.
  • Everything they send for you to review gives you another topic for a video.

Con’s of brand deals & sponsorship

  • You’ll need to build up an audience this can take some time.
  • Might not be able to make deals with other brands.
  • Script control: Less freedom in directing the video.
  • You might be asked to do additional stuff next to making the video.

3. Creating products

You could try creating your own product and selling it.
This could be t-shirts, ebooks, online courses it doesn’t matter. If people
need it you can sell it.

Create a webshop or a landing page and drive people from your YouTube channel
to it.

Examples of tools you can use are Amazon Kindle for ebooks and teachable to
make high quality online courses.

Pro’s of creating your own products

  • You have full control of what you’re putting on YouTube to promote it.
  • If handled right can become a semi passive income.

Con’s of creating your own products

  • You’ll need time and sometimes money to make the product first.
  • You’ll need to build an audience or pay for traffic.

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4. A membership site

Create or join a platform where people can become members and they pay you
for the videos you make.

An example a lot of youtubers are using is Patreon. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve heard
youtubers talk about it.

Simply said what you do is make YouTube videos and send your subscribers to the patreon
page where they can view bonus videos for a small price.

Personally how I would do it is to not make a bonus video, but create a cliffhanger in
the YouTube video and resolve it on the patreon video.

Pro’s of a membership site

  • Not dependent on a single platform that can change their policies when they want.
  • Possible to make your own membership site and determine your own rules.

Con’s of a membership site

  • No guaranteed recurring payout

5. Licensing

What is licensing?
A business arrangement in which one company gives another company permission
to manufacture it’s product for a specified payment.

It’s possible to license your footage and get paid for by companies that use it for
ads or branding.

If the quality of your videos is up to par it’s a very real possibility.

Pro’s of licensing

  • No extra work, because you’re already making the footage for YouTube.

Con’s of licensing

  • Fees are a small percentage of the revenue most of the time
  • It’s not guaranteed to have a recurring payout



There are so much more ways to make money on YouTube. A lot of people just lack the immagination
to think of new ways, because they don’t see YouTube for what it actually is.

It’s a platform where you can express yourself on, but it’s also a retainer of your audience.
As long as you see them as actual human beings instead of a number under the right side of your

They all have goals and things they want. If you find ways to give them what they want you’ll never
run out of ideas to make money online on youtube.


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