2018 Thrive Themes Membership Review — Is It Really The Ultimate Theme Builder?

2018 Thrive Themes Membership Review

Name: Thrive Themes Membership
Website: thrivethemes.com
Founders/Owners: Shane Mclaugh & Paul Mccarthy
Price: Options between $19/ month (annually) – $59/month (quarterly)
Overall ranking: 8/10

Thrive Themes Membership, product overview

The Thrive Themes Membership is an all in one package created by Thrive Themes to help you with optimizing your website, monitoring website activity, personalization and list building.

The Thrive Themes membership package gives you access to all their plugins, tutorials, templates and support all for an affordable price.

The good & the bad

The Good

pro #1 All in One package for a reasonable price
The membership package makes it possible to make use of all the thrive theme plugins which if bought separately would cost you up 10 times as much money.

pro #2 Instant access to all future plugins
Its an ongoing membership which grants you access to all new features without having to pay extra money.

pro #3 Its possible to sell Thrive Theme made websites
It’s possible to sell websites with thrive themes plugins but to use the plugins the buyer has to buy a license of their own

The bad

Con #1 Honestly haven’t come across something I really didn’t like.

Who is the product for?

  • Bloggers, Agencies, and everybody in need of a website that converts etc.
  • People on a budget
  • people with no website building experience (Simple interface, easy applicable)

Thrive Themes Membership tools & training

The moment you purchase the Thrive Themes Membership package you gain access to:

  • All Thrive Theme plugins
  • Constant updates
  • Exclusive members-only area ( with templates, courses etc.)
  • Unlimited support

Thrive Theme Plugins

Thrive Themes Architect

Drag -and drop visual editor for WordPress
Simple WYSIWYG- editor to easily modify your themes

Landing page templates (No coding needed)
Templates ready to be used in minutes.

Built-in conversion elements
Eliminate the need for extra plugins such as customizable buttons, countdown clocks, testimonials and email integrated lead generation forms.

Thrive Optimize

A/B testing made simple for your website.

A/B testing plugin for wordpress

Create simple A/B tests for wordpress and thrive architect landing pages
Unlimited tests can be run
Unlimited variations can be made

Custom traffic distribution
Distribute the traffic among the custom-made variations of your website

Detailed Reporting
All the details of your tests available in Reports made by Optimize

Automatic winner feature
Optimize can choose the winning variation automatically

Thrive Leads

Build and grow your list with the help of thrive leads.

  • Combine all the different opt-in forms available and use their simple drag and drop editor for creating your ideal opt-in form.
  • Show highly targeted and relevant offer to your customers based on tags, post, categories, and more and build highly targeted and profitable lists.


Multiple opt-in form types
All kinds of different opt-in forms available.

A/B testing engine
Split test your opt-in forms to increase your conversion

pre-designed opt-in templates
Dozens of templates available for you to use to start building your email list.

Target opt-in forms with surgical precision
Freely choose where you set triggers for the opt-in forms.

Detailed Stats & Reports
Find out how effective your opt-in forms are with help of statistics shown in reports.

Thrive Quiz builder

Build captivating quizzes that help with:

  • Discovering what your visitors are interested in
  • Offering content based on interest
  • Segmenting visitors based on interest


Quiz types
Display the result of the quiz as a number, percentage or personality

Capture the stats of the quizzes

Quiz templates
3 types of quizzes that are optimized for list building, Social shares and a quiz you build from scratch for a goal of your choice.

Question weighting
Make your quizzes more accurate by addressing different weight on the answers to the questions

Quiz builder
Drag and drop editor for your quizzes.

Opt-in gates
Create gates for your quizzes that can be opened as soon as requested information is filled in.
and much more

Thrive Ultimatum

Pugin that takes advantage of scarcity marketing.

  • Create easy fixed date campaigns
  • Create an Automatically recurring campaign
  • The evergreen scarcity system that gives every individual their own time-limited campaign


Multiple page campaigns
Campaigns can be set up across multiple pages of a funnel or website

countdown widgets
Place scarcity timers widgets

Floating footer/ header bars
Countdown timers can be put in sticky bars in the header and the footer

Time zone support
Timers can be automatically adjusted to the time zone of the website visitor together with the language.

Campaign templates
Make use of their pre-built campaign templates

Lockdown feature
Uncheatable real-time offers

Thrive Ovation

A plugin that automatically gathers high-quality testimonials for you.

  • Change comments into testimonials with one click.
  • Integrate social media platforms with thrive ovation.


Thrive ovation dashboard
Overview all the comments you’ve gathered with ease.

From mention to testimonial
Turn social media mentions into testimonials

Evergreen testimonials
A feature that dynamically updates your testimonials

Testimonial gathering elements
Create testimonial gathering landing pages, blog posts or opt-in forms

Testimonial templates
Library of grids, sliders and all kinds of other elements to give your testimonials a professional look.

Thrive Clever Widgets

Plugin that automatically shows the widgets that are most relevant to the page the website visitor is on to increase conversion.

Thrive Comments

A plugin that’ll help boost the engagement in your website’s comment section by giving incentives to comment.

Post comment actions
Thank you pop-ups for first-time commenters that can direct to a free welcome gift page.

Power of social
Makes it possible to leave comments straight from their social account.
Share individual comments on social media
Share the post on social media.

Reporting tools
Collect insight into the visitor engagement and organize it in a logical and actionable way.

Comment Moderation dashboard
Simple aid that helps with sorting out all your comments.

Integration with other online services

Integrate Thrive themes with 30+ other services such as Facebook, Google, WordPress, MailChimp and others.

Thrive Themes Membership price

Thrive Themes Membership package
Available for you and all your websites
$20/month (paid annually)

Thrive Agencies Membership package
Available for you and all your clients
$49/month ( paid annually)

Thrive Themes Membership Support

Thrive Themes Blog

Thrive themes has a blog on which they give advice that can help you with creating a successful website.
The blog is divided into the categories:

  • Build your list
  • Case studies
  • Improve your sales pages
  • Increase your conversions
  • Landing page templates
  • Why we’re the best

Thrive Knowledge Base
A database full of helpful tips.

Exclusive members-only content
Area full of tutorials, templates, courses, and much more to help you with making a successful website.

My personal take on Thrive Themes Membership

I’m very impressed by what Thrive Themes has set-up. Almost everything you need is wrapped up in the membership package and all for an affordable price.

They also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee which speaks to how much confidence they have in the membership package.

Definitely something worth to invest in if you want a well-run website.

Thrive Themes Membership overall overview

Name: Thrive Themes Membership
Website: thrivethemes.com
Founders/Owners: Shane Mclaugh & Paul Mccarthy
price: Options between $19/ month (annually) – $59/month (quarterly)
Overall ranking: 8/10


Real Digital Success finds Thrive Themes Membership Guilty of being the ultimate Theme builder.

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