2019 Buzzsumo Review — Is It The Ultimate Tool For Content Research?

This is a comprehensive 2019 Buzzsumo Review. Let’s look at this content research tool and see if it’s everything the website says it is.

Wondering if…

  • Buzzsumo is worth the money
  • Buzzsumo has the benefits you’re looking for
  • Buzzsumo is the ultimate tool for content research

Good News!

In this review I’ll show you:

  • what Buzzsumo is
  • what the pros and cons of Buzzsumo are
  • who can benefit from using Buzzsumo
  • what kind of tools and features Buzzsumo provides you with
  • what support Buzzsumo provides
  • how much Buzzsumo costs
  • what my personal take on Buzzsumo is

RealDigitalSuccess.com presents the…

Buzzsumo review

Name: Buzzsumo
Website: www.buzzsumo.com
Founders/Owners: James Blackwell, Henley Wing
Price: Free Trial, $99/ month – $499/ month
Overall ranking: 8/10

Buzzsumo, product overview

BuzzSumo is a social media tool that analyzes content and determines what kind of content is performing the best in specific niches. The tool is meant to help you with getting the data you need to be able to create the perfect social media and content marketing strategy.

The Good & The Bad

The good

Pro #1 Insight into what’s relevant
With so many people on the internet to stand out you need high-quality content that is relevant. BuzzSumo gives you instant insight into what kind of content is performing well on the internet. This makes it possible to instead of just randomly making content to create an effective content marketing strategy which will save time, energy & money.

Pro #2 Find out who’s sharing what content

In content search, it’s not only possible to see what content is performing well but you’ll also see who’s sharing it. You can increase your chances of getting your content shared by targeting the people that have already shared similar content and start building an online community this way.

Pro #3 Mentions

With BuzzSumo it’s possible to get notifications when anything happens in your niche. This way you’ll always be one of the first to make content about it.

The bad

Con #1 BuzzSumo isn’t for people on a budget
BuzzSumo is one of the handiest tools I’ve ever seen when it comes to content research but it definitely isn’t cheap. The cheapest plan is $99 a month.

Who is BuzzSumo for?

Buzsumo is for everybody that’s interested in finding out what kind of content is relevant on social media.
It’s especially beneficial for:

  • Digital marketing agencies
  • small businesses
  • solopreneurs
  • freelancers
  • content marketers
  • everyone who’s serious about getting eyes on their content
    using social media marketing.

Buzzsumo tools & training

BuzzSumo has many features but these are the three main features:

  • Content Research
  • Search influencers
  • Monitoring

Let’s take a look

Content Research

The content research area BuzzSumo can be used to find and analyze specific content on the net. You can focus the search by choosing the language, type of content, word count, publisher size, the country of origins, and domains.

The content research area has 4 different options you can use.

  • Content Analyzer
  • Question Analyzer
  • Trending Now!
  • Backlinks

Content Analyzer
The content analyzer provides you with data about specific keywords and how content containing those keywords perform on the internet.

Question Analyzer
The question analyzer researches where on the internet a certain question is asked, by who, and how many times.

Trending Now
Trending now finds out what kind of content is trending in specific niches.

Find out what backlinks connect to a specific URL.


Look for influencers and the top authors in specific niches by using keywords.
You have options when it comes to looking for people with large audiences.

  • Search influencers
  • Search Top Authors


Monitor everything that happens on the internet with BuzzSumo’s Monitoring function.|


Set up alerts so you’ll know every time something gets mentioned on the internet.
You can look for:

  • Brand mentions
  • Competitor mentions
  • Content from a Website
  • Keyword mentions
  • Backlinks
  • An author

Other Features

Although you have the main components there are also these features:

  • Content analysis reports
    Get a deeper understanding of why certain content works by looking at characteristics like content length, popular domains etc.
  • Domain comparison reports
    Compare and analyze domains to benchmark social content performance.
  • Years of data
    Find not only what content is performing well now but also content up till 5 years ago.

Buzzsumo Support

Knowledge Base
The BuzzSumo database contains articles that’ll help with getting the most out of BuzzSumo with subjects such as how to get started, case studies, frequently asked questions, and more.

Free courses containing 52 lessons to help you get better at using BuzzSumo.

Free webinars that’ll show you what BuzzSumo is all about.

Blog posts with tips regarding content marketing.

Buzzsumo price

With BuzzSumo there are two options for billing.

  • Monthly
  • Yearly

Prices for every plan monthly:

  • $99/ month, Pro plan
  • $179/ month, Plus plan
  • $299/ month, Large plan
  • $499+/ month, Enterprise plan

Prices for every plan yearly:

  • $79/ month, Pro Plan
  • $139/ month, Plus Plan
  • $239/ month Large Plan
  • $499+/ month,  Enterprise Plan

My personal take on Buzzsumo

BuzzSumo is definitely what it’s advertised to be. I think it’s one of the best content research tools out there purely because it’s so simple to use. It might be a little expensive for a lot of people but you’ll get everything you need out of it. If you’re serious about doing content marketing than BuzzSumo is a great investment.

Buzzsumo overall overview

Name: Buzzsumo
Website: www.buzzsumo.com
Founders/Owners: James Blackwell, Henley Wing
Price: Free Trial, $99/ month – $499/ month
Overall ranking: 8/10


The Jury of Real Digital Success finds BuzzSumo Guilty of being one of the best tools online for content research.

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