Constant Contact Review — Is It The Best Email Marketing Service Online?

This is a comprehensive Constant Contact Review. Effective email marketing can be the difference between having a 300% profit or not having a profit at all.

This is why it’s important to have an email marketing service that provides you with all the tools you need to create email marketing campaigns that make you succeed.

You’re probably on this page to find out what Constant Contact is all about and if it can help you achieve your goals.

Luckily, over the last few years, I have reviewed hundreds of products and “make money” opportunities and learned how to not only spot scams but also legit products.

After reading this review, you’ll know exactly if you should give it a chance or if you should take a look at some alternatives.

Now let’s take an in-depth look into Constant Contact.

Constant Contact review

Name: Constant Contact
Founders/Owners: Randy Parker
Product Type: Email Marketing Service + Sales CRM
Price: $9,99 — $449/ month

Constant Contact formally known as “Roving Software” in 1995 is an email marketing service that makes it possible to capture, manage, and communicate with email subscribers.

Over the last few years, it changed from just being a simple email marketing service to an all-in-one platform by introducing a sales CRM tool that you can combine with the regular email marketing service.

The marketing automation software could use some improvement but at the moment, it’s one of the most complete email marketing services on the internet in my opinion.
Similar to: Getresponse, Aweber
Recommended: Yes

The Good & The Bad

The good

Pro #1 Its consistency
Whenever I’m dependent on others to store data I use for my website I often become hesitant if they’re new because I don’t know if they are doing the right things to sustain their service.
Constant Contact gives you more than enough reasons not to worry about that. They have been around since 1995 and are still thriving.

Pro #2 Simple service
The service Constant Contact provides is easy to use because of how simple it is. You’ll be able to start right away and not waste any time looking at tutorials.

Pro #3 Good deliverability
Not all email marketing services are able to produce good deliverability because of reasons such as email providers blocking their emails. Constant Contact isn’t one of these email marketing services.

Tests done by multiple organizations have concluded that Constant Contact has a good email deliverability rate.

The bad

Con #1 Automation needs work
The only thing I really miss when I compare it to some other email marketing services is how much of your process you can actually automate.

It works well for sending emails through the autoresponder but when it comes to combining conditions and actions it is still lacking.

Who is Constant Contact for?

Constant Contact is for everyone that is looking for a way to grow an audience and communicate with them via email. Examples of who can benefit from Constant Contact are:

  • Small businesses
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Solopreneurs
  • Digital Marketing agencies
  • Freelancers

The Constant Contact email marketing service because of its price is available for people who are on a budget.

Constant Contact tools & training

Constant Contact has a drag-and-drop editor that you can use to design mobile responsive emails and edit customizable templates from their library.

Marketing automation
The marketing automation feature of Constant Contact makes it possible to pre-set when certain emails will be sent to your email subscribers. 

You can choose on what days the emails are sent out, how much time there should be between emails, send out birthday emails, and a lot more.

Landing pages
Constant Contact has a library full of mobile response landing pages that you can use to direct your leads. The landing pages can also be customized with the same drag-and-drop editor that is used for email design.

Event Management

Constant Constant makes it possible to how online events such as classes, seminars, workshops, fundraisers, demos, and more.

You’ll also have access to features such as custom invitations, online registration, payment collection, and more for these events.

Subject line A/B testing

Test the subject line of your emails to increase the open rate of your emails. 

The feature will make it possible to split your email subscribers into different groups. determine test length, and test each subject line. 

The software will determine which subject line performs best and automatically use it in the future.

List-building tools

Grow your list with tools that’ll help with capturing leads and getting them to subscribe to your email list such as:

  • Surveys & Polls
    Get information about your audience by creating online polls and surveys.
  • Integrated Google Ads Feature
    Manage your ad campaigns from within Constant Contact.
  • Text message sign-up
    Send out texts to the mobile phones of your email subscribers

Sync your favorite apps with Constant Contact to help you grow your business.
Examples of apps are WordPress, Salesforce, Vimeo, and a lot of others.
Click here for the full list.

Track your email marketing campaigns and read about them in the constant contact reports.
You’ll receive detailed reports about open rates, customer behavior through heat maps, suggestions for segmentation, and engagement.

Constant Contact Support

Help Center
All support is being provided by the help center.

  • Live Chat
  • Calling the support team
  • and more.

A collection of articles that can help you on your way.

Connect with other people that use Constant Contact to make email marketing campaigns.

Constant Contact Pricing

The prices for the Constant Contact email service are based on the number of contacts on your list. They have 3 plans you can take advantage of. 

1 temporary free plan, 2 plans to support your digital and email marketing, and 1 premium plan to improve sales. The 2 digital marketing plans are called: 

  • 60-day free trial of the Core plan
  • Core, $9,99/ month
  • Core Plus, $45/ month

The 3 most important differences between these 2 plans are: 

  • The email automation isn’t available in the normal core plan.
  • Auto-generated segmenting of your email subscribers.
  • Integration of lead generation tools such as Google Ads

The third plan is a sales accelerator called Sharpspring. 

It’s an all-in-1 CRM platform that Constant Contact has created to take a more data-oriented approach to sell products.

It makes it easier to track customer behavior at scale, generate leads, and improve conversion rate.

Sharpspring subscriptions start at the price of $449/month.

My personal take on Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a good email marketing service to use for simple email marketing campaigns.
I can see a lot of solopreneurs and bloggers benefit from Constant Contact.

If there’s anything I’d like to see they add to their digital marketing plans it’d be more options regarding conditions that can be picked for sending out emails and managing your subscribers.

Sharpspring does have these features but $499/month is a bit too much just to be able to use them. I have seen other email marketing services include that in their cheaper plans.

Overall, I do think Constant Contact is a solid email marketing service.

Constant Contact overall overview

Name: Constant Contact
Founders/Owners: Randy Parker
Price: $9,99 — $45/ month
Overall ranking: 7/10


It’s a good email service for people that want to create a list and communicate with them.

I do think you could get more advanced marketing automation capabilities cheaper with a few other email marketing services.

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