9 Simple Blog Tips That’ll Help You Create A Successful Blog In 2019

Want to start a blog? Great but to just start writing without thinking won’t make your blog succeed. This is why I’ll show you 9 blog tips that’ll help you create a successful blog in 2019. It doesn’t matter in what kind of niche you are these tips are applicable for everyone that wants to create a blog that actually attracts readers.

I started my first blog in 2015. I talked about all kinds of things on that blog but mostly it was about personal development and dating. The reason I made the blog was purely to express myself and because of that it never got off the ground. I had no goals for the blog, I never bothered to learn how to create a successful blog.

So to prevent you from going the same way I’ll give you…

9 Simple Blog Tips That’ll Help You Create A Successful Blog In 2019

1. Choose wisely: Paid blog hosting vs. free blog hosting

When I started out I created a simple blog at wordpress.com I figured it’s free and pretty simple to use but there are restrictons to free blog hosting services like that. If you just want to write and put some words on the internet it’s fine but if you actually want to create a successful blog that makes money I would go with paid blog hosting.

Free hosting has limits such as:

  • Only having subdomain
    Example: Let’s say your blog is called “The food blogger” and you get free hosting at wordpress than your url will always have wordpress in it. So instead of having thefoodblogger.com you’d have thefoodblogger.wordpress.com.
  • It hurts your SEO
    You’ll have less chance to get to the first page of Google and attract new readers through search engines.
  • Less plugin and theme options
    Free hosting already provides you with themes but not all themes and plugins can be used with free hosting which limits you in things like styling your website, improving user experience and more.
  • Less monetizing options
    It differs per hosting service but most free hosting services don’t allow you to advertise and some of them don’t allow you to promote affiliate products either.

Choosing a good host and domain name is the first decision you make but also one that decides the future of your blog so choose wisely.

2. Optimize your blog for search engines (SEO)

I know SEO doesn’t sound as “sexy” as social media marketing but not doing SEO as a blogger is a huge mistake. Every day there are millions of people on search engines such as Google, Bing & Yahoo looking for content similar to yours. Instead of them letting them read another blog that has the same content as your but not as good why not do SEO get a spot on the first page and direct all those people to your website.

Here are some cool things about learning SEO and ranking your website:

  • You don’t need a lot of money to do it
  • Once you’re ranked you don’t have to anything and people will be directed to your blog(Passive marketing).
  • You’ll learn a skillset that has a high demand
  • Unlike advertising, you’ll get 24/7 exposure all over the world.

I’m not going to lie to you. It can take a long time before you see the effects of SEO but trust me it’s worth it.

3. Choose a specific niche

When I started my blog I talked about all kinds of different topics. It was fun expressing myself but it makes it harder to get any subscribers. If people don’t know what to expect with every post they won’t know if they’ll get any value out of it. This is why I always advise people that want to start a blog to pick a niche.

It will also help with gaining credibility and becoming an authority inside that niche. So if you’re planning to make money with your blog having the trust of your readers might help.

4. Spend time crafting your headlines

I know you’re aiming to spend a lot of time on creating the best possible content but you’ll also have to put some time into coming up with the headlines of your blog posts. Your headline is the first thing people read when they see your blog posts and will be the determining factor if they’ll read it. So learn how to create headlines that stimulate emotions and get people to click on it.

5. Create an email list

Add an email list to your website as soon as possible. An email list will help you with staying in touch with you readers. Often a lot of people who visit your website will land on one specific page of your website because they needed that information and after that leave to never be seen again not knowing their might be a lot of other stuff on your blog that would’ve been of value to them.

By giving people the option to sign up for your email list gives you that second chance to show them what kind of content you post and why you should read it.

6. Figure out a way to monetize on your blog

Creating a successful blog will take a lot of time and in some instances, it wwon’t be sustainable to do if you have all kinds of other things you have to do next to blogging. So why not get the most value out of blogging that you can by earning money with it. There are a few ways to make money blogging such as:

  • Advertising
  • Selling your own products on the website
  • promoting affiliate products
  • and more.

As a wise man with a pencil once said “…If you’re good at something, never do it for free…”

7. Work on the user experience of your website

Just writing isn’t enough to make a blog successful. I’ve seen websites on which the moment you arrive you immediately want to leave. To make sure your blog doesn’t become one of those of websites you’ll actively have to create a good customer experience.

Which means:

  • Making sure the website navigation is good.
  • The style doesn’t make you want to leave the website.
  • your posts don’t look like they’ll be a drag to read.

You’ll have to put yourself in the shoes of your readers and wonder what they’d like to seen and what they wouldn’t want to see.

8. Create an about me page

It is important that you create an about page on your blog. An about page is a great tool to create a relationship with you readers. It makes them feel they’re reading about an actual person they can relate to and root for. Show them who you’re, where you’re from, why you made this blog, and why you think this blog will be of value to them.

9. Create a content schedule

As a blogger, you need to be consistent when it comes to posting. Consistency isn’t only beneficial for your SEO but also for your readers. It gives them an extra reason to keep coming to your website and subscribe to your email list. I personally have an Google sheets file with atleast 30 blogposts I’m planning to make plus the date that I upload them. Create a content calendar for yourself and stick to it.

That’s all the blogging tips I have for today.
If you have any questions or you just want to show some love leave a comment and I’ll get back to you a.s.a.p.

See you at my next post!

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