The Story of A Man In Search of Freedom!

Hello, random website reader,

Welcome to my about page or as I like to call it.
The let’s brag about myself in the third person page.

I’m not really into bragging that much so instead I’ll tell you a story

starting with…

A Very Simple Question.

Ever felt forced to conform to your surroundings?


Since I did really well in my final years of high school my family expected me to go
to a university and eventually get a high paying job of some sorts.

After enrolling into university.

I just went with the flow, but honestly, somewhere in my heart, I felt trapped.
It Felt like I was in a funnel heading towards an unwanted destination.

Is this really how I’ll live my life?
Am I really just going to sit behind a desk till I retire?

Luckily I was a bookworm and started reading a lot of books about personal development
and entrepreneurship.

And a result:

I peeked behind the curtain.

All these examples of people taking charge of their own life not being subjugated
to their surroundings truly inspired me.

I realized I’m not where I want to be and I’m not doing work that truly
excites me.

I wanted freedom:

  • to work from wherever I wanted.
  • to choose with who I worked.
  • to create my own path to walk on.

So in 2016, I found the courage to create a bartering platform on which
starting entrepreneurs and freelancers could help each other get ahead.

I learned a few things about marketing and sales in that period, but I realized I wasn’t
getting any closer to the freedom I craved.

Instead, I was going in the opposite direction.

So I quit!

A few headaches and copywriting jobs later I ended up at a website called Wealthy Affiliate
an interactive platform that helps people create a passive income online.

So you might be wondering.


After hearing multiple stories like my own on forums and Facebook groups
I’ve noticed that I wasn’t alone.

The tools we need to succeed aren’t always given in schools
and the support we need isn’t always there.

Through helping you I can kill two birds with one stone.

I can give tips, inspire and guide you to where you want to go and in the
process I obtain the freedom I want.

Seems like a win-win situation to me.


As I said before the tools that we need to succeed aren’t always given to us at schools so I want this website to provide them. No matter what you do nowadays an online presence is a big asset.

Through giving tips, tools & Hacks to get people to visit your website and creating your own audience I hope to help you succeed in whatever goal you might have.

All the best,




If you are new to this, but you’re ready to start I’d advise reading one of my getting started articles and well…   Get started haha

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