Click2sellco featured image Review — Scam or Legit?

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Welcome to my review.

You probably came to this page because you wonder if is legit or a scam.

No need to worry you’re in the right place.

Over the last year, I’ve been busy creating reviews about all kinds of online products. Some turned out to be fake other were legit ways to make money online but in the process I learned how to spot scams. is one the products I reviewed.

In this post, I’ll show you absolutely everything you need to know about and after reading it you’ll know exactly if you should give it a chance. Review Overview

name: Click2Sell

Founder: Unknown

Product type: Advertisement platform
Price: $250 — $5000
Rating: 1/10 logo


Click2Sell is a banner advertisement platform that claims to make it possible to make money through PPC-marketing. A lot of people have complained about not getting their money.

Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No. 

Click2Sell Video Review​

What is the video about?
Everything you need to know about Click2Sell can be found in this short video review. I'll also set you up with an alternative that is legit and had helped thousands make money online.

How does work not to be confused with claims to be a self-service advertising platform that helps people set up their own online advertising business within their platform. From their explainer videos can be summarised that they do this in 4 simple steps.

click2sell banners

Step 1. Choose a banner ad

Select budget

Step 2. Select Budget

Click2Sell place banner ad

Step 3. Choose the location of the banner

Click To Sales Step 4 Receive money for every click

Step 4. Receive money for every click

What is Possible with

According to Click2Sell they provide you with the resources to in a nutshell make for things possible. 

  • Create
  • Target 
  • Publish 
  • Learn

While everything they say on the website sounds solid I’m going to show you a few things that make me believe that this might either be a scam or an extremely poorly run business.

Who can benefit from

Who would benefit from purchasing this product:

  • Nobody should ever purchase a package from this website.

Who shouldn’t purchase this product:

  • Every living being on this planet.

Red Flags

Red Flag #1: Unknown Founder

It’s not uncommon for business owners to not put their name on the business website but they’ll put it on their social pages because it’s still an accomplishment. In the last year, I have reviewed a lot of products/ websites like these and I was always able to find information about them. 

I’d tried to look on: 

  • Linkedin
  • Facebook 
  • Instagram 
  • Google 

and I found nothing which is a major red flag in my opinion.

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Red Flag #2: F- Rating on BBB

Ever heard of BBB? It stands for Better Business Bureau. It’s a website that possesses a directory with the names and information of all kinds of businesses in the world. Based on not only their research but user ratings they determine the quality of a business. 

As it seems has been getting a lot of negative ratings and reviews everywhere. I see this as a huge red flag especially when it comes to businesses that require to spend up to $5000 just to get started.

better business bureau main page

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Red Flag #3: User ratings

I’ve looked at multiple rating websites to see what people have been saying about and it’s mostly the same. Negative reactions about people not able to get their money after being shown that their clicks get in the money. 

Click2Sell ratings
Click2Sell BBB rating

Red Flag #4: Real Click2Sell Users In My Comment Section Sharing Experiences

If the other red flags aren't enough to convince you that Click2Sell has a high chance of being a scam I'd take a look at my comment section.

There are a lot of people complaining about getting scammed and how Click2Sell really operates.

here is one of many examples in my comment section:

Yahya comment click2sell

How Does Click2Sell Scam People?

According to people in the comments and people that email me they got scammed in different ways:

  1. Lying about the Click2Sell Payout Threshold
    They ask you to deposit a fee of +$250 for placing ads.

    The moment you want to withdraw the money you earned they’ll say you need to earn at least 50X the amount you deposited for advertising fees to cash out.

    This wasn't stated anywhere before signing up and depositing money.

  2. Unauthorized credit card withdrawals
    The moment you want to cash out they’ll ask for all kinds of credit card details and personal information.

    People have emailed me saying that not long after giving these details strange deductions were getting made from their bank accounts.

How To Get A Click2Sell Refund

Since I put out the original review I have been getting a lot of emails and comments asking me how to get a refund from Click2Sell. 

On the website itself, there is no page that informs you about how to get a refund which makes most people assume there isn’t a way to get your money back.

Then this person posted a comment in my comment section.

Click2Sell Refund

So in the last few weeks, I decided to do some digging and found there are a few people that got refunds. This is what I found out about the refund process. 

There are two methods you can use to get a refund:

1. Call Click2Sell Support directly

You can call Click2Sell and ask for a refund. The number you can contact is  +44 (80) 005-88235.

You can also try to email their support team but multiple people have said to me that they don’t respond. 

I have interviewed 20 people about getting a refund. Out of those only 2 people got an actual refund (After a looooot of arguing). 

Chance of getting a refund through calling 10%

2. Get An External Mediation Party To Contact Click2Sell

There are websites that make money by acting as a mediator when purchases went wrong. One of these websites is called Purchase Guard. I have received an email from someone that got half of his first deposit back. 

Purchase Guard

I know this is just a small sample size but for me, it’s enough to make me say don’t waste time with this platform.

My Personal Take On

I haven’t purchased the product to see for myself if it’s a scam but I believe that not every lesson has to be learned through experiencing things first hand. Let’s look at the evidence that is gathered.

  1. Unknown founder 
    No scammer would want their actions to be traced back to them so I’m not surprised that their no information to be founder on the scammer anywhere on the internet.
  2. Bad user ratings
    There are a lot of people online that never got their money after trying out If it were just one or two negative reviews it could be an IT error or something but after reading a lot of these you begin to form the impression that something is wrong.
  3. Bad BBB rating
    The rating on BBB says it all. This website is rarely wrong about when it comes to their ratings and they often aren’t extremely harsh. A lot has to have happened in the past to get an F rating.

I don’t know if it’s a scam or an extremely bad run business but its safe to say that the chance that you’ll be able to create a successful advertising business with is very small.


Product rating

Is legit?

After doing extensive research I've come to the conclusion that Click2Sell is a Scam.

Alternatives to

Smart Dollars Club might not be what it presented itself to but there are other products out there that are legit.

If you want to make money online from anywhere including your own home by making content about what you love I recommend you to look at Wealthy Affiliate.

About Wealthy Affiliate

It’s the platform that taught me how to create an online business revolving around a niche of your choice and make money from it.

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That’s all for today. If you have any questions or you just want to show some love don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

See you at my next post

43 thoughts on “ Review — Scam or Legit?”

  1. Great review. The information you have provided is well written and thorough. I’m sure you’ll save people a lot of money and stress from dealing with that company.

  2. Thanks for your review, it’s definitely comprehensive in its scope as well as the recommendation NOT to buy because it IS a scam. Much appreciated. PS. SWonder if I’ll get my USD 250 back…. ?!?!?

    • If you request a refund you’ll get it I promise they have refunded me twice once was an accident and I still was able to see the money I made in my account second they refunded it because I could not answer calls from my person that helps me with my account I would just advise you not to take any deposits from them example if you put 250 down and they offer you 250 more I wouldn’t take it because that makes it longer for you to be able to withdraw money from your account they’ll tell you that you have to make $5000 before and you can withdraw money from your account don’t take any money from them to add to your campaign other than that I talk to that man once a week he was really nice

      • Hello Waleaka, I really hope that you are able to make withdrawals. From my experience it is once you make a request for money that it becomes impossible and the people you speak to aren’t quite as nice anymore.

      • How long did it take for them to give you a refund? I’m told 10 days, 8 days so far and no refund of the initial US$200. Just curious and beginning to think I will not receive it. Having read a lot of comments on this site I am shocked at what has happened to many folk.

  3. This morning got me, as soon as I give my home number, bang, they called right away, got into conversation, gave them credit card and address. Authorize to draw $c268, then, they cut the phone. As soon as they could not charges my cc, they call back and asked me to call me cc and to tell them that I am ok to get charged by quick sale. I called my cc company and explained. My CC Checke the name that quick2salw is a scam, they do not let this guy draw money from my CC, and right away they cancel
    My card and out fraudulent for quic2sale. Thank you my credit company protecting their client.

    • Yeah, It’s crazy how many people are trying to scam you out of your money on the internet. I’m glad they weren’t able to take money from your credit card.
      Nowadays I try to do as much research as possible before I invest money in a product. I hope you find a legit product to make money online with or check out my #1 recommendation. It has a free trial so you can see for yourself if it is a good fit ;-).

  4. Wish I had read your reviews way earlier. I managed to let con me out of a total of $52,598.00 on credit cards and my IRA before I finally figured out I was never going to see that money again. Their sales team is very good in there tactics of getting to know you and claiming to be your friend (in my case especially after I told them my wife was bed bound and I just want to make her life more comfortable) and wanting to help you succeed until they get to where they know you are not going to invest anymore then you can never reach them again. It becomes virtually impossible to talk to anyone that will do more than just pass you around until you finally figure out there is no getting anywhere. I did finally manage to get their relations person and managed to get $5,000 refunded then told them I thought is was terrible the way they operate and there sales team are a bunch of thieves and I wanted to close out my account get the rest of my money back and move on with my life. They said there is no way I can get it all back because once I invested it it was gone and they have in their write up not to invest more than you can afford to loose, (HA HA HA wish their salesmen adhered to that philosophy). I did manage to settle for an additional $9,080.00 and had to sign off that I would not pursue any more. I can’t believe I allowed myself to be taken like that, especially at 70 years old retired and one who has always said to watch out for scam artists. Now I had to take out a personal and my credit is in the tank, barely able to get by and no help for my wife. Very depressing..

    • Hey Clifford,

      Seems like you and your wife have gone through a really tough time with I have heard a lot of stories like these in the last few months.
      I’ve been reviewing all sorts of online products for almost 2 years now and to this day I’m still amazed that there are people out there capable of these kinds of things.

      I hope you and your wife get back on your feet quick.

      As someone that has gone through similar experiences, I know how it feels. I’m just glad I found Wealthy Affiliate quickly after I got scammed. Nowadays I mostly invest my time in products that have a free trial to test it out.

    • I am so sorry to hear this Clifford. I fell victim to these scammers as well. These people are disgusting. I consider them thieves!

  5. thanks for that. was looking into Bitcoin and was taken to their website. I had to register first and knew was legit and has been around for years. The phone rang in 1 minute of registering and I was harassed by the caller. He spoke poor English and when I told him I would have to talk to my husband before investing $350AUD he was quite rude. In the end I got rid of him, read your article and realised it was not .com. Thankyou for your information. Much appreciated.

    • Hey Jan,

      Thanks for the comment! It’s crazy how scammers take advantage of small typos. This is why I’m always wary of products that don’t have
      a free trial to test things out.

  6. Great review on Click2Sell com. I’ve heard of this platform that supposedly allows you to make a fortune on PPC ads. Glad you made it clear that this is another fairy tale. I didn’t even know there were so many red flags related to this platform — also, thanks for offering us an alternative.

    • Hey, 

      Thanks for commenting. I’m glad you liked the review. It’s indeed cray how many subtle red flags there are. It’s really easy to miss them if you aren’t looking for them. Try out the alternative it free and you won’t be disappointed 😉

  7. Wow! Thank you for this valuable information. Your words are very true, that I am on your website because I am looking for validity from Click2sell.
    This happened because when I clicked on an ad on Facebook promoting Bitcoin. It leads to Click2sell, not opening a Bitcoin account. The ad had Bill Gates video, long testimony of how much money the Bondi Vet made through it, how easy it is, etc. I got a phone call from overseas, gave my banking details, address, etc. They needed the confirmation of the banking code that went through. I got to that point, as they were trained to speak fast and baffle the caller, until I realized they were not a Bitcoin operator. Then I asked questions, the guy made up some reasons real fast, and I refused to provide banking code, and hung up. Then I canceled my credit card. And I am not kidding I have had 24 missed calls from a variety of overseas numbers all day since. These people are disgusting.
    And because of your writing, I have come to believe that it is a scam. Maybe, I should give a try for your recommendation (wealthy affiliate). But, this is not a scam right?

    • Hey Kylie!

      Thanks for commenting. I have heard multiple people with the same kind of story and people harassing them for days by calling them. Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a scam. You can even try it out for free to see if you like it.

  8. Thanks for the review and heads up. I had never heard of them before but anonymity is one big red fat flag there. And when so many people write bad things about them…well, where there is smoke there is fire they say. There are so many websites online that you cannot trust these days that is a shame because they give a bad reputation even to the ones that are legit like WA.

    • Hey Stratos!

      I agree. Websites like these indeed give legit programs like Wealthy Affiliate a bad name. I’m just glad I didn’t have to go through multiple scams before finding a program that was legit for making money online.

      • I have heard about this ‘charge back’ through the bank. And yes some banks get it back for you, some don’t. I may have to try that. I was hoping this wasn’t a scam. I started with the $250 as well. I’ve been involved with them since July 2018. I finally invested in their highest platform, the Diamond pkg. I was told this would generate the best amount of income. It cost me $10,000. They put in a bonus of $!5,000. To make the purchase of $25,000 for that particular pkg. The campaigns I selected were doing well, and got it to the point where money was generating by itself, and didn’t have to invest any more money for buying new campaigns when old ones expire. I was told by my account manager that my ‘Total Campaign Balance’ would have to be double what my ‘Total Deposits’ were. As it stands right now, my TCB is at aprox $32,000, and my TB is at $25,000. So I figured after about a year, I would be able to start withdraws. Well… Now that the global pandemic hit, I get a email saying I have a ‘Buyout Option’ or continue on purchasing campaigns. The buyout option figure they gave me is $1500. Really??? And now they also told me about this whole 50X amount on their bonuses? I never saw that in the agreement I e-signed, but he said it was. So now, I would have to have a total campaign income of $789,950.00 !!! That would take 15+ years to be able to make a withdraw!!! At this point, it looks like I’m lucky to even get back $1500 as a buyout!! I can’t believe they scammed this many people!! Including myself! My c2s manager told me they had over 300,000 clients!!! That’s a lot of scamming!! With that many people, why is it so hard for people to get the money back? They should all be thrown in jail !!

        • Hey Mark,

          Thanks for sharing your experience.
          I’m sure it’ll help a lot of people contemplating joining Click2Sell. I really hope you’ll be able to get your money back.
          It’s cray to hear what people are capable of at the expense of others.

  9. On Google you claim the review is from January 1st 2020 but the comments are from 2019…what’s up with that digitalsuccess? Unless you jumped in your time machine and went back to last year well I can’t think of anything else…can you please elaborate

    • Hey Ryan,

      I don’t exactly know where you claim I stated that this review was from January 1st, 2020.
      Under the featured image it literally says that it has been posted on October 6th, 2019.

      I did update the review somewhere last month 2020 if you mean that.

  10. I am going to try and get my money back here hoping that people at click2sell read this! I have invested 5000 euro with you, you told me that the company can match that and when 10.000 euro is reached, I can withdraw.. There is a profit and I asked to withdraw part of it only to receive an email telling me that my account is suspended!
    I spoke with Ms. Roberts today and she nicely explained to me that your company bonus and my investment has to reach 50 times before I can make a withdrawal!!!! Impossible you thieves… That is not what your agent Warren Jacobs (who I emailed and email bounced back – no response! also emailed Dean Scott who called me once asking for 30k!!! email not in existent anymore – surprise surprise ) . Both these guys explained that once the 5000 are reached then I can make the withdrawal. Are you not ashamed of yourselves people! Do you think you are going to live forever in this planet scamming people. How on earth are you allowed to operate is beyond me.. I am asking you nicely to pay me my 5000 back, that’s all.
    When I hear back from you we can talk about the next step.
    Anyone reading this, you will be mad throwing your hard work into this and yes I feel stupid and disgusted with myself allowing this to happen to me, I know better but you know what, you live and learn. If you invest here, you will never ever see your money…

    • Hey Yahya,

      I’m sorry to hear what happened to you. I misread what you said the first time reading this

      In the meantime, I have done some research on how to get a refund and inserted it into my review.
      It’s not 100% guaranteed you’ll get all of your money back but it’s worth
      a try.

  11. Click2sell should not be allowed to participate in the Marketing Industry.
    A Company who only Takes your hard earn cash with great personality and comforting words but will give you Nothing in Return that hard earn cash you have provided out of your heart has gone,like sucking your Blood, simply a mosquito in the market, AVOID CLICK2SELL THE SECOND THEY TALK JUST HANG UP.

    • Hey Frederic!

      Thanks for the comment.
      It’s crazy how people try to take advantage of other people.
      That’s one of the reasons I created this review.

  12. are a scam. They say they are an advertising selling company. They get you to buy ‘ad campaigns’ with the promise of returns due to ‘clicks per sale’. They also trap you by telling you to take their ‘bonus’ (which is money they give you initially to help you purchase more ad campaigns). The bonus effectively traps you, so that you can never, EVER get your money back. Each employee gives different explanations on how the bonus works. They tell you to take the bonus as “it’s a good thing”, but in reality it is a trap. Blatant lies are told about the bonus, with each different employee giving a different explanation about how it works and how you can get your money back. It’s not until you try to withdraw your money, do you then find out that you can’t because you took the bonus. This is why this company is a SCAM and FRAUDULENT. The employees names are: Lee Taylor, Alan Black, Sean Edwards and Clinton Lincoln. Run away as fast as you can from this unethical company. They need to be shut down. I’ve reported them to, and Purchase Guard just refer your dispute to Clinton Lincoln who is employed by

    • It’s crazy how many people they have scammed out of their money. Thanks for sharing your story it might help with preventing people from investing money on this website. It astonishes me that they haven’t been shut down yet.

    • So Purchase Guard do not help you with refunds. Read this advertising on their site.
      I have been promised my US$200 back by, as decided not to go ahead.
      Have been told takes 10 days for refund to be in my account.
      8 days gone already. Wondering why it takes so long to refund – that is if they do so. I’m beginning to wonder.

  13. This company scammed me of a ton of money and using “GoD factor” clause in the bonus contract to close my account. Thieves and scumbags. We all are victims of this scam need to come together alert the authorities and get them hunt these people down and get our money back.

  14. I am sorry I had not done my homework on before they got 5,200. from my servival credit card I really have no Idea how can I get my money back from the site that seems to no longer excist last time I was able to log in my campain earnnings were up to just over 20,000

    • Hey Robert.

      I’m sorry to hear that you got scammed by Click2Sell. I don’t know how to contact them to get your money back. I did find a website today that linked to me that locates people that got scammed called genius search. I haven’t reviewed their services yet but when I do and I find out they’re legit I’ll add them to this page.

  15. Unfortunately you are correct , they are a scam, Clinton claims that because of the Covid 19 that they cannot honour the income you earned, unfortunately also I took the bonus offers, he also states that the company will close down within the month


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