Do you do search engine optimization? 13 Reasons why you should

Do you do search engine optimization? In this post I’ll be showing you 13 reasons why you should try search engine optimization to rank your website on google.

When I created my first website I literally had ZERO interest in understanding search engine optimization.

The fact that there was this 100+ point checklist of stuff that would help rank really high in Google, but you had to wait forever to actually get ranked really made my interest dip.

After that I joined a community where they help you set up websites that make money with the help of affiliate marketing for free. It’s there that I learned a couple of things that completely changed my outlook on SEO and ranking high on google.

These are the reasons that convinced me



1. SEO is everything, but expensive

Paid advertising can quickly become expensive, because you’re paying for attention. The more reach you want the more you pay. When you rank high in google you won’t have this problem, because every website visitor that comes to your website wasn’t directed there with the help of advertisement.

Instead of the ever-increasing costs the only real essential thing you need that might cost money is a keyword research tool which you can try out here for free.

2. SEO isn’t a nice add-on it’s an important part of your business online.

Google uses what I call google bots that “crawl” on your website to see what it’s all about, but just because you have website doesn’t mean it’s easy for them to find out what your website is all about. There are too many websites out there with content that goes in a million directions. Good SEO makes sure every goes into one direction which makes it easier for them to index your content correctly in Google.

3. Your competitors are doing it

While you are paying money to reach your audience with advertisement and paying more and more to keep on growing your competitors invest into SEO and get 4X the reach for almost no money.

4. SEO will help people find your website

All over the world there are millions of people searching for certain services and products. With the emerging of the internet people look for these products or information about it more and more on search engines like google, bing & yahoo. By making sure your website is between the results they are looking for you aren’t leaving money on the table by missing out on people that are precisely looking for what you offer.

5. Most people ignore paid search results

70-80% of people ignore paid search results (imforza), choosing to only click on organic listings. In other words most people tend to click on links that are high in the organic results. Your best chance of reaching these people would be to use search engine optimization to rank higher in google. Going from 20% to 80% that’s 4X the amount of traffic you have the chance to convert.

6. SEO pulls in quality traffic

People go onto search engines like google to get solutions for their problems. This makes SEO infinitely valuable, because it makes it able to efficiently connect to the people that already have a need for what you’re offering. Instead of needing ads and high level copywriting to convince people to buy what you’re offering you simply have to present what you’re selling.

7. High SEO rankings get free 24/7 promotion

Without a doubt paid advertising is very effective to reach a lot of people, but once you stop paying your promotions stop.

If your business solely depends on ads running out of money might be the end of your business. Once your website is ranked for certain keywords there’s zero chance it’s going to disappear all of a sudden. It doesn’t matter how late or what day it is it will still appear in the results when someone types the keywords you used in the content on your website.

8. SEO is a long term strategy

This is my favorite reason why I like SEO and the same reason why I used to dislike it. It takes awhile to get any sort of traction out of SEO, but once you’re ranked high the chances of you going down in rank is very small. There are a lot of websites that are ranking very high in google and get visitors every day of which they make money that haven’t been updated for almost six months. It’s probably the closest you can get to earning money passive.

9 SEO drives offline sales

People nowadays research a lot on the internet, because it saves time a lot of time. If they see your website pop up in search engine results and they find out that you have what they want at your store there will be more people knocking on the door of your store to buy products.

10. SEO can give smaller companies the advantage

Google wants to give people that use the website the best experience they can offer. Google doesn’t discriminate against websites that don’t invest money. They’re only interested in quality content. Smaller companies can’t compete with the moguls when it comes to paid advertising, but when it comes to quality smaller companies have a shot. Especially since you know 70-80% of people ignore paid advertisement.

11. SEO will increase your blogs traffic

SEO will make sure your blog will get read. If people are looking for something specific that you blog about and through SEO you use the keywords that people type into google to search for that specific thing the chances that they’ll find your blog increases by a lot.

12. SEO will make you stand out

There are so many businesses that offer the same thing that it’s almost impossible to stand out. This is why companies go through herculean types of effort and spent crazy amounts of money to create a unique value proposition. What if I told you when you rank really high in Google that you don’t have to exert that same amount of effort.

33% of organic traffic clicks on the first result on Google (chitika). So people will be seeing your website way before they see all the other websites that might be offering the same solution for the problem they came to google with.

13. SEO makes your business more valuable

Like I said it takes awhile, but once Google trust your website you’ll be ranked high and you’ll get a lot of high quality traffic for which you don’t have to pay a cent. If you have a website that google trusts it will rank new pages much faster than websites that just started. There are a lot businesses that would pay a lot for having these privileges.

These are some of the reason why you use search engine optimization for your website.

If any of these reasons changed your perspective on seo a little let me know
by leaving a comment.


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