Get Organic Traffic Faster With 13 Simple Hacks!

In this post, I’ll be showing you 13 ways to get organic traffic faster to your website through:

  • Online tools
  • Partnering up
  • Monitoring your peers
  • and much more.


There Are Two Absolute Ways To Get Traffic, But There Are Ways To Speed It Up!

There are all kinds of “get more traffic to your platform” programs, but to make it simple there are only two ways to get traffic.

You either pay for it with money or you pay with time by creating a lot of content.

A lot of people that start with marketing their business online don’t have the money so they’ll have to put in the time. This can sometimes even take years, but there are ways to speed up the process if you’re creative.

To start thinking about new ways to speed up getting traffic can be quite the hassle so I made a list of a few ways you use as inspiration. So here are 13 ways you can get traffic to your website faster.

Create a JV/affiliate program

Partner up with people that already have lists with people interested in offers similar to your own. You’ll ask those people to send those people to your website and you offer your partners something in return. Most successful websites have these kinds of programs. Think of companies like Amazon Associates, WordPress etc.

Tip. A place that helps you create a program and has a lot of affiliates that can help you is


Effective headlines

Create clickable headlines for your content.

Make it

  • Benefit-driven
  • Include uneven numbers
  • Invoke curiosity
  • Cleverly use your caps letters
  • Relevancy


A few reasons why you should try affiliate marketing


Top 7 Reasons Why You Can Make An Insane Amount of Money Doing Affiliate Marketing in 2018!


Host giveaway contests

People are always looking for what they can gain so giving up an insane amount of value can be really effective.

One of the best ways of doing this is using a giveaway contest. Tell them to do some through which they get exposed to your content or getting them to expose other people to your content and see your traffic numbers rise.


Tag three people interested in this subject in this post and let them comment “….brought me here and I’m all in.” and you can win four tickets to a festival.

Tip. Be purposeful with your giveaway get your audience to tag people that are actually interested in the type of content you create by offering something closely related to your niche. Random people won’t get you anywhere.



Stack up medium long tail keywords with low competition.

Target medium long tail keywords with low competition to rank for. You’ll get fewer visitors than ranking for high competition keywords, but you’ll get ranked for them a lot faster. To boost how many visitors you’ll get target a lot of these keywords till you’ll get a compounding effect.

Sidenote: Since start 2018 Google has announced that Google Rankbrain is one of the top 3 factors used for ranking content on Google. To explain what Google Rankbrain exactly is and how to use that to your advantage is something I’ll explain in another post that’ll come out later this week but for now, the only thing you should know that keywords that only consist of one word instead of multiple won’t get you ranked anymore.

Guest blogging

Contact other people in your Niche and write guest posts. All these people that you guest blog for have their own audience. By writing for them you’re exposing your content to them and as a result, might win some of their audience over to look at the content on your own website.

Just email them and try out your luck!


I think I recommend Buzzsumo at least three times a day to people because I like it that much. Buzzsumo makes it possible to find out what kind of content is really popular on social media right now and who is liking it. A quick and clever way to use this data to get more traffic is to create the same kind of content, but with improvements and target the people that liked and shared the original content you based it off. They’ll be more likely to look at your other content plus you know they’re into sharing content like what you create so they’ll share yours too.


Conductor just like Buzzsumo is an online tool that can speed up the process of getting traffic to your website and creating an audience if you choose to do that. Conductor is geared more to search engine optimization than Buzzsumo, but both are very effective to get your message out. Find out what kind of keywords your competitors are using, keep your content up to date by tracking the trends of your audience and much more.


Forums are a huge source you can use to get traffic. A lot of people gather these forums to talk about specific subjects.

If you find a forum that coincides with your Niche you can get a lot of traffic that way. Get involved and become a part of the community on these forums. The moderators will probably kick you out if you go and spam their forums, but if you’re adding value and once in a while drop the name of your website in a conversation here and there you can get a lot of people to go to your platform.

Tip. The first place I’d take a look at is Reddit. I jokingly always call it a forum on steroids, because everybody talks about everything on that website.

Facebook groups

Facebook groups are a really good traffic source. Just like forums, people gather here to talk about specific subjects. They’re not really that different from forums. You might have to pass a few requirements in some of these groups to get in though. Just like with the forums if you’re trying to get traffic I’d advise you to actually become a part of their community and add a lot of value. It shouldn’t be that hard since you probably share the same interests as the people in that Facebook group since you’re working in that Niche.


Let’s say you’re on YouTube just type that and lots of YouTube Facebook groups will appear or type in your Niche and join those groups

Take advantage of trends

This one of the most effective ways to get more traffic fast without spending any type of money. The first time I saw how effective this was I saw the trailer for a movie on YouTube. I like to watch reaction videos from people I’ve subscribed to, but none of theirs were out yet. So automatically I just clicked on a reaction video of someone I didn’t know. Now that person is one of my favorite reaction youtubers.

You can gain a lot of traffic this way. A lot of people out there give new people a chance when there’s a new trend. It might as well be your content they’re watching or reading.

Mention influencers and reach out to them

Influencers always have a really large audience. By mentioning them you:

a.) can increase the credibility of your content

Influencers have a lot of social proof so if you coincide with what they are saying they’ll trust it and by default you more.

b.) you might be able to partner up with them and they’ll expose your content to their audience.

Influencers have large audiences so by partnering up with them a lot more people will get to see your content.

Youtubers do this a lot by collaborating when making videos and people on Instagram do this too by doing shout outs.

Create content that appeals to influencers

As I said before influencers have large audiences that can get you massive amounts of traffic if they’ll expose your content them. If you make content that appeals to influencers they might be inclined to share that content on their platform.

Make content about there Niche, expand on content they made ( and tag them in it) or content that specifically helps these kinds of influencers.


  • 5 unorthodox ways to make money as a ….influencer.
  • How to actually get stocks instead of a fixed price from a company as an influencer.
  • Why influencers will have a harder time making money in 2019 etc.

Target multiple synonyms of keywords in your content

Every keyword you type on Google brings up a list of results. If you already have a website that’s trusted by Google and has ranked high for certain keywords you could try using synonyms of the keywords in the same content. This is a really simple way to boost your traffic fast. Your content will show up under more keywords and you’ll be found by more people looking for your content.


You might rank under “Making money on YouTube without adsense“, but what if you added somewhere in the article “Creating an income using YouTube without adsense“.

They basically mean the same thing, but some people will type the first long tail keyword and others the second one, but this way you’ll get both on your website.

The Next Step!

Often we’re so busy trying to get subscribers, followers, website visitors etc. that we forget to find effective ways to earn money online. Adsense will get you money, but they’re so many other ways to earn money where you don’t need an audience of 10k people. This is why if you’re interested in earning money online I recommend you take a look at WA-university. Take a look at my WA review and create a FREE Account to see if it’s something for you.


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4 thoughts on “Get Organic Traffic Faster With 13 Simple Hacks!”

  1. These are important pointers about how to get traffic and this is one of the main concerns of newbies. Every new website is like a new shop and it can’t generate income without guests.

    Am wondering how long does the new website get a good ranking on search engines and what factors may hinder that? I have a website that has been in existence for over eight months now and no post has ever ranked well, what might be reason? Any ideas on what I should do?

    • When I hear your website is 8 months old I think your trustrank isn’t high enought yet and your website needs to mature some more with time. In the past you could get that within 6 months nowadays it takes around 10-12 months.

      It can also have something to do with what kind of keywords you’re using and the depth of your content. I’d advice you to take a look at the highest ranking website for the specific keywords you’re targeting and compare your content with theirs. You should be aiming to make content that’s better than their content.

      The last thing I would look into is user experience. Is your bounce rate low? If people who are on your website immediately leave this will send a signal to google to lower your ranking. Ask yourself does your content coincide with people searching information using that specific keyword are you quickly getting to the point in your posts to let people know they are in the right place.


      Don’t just depend on getting high rankings. Become a member of facebook groups in your Niche, personally DM your ig followers to check out your content and use trends in your advantage by linking them to your content to get more exposure.

      I hope this helped 🙂


  2. Hey bro, I definitely found some answer in here that I was searching for. Even question that I didn’t know to ask has been answered with regards to me building my traffic. I would definitely like to try out buzzsumo and conductor to optimize my SEO rankings. There is a lot of other stuff I see that in here that I have taken for granted, for example, facebook groups etc, that I should be taken advantage of.

    I really enjoy this post bro it was very informative and very helpful, especially to newbies such as myself that are looking to build traffic for their website.


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