How to get people to share your content by increasing the shareability

In this post, I’ll be showing you how to get people to share your content.

You’ll learn:

  • Why it’s important that people share your content.
  • 8 different methods you can use to increase the shareability of your content

but for now, let’s start off with…

The importance of people sharing your content

The power of people sharing your content is not to be underestimated. It helps with the engagement of your content, increasing traffic and boosting your credibility.

From an SEO standpoint, it pleases Google that people are referring to your content on their platform which helps with your rankings and as a result get more visitors to your website.

People sharing your content also exposes it to other people that might be interested.

Another benefit is that it creates social proof. If a lot of people are already satisfied with what you offer more people will be inclined to check it out.

The best way to make your content shareable is simply by creating high-quality content, but there are also some technical things you can do to aid in increasing the shareability of the content.

1. Headline optimization

Odd numbers in headlines
According to a study that was published on conductor headlines with odd numbers in it got 36% more clicks than those who don’t.

Make your headlines benefit driven
Try to show people immediately what’s in it for them. If it’s valuable enough for them they will definitely click on it.

Invoke curiosity
Curiosity is one of the most powerful forces you can use to attract readers. That’s why they are used a lot when it comes to clickbait.


  • You’ll never believe what happened next…
  • After reading this you’ll…
  • 5 techniques that get 2x more work done in half the amount of time — without lifting a finger

In the last one, I put all three elements. Try it out!

2. Ask people to share your content

It’s so simple, but for some reason, a lot of us aren’t doing it. In some cases that might be because you don’t want to appear pushy, but if you’ve given a lot of value beforehand there’s no way you’ll be seen like that. A lot of people are willing to share your content they just have to be reminded of it.

3. Publish crazy practical content

There are so many blogs out there that don’t really say anything. 12 ways to blah blah blah it never really goes in depth when it comes to the how. These kinds of post can come in handy if you’re just starting out, but if you need real knowledge to get ahead it just sounds like fluff. To stand out and make people enthusiastic about sharing your content you’ll have to stay away from the fluff and become insanely practical.


Let’s say someone wrote a post called ”three things you need to do to pick up the girl next door” and as tips gave

  • Don’t be Mr. nice guy
  • Dress good
  • Be confident

If you’re shy and you don’t have any experience talking to girls you’ll probably have more questions than answers after reading this.

What if instead of giving these superficial tips you talk about

  • The psychological steps that go into gaining confidence
  • Why being the nice guy doesn’t work and how to not fall into that trap and instead become a guy with strong boundaries that she can actually respect.
  • Etc.

Think about the people you’re trying to reach they’d probably be more happy with a post that actually helps them step by step instead of superficial advice that doesn’t help at all.

4. Use storytelling

Storytelling is a very powerful tool you can use to create more engaging content. People don’t remember raw data easy, but good stories always seem to stick in people their minds. When I was young and I had to do a book report I’d always start with finding out if they made a movie out of the book because I knew it would stick in my mind. After that, I’d read the book.

Every time I got quizzed I could recall the scenes really easy which helped me a lot.

Why not use this to make your content more memorable?

With so much content on the internet, this could easily make you stand out.

5. Use visuals

Not many people are going to refer there friends to a giant block of text that seems unreadable at first sight.
So use visuals to make your content user-friendly, but it’s doesn’t only serve as an aid to better the user experience.
It also can be used as a tool to make your content more comprehensible. The more you work on these things the more value you offer from the reader’s point of view. There are some things you can only explain with visuals.

6. Hook people within the first three sentences

People need to have read your content and see why it’s valuable if you want them to share it.

Nowadays it feels like people have the attention span of a goldfish. If they don’t see within 15 seconds if they can gain something from your content there as good as gone. You need to hook your visitors and you need to hook them quickly.

Which means

  • Get to the point quick
  • Tell them what they will gain from reading/ watching your content
  • How your post is structured
  • Give them proof that it will help
  • What they might lose from not taking your advice

I’d use at least three of these elements to hook people to your content.

7. Curate unique content

Nothing is new under the sun, but there are a lot of things that aren’t seen a lot. Put unique content like that together
and you’ve sort of got something entirely new. People are always more happy with fresh stuff compared to the stuff they’ve already seen.

I’m willing to bet if you have a broken car and they give you the option to fix the car or get a new one. 99% will go for the new car.

Give them the new car!

8. Collaborate with other people in your Niche

New readers might not know you, but they might know other people in the same Niche of who they already shared content on their platform. Collaborating with other people because of this can get people to share your stuff easier. They already trust their stuff so they’ll trust your stuff by “osmosis”.


Optimize headlines to make your content more clickable.
Ask people to share your content to spur them into action.
Publish practical content people are more willing to share incredible valuable information.
Use storytelling to get your content to stand out by being more memorable.
Use visuals to improve the readability of your content
Hook people within three sentences to prevent them from bouncing to the next content creator.
Curate unique content to keep your content fresh and new.
Collaborate with people in your niche to increase credibility and trust.

If any of these tips were of value to you or you have any questions make sure to share and/or leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

That’s all for now.


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