How to improve google ranking with 5 simple seo writing tips

In this post, I’m going to show you how to improve google ranking with the help of 5 simple SEO writing tips.

Nobody knows exactly all the factors Google uses to rank websites, but people on the internet are discussing and trying things out 24/7.

We know google inserted rankings to give their users the best content possible about the subject they’re looking for.

So let’s take advantage of that by googling some websites that discuss this, because if Google is truly about giving people the best content out there than the websites on the first page of these keywords must be on to something.

Here are the results for google ranking factors 2018

These tips are based on two ranking factors I suspect Google uses to rank websites under specific keywords.

  1. Clickthrough rate/ amount of clicks
  2. Bounce rate/ audience retention

Before I started this website I was doing some freelance direct-response copywriting and when I saw these factors my Inner Copywriter immediately came up with a few ideas to boost your ranking through some simple writing tips.

So here are 5 simple writing tips you can use to boost your Google rankings.

On the websites, they were talking about the SEO factor post length. When seeing that it’s awfully tempting to revert to your inner paper writing high school methods and start to talk around the subject and up the word count. Don’t!
People found your page on google because they had a question and are expecting you to have the answer. If you don’t immediately let them know that you’re going to give them the answer the chance of them leaving your website increases
a lot.

Ideally, after that you show them that you can back up your promise by showing them:

1. How you’re going to deliver on your promise

2. Give them the immediate proof of results that have been obtained by using the same method.

Whenever you see an effective sales letter these elements are mentioned as early as possible, because salespeople have known that this has worked for decades and isn’t gonna stop working anytime soon.

Another way to prevent people from leaving your website is through the use of an open loop.
For those that don’t know what open loops are just thought back to one of your favorite series and how some episodes end on a cliffhanger. That’s called an open loop. You can use open loops even within the same page to spark curiosity and keep your reader engaged.

If you know where your readers are likely to lose interest you can place these open loops strategically to make sure your website visitors keep on reading.

As I said before people on google click on your website, because they expect a certain answer for the question or problem that they have. People value their time so let them know as soon as possible that you’re going to deliver by showing that in your meta tag title and description.

It also makes it easier for the ”google bots” to find out what your content is about which also can have an effect on your rankings.

Internal linking if done right can increase audience retention on your website. Combine this with open loops and you have a winning recipe that can be used millions of time to boost the ranking of posts on your website.

Internal linking also has the side effect that it conveys how much confidence you have in your own content. Nobody wants advice from somebody that isn’t confident when giving it.

According to the top websites on Google having a user-friendly website is very important. To contribute to creating a user-friendly website through writing you should try to make your posts as easy to read as possible.

Here let’s take a look at these two texts.

Which one is easier to read…?

I’m willing to bet that everybody that can read would say the left one because it looks less daunting to read. You don’t want you, visitors, to feel like they’ve to do this enormous chore before they even begin with reading.

Ideally you should baby step them through the content. Get people to start reading and they’ll be motivated to read further when they see the little gems of value you sprinkle through your content, but they have to make that first step.

You create these baby steps by breaking up your text as you’ve seen in the picture above. You can do this in multiple ways.

In my old sales letter, one of the ways I used was…


…between the paragraphs. The space in the text between the paragraphs in combination with maybe a different font can do a lot for the reader experience.

As a side note depending on who the quote is from and how it’s used it can also reaffirm the content you’ve been writing about and score points when it comes to credibility in your reader’s mind.

The second way is to use…


…because they differ from the size and sometimes font that you’re using for your paragraphs it causes a pattern interrupt that wakes up your reader and increases the chances that your readers will stay engaged. You can also boost this feeling by using benefit driven sub-headlines.

People are always looking for what they can gain from your content by giving them that in the sub-headlines or reminding them that if they read further they’ll get a specific benefit it will do wonders for their engagement.

So these are a few SEO writing that you can use to boost your rankings on Google.

Now let’s try something new!

I used to have the habit of taking in crazy amounts of knowledge, but never do something with it. I don’t want you to fall in the same trap. So what I want you to do is…

Think about which of these tips you can use to boost your websites Google ranking and let me know by leaving a comment.


There’s so much out there when it comes to SEO and online marketing in general that it sometimes can feel a little overwhelming.
This is why I highly advise you to join communities where you can cut the learning curve without having to spend any money.

That’s all for now!

Hope to hear from you in the future.

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  1. For me, the first point is the one that I’m going to focus on right now. I’ve also been guilty of writing needlessly long and going on and on about things that came up in my mind at that tim. I think it makes sense to quickly give what the reader wants because that’s what I’ve been doing whenever I’m googling for something! Your tips are totally on point!

    • Yeah It’s really tempting to do, but after awhile I realised that if it were me on the other end of the computer screen
      I’d want to know what I’m investing time in before I start reading.


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