How to never run out of blog ideas

In this post, I’ll show you how to never run out of blog ideas.

We’ll be talking about

  • Online sources you can use as inspiration for new blog posts
  • How to validate these ideas to make sure people read them
  • The correct way of writing a blog using this inspiration

Having a blog is probably one of the easiest ways to make money online. You can even turn it into passive income through advertising, affiliate marketing etc.

This is why a lot of people get into it, but I’ve noticed people start and eventually hit a roadblock that causes a lot of people to quit or post less regularly.

Content is key. It helps create trust and increase your rankings on search engines. When it comes to ranking high on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing consistently creating new content is very important, but…

A lot of people run out of blog ideas after a while. I’m no stranger to this problem, but I rarely get a writer’s block nowadays, because I found sources of inspiration that will never make me run out of ideas.

Right now I just spent 20 minutes going through all the sources of inspiration and without trying to have at least 25 new ideas I can use as content for my blog. I’m going to show you how you can do this too.

So let’s take a look at…

How To Never Run Out Of Blog Ideas ever again!

Get inspired by your comment section

Probably the best source you can use to get ideas for content are the comments under your old blog posts. I believe at least 50% of the comments under your posts can be turned into a new blog post.

What makes this so valuable as a content source is that they come from your own audience so you’re directly serving their needs when you create blog posts.

Using their questions as blog posts would be the easiest thing, but you can do the same thing with statements.

I look at this comment and can think of multiple blog posts I can create.

For example

  • The text structure to immediately hook a reader
  • Increase the quality of your content by eliminating unnecessary elements that put your readers to sleep
  • 5 ways to hook a reader by spiking their emotions

Create Microcontent like Gary Vee

Another way that I stole from Gary Vaynerchuk is to make use of what he calls Microcontent. He talks about this all the time in his videos, but for some reason, it never registered until I actually needed it.

What Gary does on his YouTube channels is upload all his keynotes. Some of these are almost two hours long. What he does is chop these up and upload small snippets every now and then.

In every post, we write we talk about a subject and most of the time divide it into sub-subjects. Sub-subjects…. weird word I know but you understand what I mean. The only thing you have to do is expand these and voila… you have a few new blog ideas.

Examples of micro-content based on this post could be

  • How To Effectively Create Micro-Content
  • 5 ( certain niche)blogs of which you can use their comment for inspiration
  • Why consistently creating content helps you with your search engine rankings

Another advantage that comes with doing this is that u can internally link to other pages on your website which increases the time visitors are on your website. Search engines like to see this and might increase your rankings because of it.

Gather Intel like 007 from other blogs in your Niche

Never forget there are other people with blogs in your niche that don’t think the same way you do.

Take a look at what they’re writing about and use that as inspiration to write your own content. Combine that with the last few tips divide the subjects in their blogs into micro-content and read their comments.

Ideally, if it’s possible to take a look at their most popular blog posts and target those for inspiration.

Make YouTube your online consultant

This probably my favorite source to get blog ideas from, because it’s just so easy. You just type in your niche and they’ll provide you with hundreds of videos you can use.

If that isn’t enough every video has suggested videos on the side that are related to the video you’re watching.

Just go to the channel of a youtuber that’s in the same niche, click on his video tab and look for his most popular video.

Get it and track it on Reddit

Reddit is basically a forum on steroids. Everyone on talks on Reddit about everything. There all kinds of Niche groups that go into very deep discussions about their respective niche. You can use this to your advantage, in the same way, I advised you to that with comments.

To go through all those pages can be quite a hassle so I got something for you. It’s called Trackreddit.

Trackreddit makes it possible to monitor all of reddit for a specific phrase of your choice. You’ll get alerted every time someone uses this phrase. This way you can almost passively get provided with new ideas to write about.

Make Google Alerts your virtual assistant

Google Alerts is in a lot of ways just like trackreddit, but it’s free. The only thing you need is a google account and google alert will be one of the apps that’s available. Type in the keywords you want to monitor and every time that keyword is mentioned and found by google you’ll be alerted through Gmail.

Find out what the buzz is all about with Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is probably one of my favorite online tools. Buzzsumo makes it possible to see what kind of content is popular right now.

You can take the subjects of the most popular content in your Niche and use it to write your own content.

As a bonus, you can also see the people who shared these posts. If you write better content than the content on buzzsumo and target it to the same people it’s almost guaranteed to be a hit.

Validate if these ideas are usable by using the Jaaxy keyword tool

Unlike with Buzzsumo, I can’t 100% guarantee that people will read your blog posts using the other methods.

You might get a mention through Google Alert, but it might be an anomaly. To get the odds more in my favor I combine these techniques with keyword research.

If I know people are regularly looking for a specific subject I want to write about, the chances of your content getting read by more people increase infinitely.

This is why I use the FREE Jaaxy keyword tool. You can find out how many monthly searches a specific keyword gets, how many visitors you can expect when you use these keywords and how many competitors are using these keywords.

One Last Thing

Don’t mindlessly copy everything you see else wise you’re going to encounter duplicate content issues which can affect your rankings. I recommend using other peoples content as inspiration and write your own content from your perspective.

I’ve seen two other people talk about never running out of blog ideas. I got inspired by the title and started writing my own post before I even read the post. Afterward, I read their content and got some micro-content ideas I can use in the future.


Now you have enough methods to come up with new ideas for content.

No need to thank me, but what you could do is…

if you’re planning to use one of these methods let me know in the comments.

Apparently having people comment on your content and sharing it is good for my google rankings.

Who knew…… 😛

That’s all for now!


4 thoughts on “How to never run out of blog ideas”

  1. Hi Rogier,

    What a great post! I did some quick research of my niche on YouTube, and I came up with 3 ideas on the spot. 🙂 I don’t know anything about Reddit or Buzzsumo, but both look VERY INTERESTING. Do you need to set up a paid subscription for either of these?

    It seems in today’s world of data overload, there is a broad silver lining – ideas for great content are everywhere and easily accessible. This truly adds another dimension to “Seek and ye shall find.” Indeed!

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Thanks for the kind words Norman!

      Glad to hear you found some success with these tips. For some people it indeed can feel like a data overload, but for people who are into content creation this is heaven. Btw both Buzzsumo and Track Reddit have temporary free plans you can use.

  2. I love this! I didn’t even think to look back at comments and use questions from my readers to make new content, brilliant!

    I have been using Google Alerts but have not utilized them properly I guess. How do you utilize them or keep them organized to write future content?

    • Heey Traci,

      Thanks for commenting!
      I have a seperate account just for the google alerts. I type in the name of who or what I want to follow and messages will get sent to my email. I organize the information I get in my email account.


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