Social Rebel Review: Is Social Rebel Legit or A Scam?

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Over the last few years, I’ve been busy creating reviews about all kinds of online products.

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In this post, I’ll show you absolutely everything you need to know about Social Rebel and after reading it you’ll know exactly if you should give it a chance.

Is Social Rebel A Scam?

Social Rebel Review Overview

Name: Social Rebel
Website: b.k.a.
Founder: Unknown
Product Type: Influencer earning network
Price: Free
Earning Potential: $0
Recommended: No

Social Rebel main page
  • A proven brand that’s been around for +7 years.
  • The company delivers quality features.
  • The company delivers on their promises.
  • Product pricing is reasonable compared to the market.
  • Reasonable startup and maintenance costs.
  • A good compensation plan.


Social Rebel is one of a ring of websites all created by the same people that claim to make it possible to earn money online simply by sharing a social media link or performing tasks on their offer wall.

According to the Social Rebel website, they’re the #1 influencer earning network but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

In reality, Social Rebel is a website that worries me. Read the review to find out why I think that is the case.

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Recommended: No

Social Rebel Video Review

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What is Social Rebel?

According to the Social Rebel website, they call themselves an influencer earning network which makes it possible to earn money by completing surveys, testing out apps, and referring people to Social Rebel.

Ralph R. Lawson and Chad Evans founded Social Rebel in 2018 and are based in The Netherlands and according to their website have more than half a million members spread out over 140 countries.

Sounds good right?

After doing some research I found some things that worried me especially when you compare it to the claims made on the Social Rebel website.

Social Rebel claims:

  • Social Rebel has +550K users over 4 continents
  • Social Rebel has 1M+ Shares since its launch
  • You’ll get a $50 sign-up bonus
  • Affiliates receive $2 when referrals click their link and $20 for every sign-up.
  • No minimum cashout for its users

How does Social Rebel work?

You can supposedly win money with Social Rebel by following these 3 steps:

1. Join
Go to the website and create an account.

2. Share or complete tasks & Earn 
After creating an account you’ll be directed to their dashboard where you can find your referral link. You can start inviting people to join Social Rebel (similar to affiliate marketing) and you’ll earn $2 for every click on your link and $20 for everyone that signs up.

You can also go to their task walls and complete tasks to earn money.

3. Get paid
Get paid out with PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, or Bitcoin.

The problem with these 3-steps is that while going through Social Rebel I found out that none of this is actually true. I think this website is part of a ring of scam websites that are being used to steal people their information. Read below to see what I mean.

An inside look in Social Rebel

Here's video showing all the features you find inside Social Rebel after you sign up.

Who can benefit from Social Rebel?

The only group that benefits from SocialRebel are the people that created this website. It’s almost impossible to meet the requirements to earn enough money to cash out.

Social Rebel Red Flags

Red Flag #1: Timeline doesn’t add up

On the about page, they have an entire timeline of how Social Rebel started. The problem with this timeline is that it says that Social Rebel was created in 2018. You can easily find information about most websites on WHOIS websites and here’s what I found.

WHOIS information Social Rebel

The Social Rebel was created 2021-11-23 which means they’re lying about their history as a business which is a huge red flag in my opinion.

Red Flag #2: No social media presence

Since Social Rebel claims to have more than 550K members you’d think it’d have a social media presence. I have been reviewing “make money online” opportunities the last 3 years and I literally found this existed a week ago.

They say Social Rebel has more than 1M shares but I don’t know on what. It definitely isn’t on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. I have seen some Social Rebel groups but they have specifically been made to warn people that Social Rebel is sketchy.

Red Flag #3: Fake Payment Proof

The website shows a lot of screenshots of people getting paid by Social Rebel but when you start looking at them closely you’ll notice that none of these screenshots make any sense.

An example of that is the screenshot right here. According to the screenshot, this member got paid in 2020 but the website was created in 2021.

Social Rebel Fake Payment Proof

Unless the people at Social Rebel can time travel (and if you can let me know. I’m trying to buy some bitcoins) this is definitely fake payment proof.

Red Flag #4: Fake Founders

On the website, they mention the team behind Social Rebel. They don’t have any pictures but the names are there with the roles they have in the company. I honestly believe that the track record of the founder says a lot about the company.

If the founder or CEO has a history of being shady I think that should be a factor to consider before investing time in the company. In this case, I can’t find anything about the founders or the employees.

Under the names of the team, you also see some social icons but these icons don’t direct you to their social media accounts. When you hover over the URL you’ll notice that these are share buttons with text fixed on them saying that you joined Social Rebel and just earned $50.

I can’t confirm if they exist since they don’t have social media profiles and they don’t have a Linkedin account. It’s not uncommon for business owners to not want their face on the internet but most of the time they do still have a Linkedin page.

In my opinion, this is definitely a red flag.

Red Flag #5: The Business Model doesn’t make sense

No company that knows what they’re doing would pay you $50 for basically doing nothing. Social Rebel claims they’ve more than half a million members. That’s a lot of money you’re losing. There’s no way you can sustain such a model long term.

You’d probably go bankrupt in less than a month.

Red Flag #6: This looks like a clone website of scam sites I reviewed in the past

The copy on this website is exactly the same as multiple websites I have reviewed in the past. They all claimed to:

  • be the #1 influencer earning network
  • be based in The Netherlands
  • Have a $50 sign-up bonus

Websites such as use2earn, tap2earn, Next cash, Earncashto, etc. all turned out to be scam websites.

Red Flag #7: Cashout does have a threshold

One of the claims on the Social Rebel website was that there was no threshold for cashing out. This isn’t true because the moment I signed up to take a look at the Social Rebel dashboard I came across this.

Social Rebel road to cashout

Not only do you have to earn at least $220 but you also have to invite 5 people, get 15 clicks, and perform 5 tasks from the offer wall which all ask you for your information before you can complete the task.

How exactly does Social Rebel Scam you?

That’s the most important question.

At first sight, it seems a bit weird to call it a scam website because you can join for free but it definitely is a scam.

There are a lot more ways to scam people than take their money. I’m not 100% sure but I suspect Social Rebel is selling the information of their members. It’d explain why they encourage people to refer more people with ridiculous bonuses they’ll never get.

Companies will pay a lot for information about their potential customers because it makes selling their products easier. Social Rebel “pressures” people to give their information by making it impossible to earn money without giving your information.

My Personal Take

In my opinion, there are too many red flags. Most of the claims and statements they made on their website are all lies. The website also looks exactly like at least a dozen other scam websites I have reviewed over the year.

The website all have the same origin story, claim to be the #1 influencer network, and are full of untrue statements. I do like the design of the website but other than that I wouldn’t invest a second of time on this website with the goal to make money on it.


Is Social Rebel legit or a scam? Social Rebel is definitely a scam. It’s 1 of multiple scam websites floating around the web with identical copywriting. They make false claims, present false payment proof, link out to sketchy websites to perform tasks, and it’s almost certain they steal information from their users to sell to companies.

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