What Is Timebucks About? Opportunity or Waste Of Time.

Welcome to my Timebucks review.

You probably came to this page because you wonder if Timebucks is legit or a scam.

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Over the last years, I’ve been busy creating reviews about all kinds of online products.

Some turned out to be fake other were legit ways to make money online but in the process I learned how to spot scams. 

In this post, I’ll show you absolutely everything you need to know about Timebucks and after reading it you’ll know exactly if you should give it a chance.

Timebucks Review Overview

Name: Timebucks

Website: Timebucks.com

Funded by: Australian Clearing Pty Ltd

Product Type: “Get-paid-to” website
Earning potential: $4 – $250

Price: Free to join

Rating: 7/10

Timebucks sign-up

Timebucks is a website that pays you money in exchange for doing tasks such as surveys, playing games, doing captchas, and more.

The website is legit but keep in mind that while you can win big money prizes most people earn pocket money on the platform.

Rating: 7/10
Similar to: Swagbucks

Recommended for: People looking to make pocket money online 

About Timebucks

Timebucks is what people call a “get-paid-to” website. In other words, it provides people with the opportunity to make money in exchange for doing simple tasks. 

According to the website, Timebucks was funded by the Australian Clearing Pty Ltd. It was founded in 1975 and acts like a proprietary company in the line of investments.

I couldn’t find anything about the actual creator but through the WHOIS information I did find out that the website was created on 4-18-2014 and the current IP location is in California USA.

WHOIS Timebucks


  • Free to join
  • A lot of methods to make money
    Besides surveys, you can make money playing games, signing up for websites, watching YouTube videos, and more.
  • Cashout through trustworthy platforms
    Cashout is done through paypal which is a trustworthy platform.


  • Low Earning Potential
    Most members earn $10 - $8 a month while investing a lot of time.
  • Possibility your email will get spammed
    Some tasks require you to give out your information to other websites that can 
    email you.

Who can benefit from Timebucks

Who would benefit from Timebucks:

  • People looking for pocket money online
  • People that enjoy doing surveys
  • People that enjoy playing online games.

Who shouldn’t invest a lot of time in Timebucks:

  • People looking for a full-time income online.

How to get started with Timebucks?

1. Sign-up on Timebucks.com
You can join time bucks by registering at their official website. You can do this manually by giving your name and your email address or you can sign-up with Facebook.

Timebucks sign-up

2. Complete your profile
After signing up, you’ll be directed to the dashboard. You’ll get a notification that asks you to complete your profile after which you get full access to the platform. 

Timebucks Profile

3. Complete tasks
The moment you have completed your profile you can start doing tasks such as playing games, doing surveys and more to earn points or money.

Timebucks tasks

4. Cash Out
After reaching the threshold you can cash out weekly.

Timebucks cashout

Ways to make money with Timebucks

The moment you get into the earns section of Timebucks you’ll be provided with multiple ways to start earning money. Below I have listed all the ways you can make money with Timebucks.

1. Surveys
Timebucks has a large number of surveys at their disposal for you to complete. The survey area even has a filter option just in case you’re looking for surveys from a specific website on their list.

For every survey, you’ll need to be screened beforehand to see if you’re part of the target audience needed for the survey.

This means you don’t have a 100% guarantee that you’ll be allowed to do every survey. 

Average pay per survey: $2 – $1

Timebucks survey area

2. Clicking on links
In the content section, you can earn money by clicking on links and viewing content.

Timebucks has a timer that’ll keep track of how long you’re viewing the content and based on that determines how much money you earn.

Average pay per click: $0,002 per 60 seconds

Click on links

3. Sign-up
Here you’ll get paid to sign-up for different websites and do whatever task is asked of you. Most tasks take a max of 5 minutes but you’ll get 10 minutes to perform the task required.

Average pay per sign-up: $0,040

Timebucks sign-up for websites

4. TikTok
Create TikTok videos in exchange for money. The area isn’t ready to be used yet. The moment it is I’ll update this section and add the average pay per TikTok video.

5. Videos
In the video section, you’ll get paid to watch videos.

Most of the time these are ads that people want you to watch but sometimes you can get paid for watching video tutorials about things that are useful in real life.

Average pay per video: $0,011

Timebucks videos

6. Refer
This section is dedicated to Timebucks its referral program where you can earn money by referring people to Timebucks. I’ll go further into detail about this later in the review.

Timebucks Referral link

7. Offer walls
A wall full of offers you can choose from to make money. You click on an offer and follow the instructions and you’ll earn money. Most of the offers will give you instructions to download games and play them.

Average pay per offer: $0,50

8. Roll
Roll reminds me of slot machines. You click on Roll and you’ll receive a number. Based on which number you receive you’ll earn money. Here’s a table explaining how much money you earn with each number.

Timebucks Roll

In the list of winners, I haven’t seen anyone make more than $1. Might want to keep that in mind before you get your hopes up.

9. Captcha
In this area, you can earn money for completing captchas. There is also a competition where the one that completes the most captchas earns a $0,10 bonus.

Timebucks captcha

10. Vote
Vote on “would you rather” quizzes and get money for it.

Average pay: Hard to determine

Timebucks would you rather

11. Engage
Watch YouTube videos in exchange for money. This can be done passive which means the video just has to be running be you can do other things while watching the videos.

Average pay per 10 videos: $0,01

12. Sweepstakes
Weekly sweepstakes where $300 will be divided under 30 participants. Take a look at what you can win.

Timebucks weekly sweepstakes

Time Bucks One-Time Cash Offers

Aside from the tasks on time bucks, there are additional methods to make money. These aren’t recurring methods but you can get a few cents out of it.

  • Completing your profile, $0,10
  • Liking their Facebook page $0,01
  • registering domains, $0,10
  • uploading a promotional video, $3,00

TimeBucks Referral Program

It is also possible to earn money with the Timebucks referral program. You’ll get a commission based on how much your referrals are earning on Timebucks.

There are levels to the percentage you can earn. Here’s a picture explaining the levels of the Timebucks referral Program.

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How Much Can You Earn On Timebucks?

Answering that question isn’t as easy as adding some numbers up. A few things prevent calculating it in that way such as:

  • The availability of surveys in your country
  • The screening process before surveys
  • The availability of offers on the wall in your country
  • Approval of Youtube promotional video

This is why I’m just going to sketch-up an imaginary scenario and based on the average of the best and worse scenario so you can decide for yourself if it’s worth it to invest time in Timebucks.

First, we’ll look at the things anybody can make money with regardless of where they’re from. 

The one-time offers. 

Aside from the YouTube promotional video all of these tasks can be done in a few minutes.

This is $0,21 that can be earned easily for the one-time offers.

Now let’s look at the leaderboards of the tasks to get an idea of how much people are making on Timebucks.

For those that know what a leaderboard is, they’re list showing the highest-earning users on the platform.

Captcha: 0,109 + 10 cent bonus
Surveys: 01,17
Content: $0,038
Sign-ups: $1,343
Videos: $0,14
Offerwalls: $0,40
Roll: $10 ( Leaderboard postition #1 made a dollar
Sweepstakes: $250

The best-case scenario will have you winning somewhere around $264 but you’d have to be extremely lucky to get to this point.

Most people will be somewhere around the $8 if we take out tasks depending on luck such as roll and sweepstakes.

Here are a few users commenting about the earning potential of Timebucks on Trustpilot.

Timebucks comment 10 dollars monthly
Timebucks comment legit but slow money

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My Personal Take

As far as “get-paid-to” websites go, I like Timebucks. You can see that a lot of effort is put into this website to turn it into an actual platform where the members can even communicate with others through the live-chat function.

The majority of reviews of time bucks are also very positive on Google and big review websites such as Trustpilot. 

Trustpilot Timebucks

If you want to make pocket money in a relatively short time, then this is a good place to be.

Personally, I’m more interested in making a bigger amount of money online but I can see this working for a lot of people.


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That’s all for today. If you have any questions or you just want to show some love
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