1K A Day Fast Track Review — $400 Per Sale With Simple Template?

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Welcome to my 1K A Day Fast Track review.

You probably came to this page because you wonder if 1K A Day Fast Track is legit or a scam.

No need to worry you’re in the right place.

Over the last year, I’ve been busy creating reviews about all kinds of online products. Some turned out to be fake other were legit ways to make money online but in the process I learned how to spot scams. 12 Minute Affiliate is one the websites I reviewed.

In this post, I’ll show you absolutely everything you need to know about 1K A Day Fast Track and after reading it you’ll know exactly if you should give it a chance.

1K A Day Fast Track Review Overview

Name: 1K A Day Fast Track

Website: Thefasttracks.com/1k

Founder: Merlin Holmes
Product Type: Done For You Affiliate Marketing

Price: $997

Rating: 7.8/10

1k a day fast track logo


1k A Day is a 6-week course that’ll teach you how to make affiliate commissions from ClickBank with the help of a system Merlin Holmes created.

The system itself does work but you have to take into account that after buying the product you’re still going to have to invest money in PPC marketing (buying ads).

It is also important to know that 1K A Day has ownership of the websites you create with their hosting, domain names, and templates but every commission you make is 100% yours.

Rating: 7.8/10

Similar to: 12 Minute Affiliate, Digi-Funnel labs Pro

Recommended for:
People that have a marketing budget for PPC.
People that don't mind not having full control of their website.

The Founder of 1K A Day Fast Track

You can find out a lot about a product by looking at the track record of the founder. In this case, that is Merlin Holmes.

merlin holmes

Merlin Holmes is the founder of 1K A Day Fast Track. I couldn’t find a lot about him on Google but I did find some information on his Linkedin Page. 

According to his Linkedin page, he’s been active in the online marketing space for at least 16 years. In 2004, he started Rockstar Marketing Inc which is still active today. 

This is all the information I have been able to find about Merlin Holmes aside from some pictures of him speaking at a ClickBank account.

How does 1k A Day Fast Track work?

1K A Day Fast Track is a 6-week affiliate internet marketing program that’ll teach you how to make money online using a system that Merlin Holmes came up with.

The system follows a 4-step process that Merlin used to make money by promoting affiliate products.

1. Find affiliate products
2. Ask for people their email address
3. Gather people interested in affiliate products
4. Get Paid by receiving affiliate commissions 

4 step process

What does the 1K A Day Fast Track Program look like?

The 1K A Day Fast Track program is divided into 6 weeks in which they teach you Merlins system for earning affiliate commissions with the help of 2-page websites, PPC marketing, and email marketing.

  • In the first week, you’ll learn the theory around the system and you’ll get a chance to use the bonus 2-page website Merlin gave away.
  • The second week is all about creating the foundation for your website. You’ll learn how to create accounts to monitor your commissions, do simple product research on ClickBank, and create the basic website. 
  • The third week is all about execution. You’ll learn how to create the polls that are going to be used to capture emails and you’ll put them on your website.
  • In the fourth week, You’ll learn about automating the process by creating funnels with automated emails that’ll be sent to all your email subscribers.
  • The fifth week is about creating ads that’ll get clicked on. You’ll learn the science behind what makes people click on an ad.
  • The sixth is about planning for the future. How are you going to scale and make more money? In this weeks module Merlin will also share more methods that you can use for your PPC marketing campaigns.
1k a day 6 week schedule

How do you get traffic with 1K A Day Fast Track?

1K A Day Fast Track isn’t a product that’ll guarantee you free traffic. You’ll make use of PPC marketing a form of marketing where you place ads on ad networks and have to pay a small amount for every time someone clicks on your ads.

Most people use Google Adwords for their PPC marketing but at the moment you have to pay around 1 dollar per click which is expensive.

This is why Merlin works with less popular ad networks which are a lot cheaper per click ( They often do have fewer people on the network so take that into account).

You’ll still need a budget for your marketing but it’s less than what you’d need if you’d use Google Adwords.

How Do You Convert Traffic into Commissions?

It all starts with converting the traffic you directed through PPC marketing into email subscribers. The most standard practice to do this is by giving website visitors something for free in exchange for their email address. According to Merlin, this is the wrong way to build your email list.

wrong steps list

Merlin makes use of polls that are geared towards the audience interested in that subject and the affiliate product he is promoting. People can get the answer to the poll in exchange for their email address.

How The Polls Are Made

Step 1: Take the Headline of the selected affiliate product 

headline affiliate product

Step 2: Turn it into a simple question for your poll

Turn headline into a question

Step 3: Insert it into the poll template

Insert into poll

The moment he has their email address the website visitors will be placed in a funnel that offers affiliate products. The moment someone buys a product you’ll get a commission based on how much they spent.

How To Get The First $400 in 1 Sale

As a bonus, Merlin will set you up with the exact 2-page website that he says he has used to make $13K a day. The promise of getting that first $400 is based on using this website to make money.

You’ll still have to use PPC marketing to direct people to the 2-page website. This means of all the money you make only part of it is the real profit.

bonus 6 400 dollar ad pack

Who can benefit from 1K A Day Fast Track?

Who would benefit from purchasing 1K A Day Fast Track:

  • People interested in making money online with PPC budget
  • People that want to make money without learning the ins and outs of making money online
  • People that don’t want to make their own sales and communication funnel
  • People that don’t mind that they don’t have full control of their business

Who shouldn’t purchase 1K A Day Fast Track:

  • People that don’t have a budget to invest in marketing
  • People that want full control over their online business
  • People that want to learn the ins and outs about making money online.

Pros and Cons of 1K A Day Fast Track

  • Pros
  • cons
  • Limited control over your business
    1K A Day Fast Track is an income generator, not a business that you own. You don’t have a say in what happens. If they’d ever go into a direction you don’t agree with or they’d stop providing services there’s nothing you can do about it.
  • Can only pick competitive niches
    1K A Day Fast Track lets you pick out of multiple niches which is a good thing but most of them are very competitive making it harder to get traffic as cheap as less popular niches.
  • Expensive
    $997 is in my opinion too expensive for a product like this. It eliminates a very large group of people that might be motivated but don’t have the money to purchase this product.

1K A Day Fast Track Price

How much does 1K A Day Fast Track cost?

1K A Day Fast Track costs $997. At the time of writing this, there are no payment plans available for 1K A Day Fast Track.

The reason Merlin chose to refrain from payment plans is that he says he only wants people that are heavily invested in the program so he knows that they’re going to put in the work.

Alternate payment option

If you live in the US there is another method you can use to pay for 1K A Day Fast Track.

You can use something called PayPal credit. PayPal credit will give you the option to get 1K A Day Fast Track immediately but you’ll have to pay the full price of $997 after 6 months.

payment method 1K A Day Fast Track

100% Money-back guarantee

1K A Day Fast Track does have a money-back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the results of the first 30 days Merlin will refund all your money. 

Since the product is also on Clickbank they’re obligated to uphold Clickbanks refund policy if they want to keep promoting 1K A Day Fast Track on ClickBank.

1K A Day Fast Track Bonuses

1K A Day Fast Track Bonuses

The moment you purchase 1K A Day Fast Track You’ll get access to 6 bonuses you can use to help you with making money with Merlin Holmes’s 1K A Day Fast Track system.

Take a look at the picture underneath to find out what you’ll get when you purchase 1K A Day Fast Track.

full 8 bonuses 1K A Day Fast Track

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My Personal Take On

It definitely is possible to make money online with 1K A Day Fast Track. The theory about why it works checks out. 

The $400 with one sale in the first week guarantee is a bit of an exaggeration.

Is it possible? Yes, but looking at some of the templates and their copy you’re going to have to adjust things a lot to get a conversion rate high enough to get $400 that quick. 

You’d also have to pay for ads to get people to the templates so you’d have to deduct that from the revenue to find out how much profit you make.

Things I like about 1K A Day

1. The 1K A Day Poll system for building your list
I like the polls that they use to get people to sign-up for their email list. If you can direct the right people to the poll I can imagine a lot of people signing up.

Here's an example of the polls that Merlin that Merlin portrays in his webinar.

poll example

2. The automated email funnel

I also like the funnel with automated emails that they have created. 

The moment somebody in your email list declines your first offer other value giving emails will be sent that’ll eventually direct you back to the offer after showing more of what makes 1K A Day Fast Track great.

Things I don’t like about 1K A Day Fast Track.

1. You don’t have full control of your business. 

What do I mean by that? 

You don’t have the freedom to pick any product or niche you want to promote in exchange for affiliate commissions. Most of the niches you can choose can get you a lot of money but are very competitive which means you’ll pay more per visitor click.

I think a lot of value could’ve been added to this product if they also put the focus on helping people get organic traffic because not everyone has the budget to use ads.

Done-for-you products have a great advantage in that you don’t need to learn anything about making money online to start but you have to rely a lot on them functioning properly.

If something would happen to 1K A Day you’d instantly lose your source of income.

2. 1K A Day is Too expensive for most people

I also think the product is a bit overpriced. I don’t know a lot of people that could afford this product.

Most people I know that got into online marketing did it because they didn’t have any money. I do see a lot of value in this product but I wouldn’t spend $997 on it.

That being said I appreciate the honesty Merlin Holmes portrays in saying upfront that your earning are based on your marketing budget.

I have reviewed a lot of products in the past that lied about this and left people with a mediocre squeeze page, an empty wallet, and no way to get people to their sales page.

1K A Day luckily isn’t that. You can make money with this product.


Product rating

Is 1K A Day Fast Track legit?

After doing extensive research I've come to the conclusion that 1K A Day Fast Track is Legit.

I thinks it's legit because:

  • They offer realistic methods to get traffic to your website.
  • 1K A Day Fast Track is honest about the downsides of the product (see cons).
  • The founder doesn't have a sketchy reputation.


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18 thoughts on “1K A Day Fast Track Review — $400 Per Sale With Simple Template?”

  1. I agree with you, Rogier. With what you get from this system, it is over-the-top expensive. I’ve actually never been a fan of “done-for-you” methods because you’re never in complete control of the business and you’re never the real “boss”. Once they stop updating the training or the sales materials, you’re screwed!

    Additionally, I think it’s better to learn about the audience first using free traffic so that you’re not risking your money. Advertising definitely works, but in my experience, you have to experiment with what ads convert best which costs money. Only then can you scale what works to make the big bucks.

    It looks like there’s no training within 1K A Day Fast-Track to make use of SEO or free traffic from the search engines, which I think is one of the highest converting traffic that you can get. That’s a bummer!

    Thanks for this review, as I was looking forward to much more because of the price, but it looks like there isn’t much information for an intermediate marketing within the program.

    • Hey Reyhana. 

      We are definitely on the same wavelength when it comes to the downsides of this product. People are too quick to jump to doing PPC marketing because you immediately get traffic but you’re wasting your money if you don’t know if it’ll convert.

      Overall I do like their approach to marketing this product. They’re honest about the work you have to put in and the money you’ll have to invest to succeed with 1K A Day Fast Track.

  2. The 1k a day fast track does seem legitimate and as you mentioned, a lot can be deduced from a program, especially one of this magnitude by checking out the creator’s track record. Holmes is no doubt a seasoned marketer and that, I’m sure, helps even more.

    But I think this program is not for everyone. Granted, there are people who want to make a quick buck now and then, but they’ll still need to invest heavily.

    I do, however, like the concept of using polls as a lead magnet. That’s brilliant.

    Thanks for sharing 

    • Hey Leo.

      Thanks for commenting. 

      It’s crazy how often I come across a product that seems legit but then you look up what the founder did in the past and notice that they are shady.

      The polls are the main reason I rated this done-for-you product this high. I’m definitely stealing that the moment I’m going to scale the earnings of this website with PPC marketing haha.

  3. Real digital Success looks wonderful for people who don’t have time to set up their online businesses or people who haven’t got time to learn how to build a sustainable business on their own, and simply people who can afford the high price tag and have an advertising budget.

    I personally prefer putting in the hard work to build a business from the bottom up and I like to choose the products that I promote on my websites, so even though this offer looks quite tempting, I think I will go the other route.

    • Hey Michel. 

      I think you mean “1K A Day Fast Track”. Real Digital Success is the name of my website. I do agree with the notion that being able to choose the products you’re going to promote is a better way to make money online.

      This way if you choose to promote your own products you can do that without any problems. I do think it a good program for people that don’t mind having not having control over their website. 

  4. Greetings Rogier,

    As a beginner in online marketing, I found your content very valuable in educating me about the services of this company.

    Many like me can easily fall prey to these offerings not knowing crucial details such as the extra costs for PPC needed after getting the training.

    I looked around our site and saw other informative material.Therefore, I will make sure to subscribe so that I am the first in line whenever a new article is made available to readers.

    That way, I am certain not to miss anything.

    Thank you for your due diligence in making it possible.