2018 Tai Lopez’s Social Media Marketing Agency Review!

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This post is a comprehensive 2018 Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency Review.

In this post i’ll discuss:

    • WhatTai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency course is.
    • Pro’s & Cons
    • Who this product is for
    • Tools & Training
    • Support
    • Price
    • My personal take on the course


Social Media Marketing Course

Name: Social Media Marketing Agency Review
Website: SMMA website
Founders/Owners: Tai Lopez
Price: $997 ( or paying 4 monthly payments of $299)
Overall ranking: See end of post


Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency Course, product overview

The Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing course is an online training geared towards people who want to earn money online through creating a social media marketing agency. When I hear Tai Lopez talking about it the end goal is to automate all the processes in your agency and create a semi-passive income.

The good & the bad


pro #1 Multiple teachers
Tai Lopez brought in multiple people with proven track records in business to give their perspective.

pro #2 Crazy amount of video content
This isn’t some program with 5 videos of 20 minutes with superficial content. The amount of educational content is crazy and I’ve even heard some saying they were kind of overwhelmed by it which in my opinion is not a bad thing.

pro #3 Money back guarantee (120 days)
No info program exists that is perfect for everybody. You might not like the methods or even change your mind when it comes to making money through creating a social media agency. The 120-day money back guarantee makes this a risk free purchase.

The bad:

Con #1 Price not everybody can afford it immediately
There is a financial barrier of entry when it comes to this program. A lot of people (not everyone) that are attracted to making money online don’t have that much money.

Con #2 There are still extra costs like registering your company
The $977 dollars isn’t the money that you’ll spend. Just like any other business you’re going to have some sort of financial investment in it.

Who is the product for?

  • Everybody interested in earning a living online through starting a social media.
  • People who want a passive income which makes it possible to travel the world.
  • People without prior knowledge about social media and building a business.
  • People who can afford the product and the extra expenses that come with building an agency.

Tai Lopez SMMA tools & training

  • Video Modules
  • Multiple teachers

The things Tai Lopez goes over in this course

  • How to get your first $1,000/mo client within the first 30 days.
  • The correct way to use free videos to help build a highly-engaged audience
  • Automating your social media marketing to save time
  • How to set up a new social media marketing agency without prior experience (they’ll provide you the forms, links to legal documents, contracts, and how-to instructions.)
  • How to set up different tiers of packages for your clients.
  • How to choose a name for your company, buy a domain, and creating a simple website that attracts clients
  • They’ll show you the best equipment to use for social media marketing
  • How to come up with a good name for your agency
  • How to make any business interesting
  • They’ll teach you how to set up email marketing funnels that are ideal for small businesses
  • You’ll learn how to become an excellent communicator that knows how to speak to business owners, and negotiate win-win agreements
  • How to spot a profitable niche
  • How to find clients
  • The best way to track the performance of your social media marketing
  • The exact business template Tai would use if he were to start over from scratch
  • Access to a private Facebook (members only)
  • Creating mutually beneficial collaborations between social media influencers and small businesses
  • The best way to create a part-time agency that brings in $1k-$3k a month, or a full-time agency you can scale into 6- or 7-figure a year business
  • How to use quizzes to attract new leads for a business
  • How to set up social media sales funnels for small businesses
  • How to create engaging social media content with increased shareability
  • How to apply these principles for creating a social media agency to your business, so you can avoid the cost of outsourcing

The program consists of multiple modules with different themes all lasting a month.

Tai Lopez SMMA Support

The program provides support in the following ways:

Support team
They make sure help is available 24/7 through a support team set up that you can email or call whenever you have a problem or a question.

private Facebook
Once you’re a member you’ll get access to the Tai Lopez social media marketing agency private Facebook group in which it is possible to connect and mastermind with people on the same journey. This can drastically cut your learning curve.

Tai Lopez SMMA pricing

The cost of the program $997, but if you can’t afford that there’s the option to do monthly payments.

You’ll have to do 4 monthly payments of $299.

My personal take on Tai Lopez SMMA

A lot of people know Tai Lopez from his here in my garage social media ad and his 67 steps program. If you watch his videos you’ll know he never talks about how he amassed his wealth and because of that a lot of people think he might be a scam artist.

No matter what you might think of him he’s social media following is huge and he also has videos with people like Mark Cuban and Gary Vaynerchuk who have very high credibility and know how to spot scam artists. For me

I’m here to say even though this program is kind of expensive it’s well worth the money. The sheer amount of theory videos within the program makes it more than worth it. What I like the most about this program is that even though he has a huge social media following he includes other people with proven track records to put in their 2 cents.

Tai Lopez SMMA overall overview

Name: Social Media Marketing Agency Review
Website: SMMA website
Founders/Owners: Tai Lopez
Price: $997 ( or 4 monthly payments of $299)

Theory: 9/10
Support: 8/10
Training: 8/10

Overall ranking: 8.3/10


On the accusation of Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency Course being Legit I find the program GUILTY!

The Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency Course is legit!


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That’s all for now!

Until next time.

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