2019 Jarvee Review — Can It Give You Exponential Social Media Growth?

This is a comprehensive Jarvee review. I’ve put this review off for a while to be honest because I despised Instagram accounts that use liking and unliking as a growth strategy but I found out Jarvee is so much more than that. It took a lot of complaining from a certain friend but I finally took a look at it and I’m now going to tell you what it’s all about.

Let’s get into it!

Wondering if…

  • Jarvee is worth the money?
  • it’s valuable for people with and without experience in social media marketing?
  • Jarvee is Legit?

Good News!

In this post, I’ll be sharing:

  • what Jarvee is
  • what the pros and cons of Jarvee are
  • who can benefit from using Jarvee
  • what kind of tools and features Jarvee provides you with
  • what support Jarvee provides
  • how much Jarvee costs
  • what my personal take on Jarvee is
  • And more

RealDigitalSuccess.com presents the…

2019 Jarvee review

Name: Jarvee
Website: Jarvee.com
Founders/Owners: Adam Briggs, Erica Brown
Price:$19,95 —  $69,95
Overall ranking: 8/ 10

Jarvee, product overview

The best way to describe Jarvee is to say that it’s a social media automation tool that let people share content on all big social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and more all from one screen. Some of the features on Jarvee reminds me of online tools such as Hootsuite and Agora Pulse but what they consider their main features are different.

One thing I have to include because I’ve been having some misunderstandings when I talked about Jarvee with some friends. Jarvee is run from your computer. You sign up on your computer and after that, you download the Jarvee software.

The Good & The Bad

The good

Pro #1 Scheduling content
Jarvee makes it possible to decide when your content is going to be released. This makes it possible to create a social media campaign to set it on autopilot and focus on other things while Jarvee is uploading your content.

Pro #2 Follow/Unfollow function

Jarvee can look for people that are interested in your niche on social media platforms and follow them as a sign to let them see your account exists. The moment they don’t follow you back you set the bot to unfollow them.

Pro #3 Everything can be done from one display

Jarvee eliminates the need to switch between social platforms for posting your content. Everything is done from Jarvee which also saves a lot of time.

The bad

Con #1 Can’t be run while the computer is off
Letting the bot follow and unfollow people is a very powerful tool to get more followers. I might not like it personally but it works. The ideal would be to let the bot keep doing that 24/7 but in most cases that isn’t possible because it can only run while your computer is on.

Con #2 Not available for Apple computers

Although I’d recommend Jarvee for almost everybody that want to grow their social media following or wants to automate their content posting, I can’t. Jarvee only works on computers with a Windows operating system.

Who is Jarvee for?

Jarvee is made specifically for growing your social media followings but that doesn’t mean it’s for everybody that want to grow an audience.

You should not buy Jarvee if:

  • You’re not willing to create content consistently.
    There’s a huge group of people that are under the impression that the only thing that’s necessary for creating a large following on social media is to use a bot that follows accounts in your niche and unfollow everyone that doesn’t follow back but you have to understand that the place you’re sending them to has to be active otherwise it’s just a waste of money.
  • You’re in the possession of an apple computer
    Jarvee doesn’t work on Apple computers. It only works on Windows OS.

You can benefit from Jarvee if:

  • You’re a content marketer
  • social media marketer
  • you have a small digital marketing agency
  • you have a large digital marketing agency
  • solopreneur
  • entrepreneur
  • you just want to grow your following
  • want to save time on switching between platforms
  • you want to automate when your content gets uploaded

Jarvee tools & training

Post Scheduling
Post scheduling makes it possible to decide when your content will be posted regardless of which social media platform you plan to post on. This makes it easier to take into account times when engagement is at it’s highest during the day.

Instagram Automation
IG Tool designed to boost your Instagram growth.
Follow, Unfollow tool
Auto repost, like, and comment
Hashtag research
Find targeted users
and more.

Facebook Automation
Auto-hashtag keywords
Campaign insights and statistics
Find Targeted groups and pages
Auto-invites people to your group or events
Auto-reply to messages
and more.

Pinterest Automation
AutoFollow, Follow Back and Unfollow
Auto-Repin and Comment
Watermark your pins
Add video pins
Create Pinterest boards without leaving Jarvee
Follow back
Add pins from your RSS feed
and more.

Google+ Automation
Auto-find, Join and UnJoin Groups
Auto Follow and Unfollow
Take all actions as Branded Accounts
and more.

LinkedIn Automation
Auto-find, Join and UnJoin Niche Groups
Auto-View Profiles
Invite Friends to Groups
Campaign statistics and insights
join-unjoin groups
Automated Actions
and more.

YouTube Automation
Watch Video
and more.

Other features
Import content via RSS
Publish only unique posts by using Spin Syntax
Discover new content with advanced Scraping tools
Auto-hashtag keywords in your posts

Jarvee Support

The Jarvee blog consists of articles that will teach you about social media marketing in general. They have posted about Facebook marketing, Instagram Marketing, Pinterest marketing, and more. It’s definitely a source you can take advantage of even if you don’t have Jarvee.

Video tutorials

Jarvee has a video tutorial series to help you with getting the most out of Jarvee. You can find the videos on their website and are available for everyone even if you don’t have a paid plan. The lessons are simple but have a lot of information about using Jarvee the right way.


Instagram Authority Guide
A free Instagram marketing guide that promises you if you use the steps you’ll get your first 10.000 followers in four months.
The IG authority guide consists of:

  • 8 chapters about setting up an account and coming up with a marketing strategy.
  • 11 quizzes to test your knowledge
  • 70+ lessons about growing your account
  • Lessons to teach you to make full use of automation.


The knowledge base contains articles about Jarvee that can help you whenever a problem arises. They’ve all been categorized and if you help in a specific subject you can use the search bar to look for related articles.

Jarvee price

Jarvee has three price packages that you can purchase:

  • Starter, $29,95
  • Professional, $69,95
  • Premium, $99,95

They also have a free trial for all 5 packages.

My personal take on Jarvee

The “me” from three weeks ago would be so mad to hear me say this but my entire outlook on Instagram automation software changed from reviewing Jarvee. The fact that you can manage so many social media platforms and automate the process of putting up content in an effect is hard to ignore.

Where I thought the bots would decrease the quality of content on social media it actually gives people more time to focus on creating more quality content.

I’m also very impressed with the support content they provide. Most online tools have websites with blogs but most of the time they post mediocre content once every 2 months maybe. At Jarvee they post high-quality content on a consistent basis. The free IG authority course is also very valuable for people that don’t know how to come up with an effective IG marketing strategy.

I’ve had people disagree with me but I think the price for Jarvee is pretty cheap especially since you’re building an audience that you could possibly put on your email list and make money from. In my opinion, that’s worth the price because everybody knows the real money is in the list.

Jarvee overall overview

Name: Jarvee
Website: Jarvee.com
Founders/Owners: Adam Briggs, Erica Brown
Price:$19,95 —  $69,95
Overall ranking: 8/ 10


The jury of Real Digital Success finds:

Jarvee an excellent social media automation tool to help with growing your following

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That’s all for today. If you have any questions or you just want to show some love leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

I’d also love to hear from you if you used Jarvee before. Let’s discuss or experiences in the comments.

See you at my next post!

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4 thoughts on “2019 Jarvee Review — Can It Give You Exponential Social Media Growth?”

  1. I think out of the two of Jarvee’s Cons, one can be ignored for the Pros…for now. That is the not turning off when gadget goes off.Still on the bright side, a lot of people like social influencers are looking for things like this bots to auto-run minor activities on their accounts like auto follow back or like, searching hashtags, etc. So I think Jarvee is great in this way.But my only concern is, if Jarvee isn’t compatible with Apple, how do they intend to be used by top influencers and rich users? This particular disadvantage seems too big to ignore because this is where I think the bulk of Jarvee’s biggest target market lies.How long will it continue to be incompatible with Apple?If they really intend to grow, I think they need to fix this.In synopsis, Jarvee is a great product.

    • hey Sammynath, 

      Thanks for the comments. I think it depends who they’re targeting. The big influencers already have a large following for the most part and I know in a big part of Europe Windows is way bigger than Apple. Most software at schools and companies where I’m from for example use windows, not apple. I do think they’re missing out on a big audience though. Perhaps in the future, they’ll make a version for Apple computers.


      Rogier | Real Digital Success

  2. Hi Rogier! I understand the great impact social media can have on our online business. I also know that publishing on social media is time consuming. One thing is to create content, useful interesting content. And a totally different thing is to share that content on social media. There comes a point were doing both is extremely burdensome. And that is where Jarvee can come in and give us a hand. Thank you very much for this review.

    • Yeah, I thought at first that the social media automation tools would kind of ruin the social media experience but I see that depending on who is using it, it can be a very handy tool.

      Rogier | Real Digital Success


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