2captcha Review — Legit Typing Job Or Just Another Scam?

Welcome to my 2captcha review.

You probably came to this page because you wonder if 2captcha is legit or a scam.

No need to worry you’re in the right place.

Over the last year, I’ve been busy creating reviews about all kinds of online products. Some turned out to be fake other were legit ways to make money online but in the process I learned how to spot scams. 2captcha is one the products I reviewed.

In this post, I’ll show you absolutely everything you need to know about 2captcha and after reading it you’ll know exactly if you should give it a chance.

2Captcha Review Overview

Name: 2cpatcha

Website: 2captcha.com

Founder: N.A.
Product Type: Data Entry Job

Price: Free to join

Rating: 6/10

2Captcha logo

2captcha is a website that makes it possible to earn money by solving captchas and referring people to their website. Users are divided on if this website is legit. 

While a handful says they have never received their payments it has +2000 positive responses on social media.In my opinion its not worth the time since you earn $0,2 per 1000 captchas

Rating: 6/0

Recommended: No

The Founder of 2Captcha.com

After hours of research, I couldn’t find a lot about the founder of 2captcha. I tried multiple social media platforms and all I could find were official pages of 2captcha of which some were neglected ( I can’t hold that against them though I haven’t been active on Linkedin for a good 3 months). 

There are somethings I did find out after some discussions with some people of my review website group and looking at the WHOIS information of their website.

2captcha WHOIS information

WHOIS information of 2captcha.com

The website was created on April 22nd in 2014 and is currently registered by someone that lives in Denver, Colorado. The website itself is currently on a server that doesn’t reside in the US though.

2captcha.com is on a Russian server. Some of the examples in the training also used Russian letters so it’s safe to assume that the creator of the website does have a connection with Russia or is Russian but has lived or is living in the US.

How Does 2Captcha Work?

2captcha is a website on which you can test your captcha or earn money by solving captchas used by websites. For every captcha, you solve you’ll earn money which you can cash out after solving a certain amount of captchas. The process of making money on 2captcha.com involves four steps.

Registering for 2captcha is free of charge. You just need to fill out a form and they immediately create an account for you that you can use to earn money.

2Captcha register page

2.Receive training 
To make sure the captchas are showing the right images on websites the captchas have to be filled in incorrectly by the captcha members. This is why you have to go through their training to learn how to fill out the captchas correctly.

2captcha training lessons

3. Start working
The moment you finished the training you can start earning money immediately by filling out captchas. The captchas are the same types as the captchas shown in the training.

The only difference is that there’s a time limit on how long you can stay inactive while filling out captchas.

2Captcha job

4.Request Payout
The moment you reach the threshold for being able to get paid out you can request a payout on the payout page.

They can send your earned money through several methods such as Webmoney, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, etc. The only noticeable method that was missing is PayPal.

2captcha request payout page

Who can benefit from 2Captcha

Who would benefit from 2captcha.com

  • People that just want some pocket change

Who shouldn’t join 2captcha.com

  • People that want to make a full-time income online
  • People that want to make a stable side-income online

Pros and Cons of 2Captcha

  • Pros
  • cons
  • Earning potential is low
    The current rate is $0.2 per 1000 image captchas. This means you’ll have to spend an insane amount of time to make real money which most people don’t have.

2Captcha Features, Tools, and Training

2captcha.com’s Captcha Training 

To make sure you don’t fill out captchas the wrong way 2captcha has created a training that you’re obligated to participate in before you can start earning money. 

This training focusses on teaching you the proper way to fill out captchas by giving you 40 captchas to fill in. They add advice about how to fill out every captcha first followed by the same type of captcha but you have to fill it ut without them giving you hints.

The training consists of teaching you the differences between normal letters can cap in situations where text on the image captcha is corrupted. It also teaches you when to use spaces between words or letters correctly and when you should ignore certain letters in captchas.

2captcha training

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2captcha’s Software catalog

2captcha encourages website owners that use 2captcha’s image captchas to add their website/software to their catalog. This catalog is accessible to everyone that’s a member of 2captcha which means you can get a lot of leads and download software from the catalog.

2Captcha software catalog

2captcha Statistics

On the 2captcha statistics page, you can find information about how your performance. There’s an overview that contains information about how much you’re earning, how many captchas you have filled in, and information about your referrals. 

You can also find general statistics about the captchas on the website. You can find statistics about the average bid per captcha, the time it takes to load captchas, and more.

2captcha statistics

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Referral program

The referral program makes it possible to earn money without filling in captchas. I haven’t tried to make money with the affiliate program but according to the website, you get 10% of your affiliate earning which are based on the money your referrals spend on the website.

My Personal Take On 2Captcha

2captcha.com delivers on its promise, It’s indeed possible to make money on the website by filling out captchas. The training you go through before earning money is really good. I learned a lot about filling out captchas correctly and was able to start right away after doing the training. 

Some things don’t make 2captcha ideal for a lot of people. If you want to make some pocket change and you have a lot of time I can imagine you could make a little bit of money but if you want to earn an income 2captcha isn’t the way to go.

It took me 10 minutes to fill out 50 captchas (loading speed is low) and for every 1000 solved captchas, you get $0,2.

This means it’d roughly take me more than an hour and a half just to make 20 cents. I don’t know about you but I could earn a lot more doing other online endeavors.


Product rating

Is 2Captcha legit?

After doing extensive research I've come to the conclusion that 2Captcha.com is Legit.

  • You can earn money on the website
  • The training is good
  • My only gripe is that the earning potential is low
  • Based on how much time you have to put into it just to make $0,20 I can't recommend 2captcha.com if you want make an income online.


    2Captcha might not be ideal when it comes to making money online but there are other products out there with which you can make a lot more money in the same time.

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    That’s all for today. If you have any questions or you just want to show some love don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

    See you at my next post

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    26 thoughts on “2captcha Review — Legit Typing Job Or Just Another Scam?”

    1. The major bone of contention here is the fear of unknown owners of the business, it can be really dangerous to engage in businesses that doesn’t have someone to refer back to for complaints and all, 2captcha is really shady. I believe when a lot of time is invested into a business, it should pay you with something reasonable, it not so here and this means that it doesn’t meet the requirement we need. Thanks for this useful info.

      • I agree with you about the fact that not knowing who the founder is, poses a risk. 

        I personally don’t have a big problem with the pay rate because the job itself is so simple but with so many other options out there to make money I think this one is definitely not worth the time.

    2. Hugh. It looks very hard to earn some money with this program. Honestly, it doesn’t look attractive to me and I was thinking about leaving the comment or not. I am glad you have presented the opportunity which is now more clear.

      There are indeed many good opportunities and ways to make money online out there.

      However, it is always useful to get some other insights as well.

      Thanks for sharing this info,

      • Hey Igor.

        I agree you should always look at multiple opportunities to find out what fits you and once you find it just stick to it till the end. 

    3. Very good review on this platform. I find your review very in-depth and detailed on the platform and I also acknowledge the fact that you had to do some extensive research to make this. The platform loos great but the possibilities of making much from it is very slim considering the fact that one will have to spend so much time on it. Nice work you put in here.

      • Hey Henderson, 

        Thanks for commenting. It is indeed incredibly hard to make a lot of money with 2captcha but I did just talk to someone that makes $50 a day but I can’t even imagine what his day must look like to spend that much time on 2captcha.

    4. I got into a transcription job that was something like this a few years back. It was via a platform called Rev. The pay rate was incredibly low and, after trying to produce content at higher and higher rates for several weeks, I ultimately determined that the potential hourly earnings just didn’t merit the amount of time I was putting in. The fact that you can’t be paid through this site via PayPal is a big red flag for me. Also, what do you think this site is doing with all the solved captchas? I’d think that they’re obviously keeping them in a database and it makes me worry a lot about cybersecurity considerations…

      • Hey Tucker. 

        Thanks for the comment. The Paypal thing really caught me off guard and did make me take a closer look at what exactly they were doing at 2captcha. From what I have heard they sell the captcha as a service to websites that don’t want bots to ruin their opt-ins for email marketing.

    5. Thanks for a great review on 2captcha. Anytime users are divided on whether or not a product is legit has me leaning toward the side of caution. It’s good to know that joining 2captcha will amount to pocket change. Time is money when we’re talking online marketing, and knowing where to spend one’s time (and money) can be invaluable. Your alternative in Wealthy Affiliate is outstanding and readers would do well to check out your links further. Great review and keep up the good work!

      • I agree. 

        Time is limited so it should be well spent and in the right place. Wealthy Affiliate has done a lot for me so I’m not afraid to recommend it to anyone that’s interested in making money online.

        Thanks for reading and commenting.

    6. The actual truth is that the site is really time consuming. I can earn as much as .50$ a day. Its not quite a big amount, yes but for all the website I’ve joined they are the one who pays and much better. I really want to do freelance but no one hires me. So this place for me, is a place to perhaps start on something. They pay low and are time consuming but they are legit. and for me websites that pay is always legit. I will check the alternative you provide too.


      • Hey Jordan!

        $50 a day is a lot for just filling out captchas but I could imagine that leaves you with less time to promote your freelance business. Have you tried offline marketing? 

        This might sound counterintuitive to do but it can be really effective. Starting with friends and family and go on mouth to mouth marketing until you have enough social proof to attract people online.

    7. I had no idea that there was actually a 2captcha website … I always found the 2captcha so annoying when you are logging in to a website and you are prompted to check the boxes with traffic lights or zebra crossings, or whatever else it can be. And you don’t even get paid for that. The rate per captcha on the 2captcha website is ridiculously low, so I wouldn’t even sign up for that. Like you said, it takes ages to make any money there … While the training may be good, the earning potential is way too low …

      Thank you for this honest review!

      • Hey Christine, 

        Thanks for the comment. It indeed is annoying filling out captchas but it can be a lifesaver when it comes to email marketing. It’s crazy how many bots try to get into my email list filling up spots.

        I won’t be using it but I did learn how to fill out captchas the proper way thanks to their training haha

    8. Quite a simple means of making money and I like the steps involved before one can make money because it’s not tedious. Being someone who have always loved making cool cash from an online business and which I am working on making a better one, I don’t think being a member of 2captcha would help me make my required money. Best regard

      • Hey Benson. 

        I agree. The difficulty of the tasks isn’t high at all so I understand why the pay rate is so low. It’s just the amount of time that it takes that makes me think other methods are better.

    9. To be realistic, 2captcha is not worth the time at all because there are lots of really lucrative businesses out there that are safe and productive to invest in. The aspect of not knowing the owner of 2captcha is to be considered serious, it determines how good the offer is going to be because when something goes wrong, there should be someone to be referred to for explanation, then when there’s none, it leaves the members vulnerable. It’s going to be a bad idea to be a part of 2captcha. 

      • I don’t know about that. As long as there’s a customer service team I’m fine with not knowing the founder of a company. To this day I don’t know who the founder of Nike is but I still wear their shoes. My problem lies more with the amount of time you have to invest and the value you get for it in return.

    10. Wow, the pay to do this is very very low and it is not encouraging enough for one to join. The good thing is that they actually do pay and one does not need to pay for anything to get this job done. I will share this with those that I think might be interested. Working with 2captcha and making that money will take a very long time actually. Nice work here!

      • Hey John, 

        Thanks for commenting on my post. The pay is indeed low but the complexity of the tasks is low so I can kind of understand where they’re coming from. The only people I would recommend this too are maybe people in their early teens that want a quick buck.

    11. To some, this is a worthy platform but to my needs and wants, this is simply another waste of time and I will not be willing to waste my time over platforms like this again. the reason is that they offer very little and to make anything meaningful here, one would have to work for longer hours and I am not ready to do that much only to earn peanut. thus, I will like to channel my effort towards better offers. Though they are legit but then, I have issues with the payment.

      • Hey Shelley, 

        To each their own. I don’t see myself filling out captchas the entire day but there are that are willing to do that but I can’t even imagine what their workdays must look like.

    12. 2captcha offers both the good and the bad. It s very possible to make money and it is also possible to really not make anything worth while. I see no reason why I will fill 1000 captchas just to earn a few cents. This is just a pure waste o time and energy. The fact that the ownership seems shady is not encouraging too. So, I’d prefer to just stay off. Thanks

      • Hey Bella, 

        I do agree with it being both good and bad. They deliver on their promises the only problem is that it’s not a high-quality value proposition for most people that want to make money online.

    13. Well! to kickstart the discuss here about 2captcha, I feel that any meaningful and trustworthy platform should be a pride of the owner and not the kind that they are offering here. For me, this is really great to see and well worth checking out. The only problem I have with this is that, filling captcha seems more like filling surveys too which may end up being a waste of time and energy. Thus, I feel it is not worth trying out.

      • Hey Ramos, 

        In a lot of ways, it’s indeed like filling out surveys but there are some people out there that value services like this for some reason. There’s someone that commented that he earns $50/day which is mindblowing to me. That’d mean you’re probably filling out captchas the entire day.


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