7 Awesome Ways To Get Paid For Coloring

In this post, I’m going to share with you 7 ways to get paid for coloring. 

Yes, you read that right! 

I’m talking about coloring. 

That thing you used to do for fun when you were a kid. We’re going to look at how coloring and coloring-related activities can put money in your pocket. 

I’ll also show you examples of people that are earning money by doing activities related to coloring. So if you are the artsy type or you’re looking for simple methods to earn money this is the post for you. 

Now let’s get into it. 

1. Get paid to color apps

Nowadays you can find get-paid-to apps about anything and coloring doesn’t seem to be an exception. It took me 30 minutes to find a few apps that pay money for you to color pictures or sell color pictures. 

It took me a while to review them and I’ll have the individual reviews published soon but for now, I want to leave you with these apps.

Before you get all excited I have to add that these apps aren’t going to help you earn a full-time income.

They’re meant to earn a bit of pocket money so you can maybe go to the theatre every 2 months or grab a coffee. 

Here’s a list of the apps that I found that pay money for coloring pictures.

This app isn’t specifically made for coloring images but you can create color pages and sell them on this app for $10 per page and keep 50% of the earnings. 

Get paid for coloring foap app

Tap Fill Arts
This app is specifically made for coloring pictures from your mobile phone. I’m still in the middle of reviewing this app so the judgment is still out on this app. 

The moment they officially send money to my Paypal I’ll adjust this part of the post and add a link. Until that happens sit tight!

Mistplay is a normal get-paid-to app that you can make money with in exchange for doing tasks that gather information.

The tasks consist of surveys, downloading apps, playing games, and coincidently coloring pictures.

Get paid for coloring Mistplay app

You can make money with this app but I do have to warn you that the earning potential just like the other apps is extremely low.

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2. Create color pages and sell them on Etsy

Creating color pages is a great way to make money online if done properly. 

I have seen people earn up to $5000/ month selling color pages for adults and kids. You might think creating color pages is a lot of work but they can be made within 30 minutes with the right tools.

Here’s a short explanation of the 4-step process that you can use to create color pages and start selling them on Etsy. 

1. Acquire interesting images
The first option would be to get a camera and take pictures of interesting events, people, or objects. 

The second option for people like me that absolutely suck at photography would be to download images from stock websites such as Pixabay and use these as the base for your color pages.

2. Download the Colorscape app
This is a mobile app that turns normal images into color pages. The app has a 3-day free trial but after that, you’ll have to pay $69,99 per year for a subscription. 

Get paid for coloring color scape app

3. Print out the color pages
After creating the color pages, you’re going to print these out so you can start selling them on platforms.

4. Create an Etsy account and add it to their listing

Etsy is an online store where you can sell vintage and handmade products. You can sign-up for an account and after that add your color pages to their listings.

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3. Sell color palettes on Etsy (without any experience)

When I first heard someone bring this up as a method for making money online I didn’t believe them.

After looking at some online shops it turns out that people are actually purchasing color palettes for all sorts of things such as business branding, website design, and more. 

If you can bring it to the attention of the right audience this might be the easiest way to earn money I have ever come across. 

So how do you create a color palette without having any experience? Let me give you an easy 4-step process to follow.

1. Acquire images with colors you like
The first option would be to get a camera and take pictures or you can choose from stock photos on pixabay.com.

2. Import the image into CSSdrive.com   
CSSdrive is a website that you can use to upload pictures from which the colors in the image can be extracted. CSSdrive will create the palette for you.

get paid for coloring cssdrive

3. Export the palette
After the palette is created you can export it and you’ll receive the code for the color palette. 

4. Sell on Etsy
Now that you have the palette you can sell it on Etsy. Dependent on how many colors the palette consists off you could sell for $6 but you could also go up as high as $30.

4. Create coloring books and sell them on Etsy.com

This is more or less an expanded version of the second strategy I recommended. 

You start by using the same method I used in strategy 2 to create color pages only this time you make multiple them. 

It’s important to choose a regular occurring size for the page because that is going to be important later in the process. 

You also have to make sure to leave the back of the pages blank for the hard copy. This way if people use the wrong markers of which the ink goes through the paper it doesn’t ruin the next page.

Get paid for coloring etsy colorbooks

After that, you have to use a PDF binder to combine them all. There are a lot of free PDF binders that you can use if you Google them.

You’ll also need to create a cover for the book or hire someone on Fiverr to create one. 

The only thing left is to create hard copies to sell physically or sell them on Etsy. 

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5. Start a Color YouTube channel

This method takes a bit more work than most of the other methods I have mentioned but its earning potential is also a lot higher because you can monetize it in multiple ways.

You’ll have to start by building an audience but as soon as you’re a little established you could combine it with Affiliate marketing, AdSense, selling hard cop color books, selling supplies, sponsored content, etc.

Get paid for coloring jazza studios youtube channel

As a youtube, you’ll primarily make videos about art supply reviews, tutorials, and other educational information. 

I remember when I studied architecture I constantly was googling to find markers cheaper than those of the brand Copic without having an extreme drop in quality. 

Since every website that sells marketers claims they’re the best seeing someone test them while coloring would’ve added a lot of value. 

There definitely is a market there.

6. Sell Coloring books on Amazon KDP

Etsy is not the only place to sell coloring books. 

You could also sell the books through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. It’s a great method for selling coloring books because the platform provides you with all kinds of tips to promote the books. 

Get paid for coloring amazon kindle direct publishing

The only thing you’re going to have to take into account is that you need to get approval from the platform before you can publish it on the website which usually takes somewhere around 72 hours.

7. Create art and sell it on Saatchi art

Saatchi Art is one of the finest art-promoting platforms online. They’ve sold over 1.4 million artworks during their time. 

A bit more than coloring pictures is required to earn money but if you have a passion for painting or drawing I’d suggest you give it a shot.

Get paid for coloring Saatchi art website

That being said, not everyone can apply for Saatchi art. There will be a screening that takes place but after that, you can start earning money by drawing and painting.

Examples of people that get paid to color

Making money with coloring might’ve sounded ridiculous when you read the title but I hope by reading this article you slightly changed your mind about what is possible. 

To add some more context I thought it’d be cool to give you some examples of people earning money using the methods I just mentioned. 

Kasey Golden

Kasey is a YouTuber that focuses on creating artistic content for young adults, old adults, and ghosts. I focus on watercolor illustrations.

Here’s a video where she makes color palettes with the pencils she bought. You could easily do something similar and direct people to a company that has an affiliate offer for the pencils.


Rin from drawing wiff waffles is also a great example of what you can do with coloring in the drawing niche. She draws and colors all types of things and earns money with them at the same time.

Jazza Studios

Jazza is also a great example for seeing how you can create a platform around coloring. He mostly does speed painting but he also does reviews and tutorials.

Here’s the video I wish I saw back when I was at Uni about Copic marker alternatives.

Final words

So that’s all for today.

I gave you some short-term options for earning money with coloring and gradually went to methods that take a bit longer to become profitable but have a high earning potential.

Coloring is a niche that you can make a lot of money with but you have to be patient in the beginning. Stick with and I’m sure you’ll succeed. 

I hope you got some value out of this article and I see you in my next post.


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