How to find keywords for website ranking.

In this post, I’ll show you how to find keywords for website ranking. It’s arguably one of the most important factors in targeting search engine results pages and getting indexed correctly.

We’ll be talking about:

  •  Why you want your website ranked
  • How Google works when it comes to ranking
  • How do you find the best keywords for SEO
  • Variables you have to take in account when using keywords
  • My free Keyword research tools for you to use

Now let’s get into it!

Why do you want your website ranked?

Whenever you are looking for something you type a certain phrase into a search engine.
Let’s say you type basketball into the search bar. A list with thousands of websites will appear.
If you’re like me or most people you rarely check the second page let alone the third and further. This is why you should aim for getting somewhere on the first page of Google.

The higher up you are in the results, the higher the chance that somebody actually clicks on your
website. The more visitors you have the more money you can make from it.

With the hundreds of thousands of websites on the internet, you might think it’s impossible to actually get on the first page. I’m here to tell you’re dead wrong. With some strategy and technical support, you can get ranked on the first page of google relatively quick!

How Google works

Every keyword you type in google has a list with websites that have built their content around
that keyword. Sidenote a keyword doesn’t have to be just one word it can be several.

A lot of people that have no experience with SEO (search engine optimization) just make a website and without further thought assume it will show up on google and everybody will find it. A few months later they begin to realize that it isn’t that easy to get website visitors.

Google bots (as I call them) go all over the internet and if they find your content and it’s of quality they’ll index and rank it on their search engine. They do this for millions of websites, but that doesn’t mean the list for every keyword has the same size.

This is where good strategy and keywords can make you triumph. When you’re new and you don’t have your own audience it’s tempting to go Google Adwords and just look at the most clicked keywords and just use them, but it’s hard to get a lot of traffic from those keywords. What you should be aiming for is what I call the low hanging fruit. Go for keywords that are less popular. It’s easier to get ranked on the first page for those keywords.

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How do you find the best keywords for SEO

You can use the Alphabet soup technique
The alphabet soup technique is a technique you can use to find new keywords, Niches, and content ideas.

How does it work?
Ever heard of google instant search it’s what Google uses to suggest keywords while you’re typing.
The function I used to think was the most irritating thing in the world turns out to be one of my most
treasured functions now.

Google instant search gives suggested keywords when you type something. This on itself isn’t that special, but what’s really cool about it is that they base the keyword suggestions on their popularity. Everything they suggest has been used by millions of people to find what they were searching for.

The Alphabet soup technique uses that to its advantage. Let’s say for example you type in basketball.
Multiple suggestions pop up. All these can be used as keywords.

You can go even further by typing different letters from the alphabet. Let’s say you get 5 suggestions for each letter. That’s 1825 results that you can use for keywords, content ideas or as a niche for your website.

Another option could be…

Q&A websites

Q&A websites are websites where you can post a question and when somebody on the site
knows the answer they can post it. Examples of Q&A websites are, Yahoo Answers &
There are a lot more of these websites, but I think you can get enough data with just these three websites.

The same rule as Google applies here. If people are asking about it, it means there’s an interest in it and will probably be a profitable keyword.

Let’s use the word basketball and see what comes out.

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Variables you have to take into account when using keywords

Not all keywords are created equal. Even though the alphabet soup method and the Q&A websites
are very good tools to find keywords they don’t provide you with enough information to discern profitable keywords beneficial for you from those beneficial for others who might have larger websites that get ranked faster.

This is why you’re going to have to do some extra research for these variables:

How many other websites are trying to get ranked for the exact same keyword?
This will heavily influence your chances of getting ranked on the big search engines.

Amount of clicks in a specified set of time
How many times has the keyword been searched? This will also give you a little insight
into how many people could be expected to visit your website if you use a certain keyword.

Your chance of ranking on the first page of the keyword
When you take in all these and many more factor you can get insight into what your chances
are to get ranked for a certain keyword.

There are more factors, but these are the main ones.

For this, I use the…

Keyword research tool Jaaxy

To get exact numbers without using a research tool is quite a hassle and can take forever
especially with how much information is out there. To save me time and headaches
I use the Jaaxy Keyword tool.

Jaaxy is a keyword research tool that can be used to find all these variables and more.

Examples of using the Jaaxy research tool 
Let’s say we use the keywords we found with the alphabet soup technique.

Voila! These keywords are ready to be used in your content.

All the variables that would probably take maybe weeks or months to gather are at your disposal
within seconds. It can also come up with related keywords, help you with brainstorming for
new keywords and many more things you can read about in my 2018 Jaaxy review.

A tip* for the people that have new websites. Make sure the QSR which shows how much competition
you have for a keyword is under the hundred and the avg is somewhere around the hundred.

Let’s say one of these less popular keywords delivers you 25 people a month and you use multiple
of these keywords in all your content eventually it’s gonna add up. As you get more traffic you can
try using keywords with more competition and work your way up.

BTW. The Jaaxy keyword tool is free. You can try it out here and see what you think of it.

Need some extra instructions about how to use it click here.

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That’s all for now.

See you at the next post!

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