How to get ranked on google and get more website visitors — 2018 SEO for beginners guide!

In this post I’m going to show you how to get ranked on google with the help of a view tips.

I’ll be talking about:

  • The most important thing to focus on
  • How to optimize your title & meta tag description
  • How to make friends with google
  • The correct way to use keywords.

You can watch it all in this video

If you’re more into reading I got everything written out right here.


In this video I’m going to show how to rank #1 in google and get more visitors on your website as a result.

These tips are based on the state of the internet in 2018 and immediately applicable especially for beginners.

Google has admitted indirectly that they use some of these factors to rank websites in google.

I’ll be giving you a few useful tips I got from people like brian dean & Niel Patel you can instantly use to get noticed by google so they rank your website.

Getting ranked on the first page of google is hard!

In the past it was really easy to get ranked with the internet not being as crowded as it is now you just had to insert some keywords into your content and before you know it voila you’re on the first page. With the emergence of keyword stuffing and the amount of people starting to post content online the criteria for getting ranked online had to change.

So here are a few tips you can use to get ranked in google in 2018!

Tip 1: Focus on content

Google uses something called Hummingbird to focus on the quality of content on websites.
Hummingbird is looking for content with depth. There are is too many websites that give the same shallow information.
Google tries to give the best quality content to their users so if you post content that the user can use immediately you’ll get ranked higher.

let’s say you’ve created an article called 5 ways to impress the girl next door.
Saying stuff like being friendly, don’t be creepy, find the courage to make the first move is all true, but
it’s too shallow and will probably not convince you to actually go up to her.

What if we went in depth into all these things like the psychological aspects of building self-confidence, Why it’s easier for some people, how to get yourself in an emotional state where words just flow out your mouth.

This is content that’s actually useful and this is what google is looking for.


Tip #2: Optimize title tag and meta description

When you type something into google you get to see the website name, some line behind it and a description underneath.
This is called the title & meta tag. It’s the first thing people see when your website shows up on google.

Make sure the tag shows how visitors can benefit from your website and explains what you can
expect if you visit the website.


Tip #3 :Use google plus

Get on the good side of google by posting on their social platform.
Where I’m from we don’t use google platform, but it’s really hand for getting your content ranked.
The moment you post on google they notice that which increases the chances that they’ll look further and rank and index your other content.


Tip #4: Aim for low competition keywords

For the people that don’t know google ranks you under certain keywords by looking for those keywords in your content. With keyword research tools you can find out how many people search for certain keywords in a specific time frame. You can even find out how much people would visit your website if you put these keywords in your content.

An example is the jaaxy keyword tool.

A lot of people that don’t know what they’re doing try to aim for the popular keywords, because if you rank for them you get the most visitors.

If your new to seo forget about that.

There’s no way you’re going to rank on the first page for these keywords. Go for the low competition keywords.
You might get fewer visitors, but using multiple of these will eventually stack up.

My advice when inserting keywords is not to go overboard. Hummingbird will see that and will not rank you high.
Just put the keyword in the title and the first paragraph of your post and that should do it. The text should flow correctly and not be an unreadable piece full of keywords.


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