Is Remotasks Legit or a Scam? It’s Not For Everyone.

Welcome to my Remotasks review.

You probably came to this page because you wonder if Remotasks is legit or a scam.

No need to worry you’re in the right place.

Over the last 3 years, I’ve been busy creating reviews about all kinds of online products and websites.

Some turned out to be fake others were legit ways to make money online but in the process, I learned how to spot scams. Remotasks is one of the products I reviewed.

In this post, I’ll show you absolutely everything you need to know about Remtasks and after reading it you’ll know exactly if you should give it a chance.

Remotasks Review — Is Remotasks Legit or a Scam?

OverviewRemotasks main page

Name: Remotasks
Founder: Alexandr Wang
Product Type: Micro Jobs for money
Price: Free to sign-up

Remotasks is a website where you can perform “micro” jobs in exchange for money. In my opinion, it’s one of the most professional micro job platforms I have seen since I started this website.

Depending on the difficulty of the jobs and your accuracy you can earn more money. After reviewing the website, I have come to the conclusion that Remotask is good for a very specific group of people.

Read the review to find out why I say that and for who it is.

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Recommended: Yes but it’s not for everyone

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What is RemoTasks?

Remotasks is a website that is tasked with gathering data from its users to create artificial intelligence systems. They gather the data by letting their users do “micro” jobs in exchange for money.

Remotasks according to its WHOIS information was founded in 2017 and is currently based in San Francisco. Remotasks is part of the company Scale Labs created by Alexandr Wang that sells this data.

Remotasks whois information

They have worked with businesses like Etsy, Paypal, Samsung, and Airbnb

Remotasks is a legitimate business but if it’s something you can benefit from I’ll discuss it in detail later in this review.

How does RemoTasks work?

1. Sign-up
You go to their website and sign up for free using their opt-in form. What’s important to know is that they’ll ask you for your phone number to confirm your sign-up.

2. Learn and Get Certified
After signing up, you’ll be directed to their training center to do their basic training modules. Remootasks is in the business of selling data for AI use so it’s important to them that the jobs are performed correctly.

You’ll do a basic training module that explains what kind of tasks you can do on the website and how you can do them. The second module is about cybersecurity. In this module, they talk about what kind of behavior is expected of their users.

After that, you also have “Bootcamp” courses to qualify for each individual job which begins with an explanation of what the task entails and an exam at the end. You’ll get three chances to succeed in the exams.

3. Work
After you have done the training you can start performing jobs and start getting paid. There are different types of jobs that all differ in the level of difficulty but I’ll talk about that a bit later in the review.

4. Get paid
The moment you have reached the payment threshold of $5 you can get paid through Paypal.

remotasks how does it work

Remotasks rules

Remotasks helps companies gather data for their AI systems which means you’re handling delicate information that isn’t for everyone’s eyes. This is brought up in their cybersecurity awareness course that you’re obligated to do before you can start performing tasks.

Here are the general rules they expect you to follow:

  • Never make copies of the Remotasks data
  • No posting data on social media
  • No screenshots
  • Have private settings on when working
  • Don’t leave your computer when logged on to Remotasks

They have a few other rules but I think you get the gist. The moment you don’t follow these rules you’ll get banned from the platform.


Who benefits from Remotasks?

Who would benefit the most from Remotasks:

  • People looking for pocket money
  • People with a high attention span
  • People with an eye for detail
  • People that have a lot of time on their hands (at least 1 or 2 hours daily)

Who shouldn’t invest time in Remotasks:

  • People looking for a full-time income online.
  • People with a low attention span
  • People that are a bit negligent in nature
  • People looking for a long-term income solution

Pros and Cons


  • Variety in “micro” jobs
  • Professional website
  • Performance-based earning


  • Cashout is only possible with Paypal
  • Have to invest time in training before tasks
  • Low-income ceiling
  • Verification with mobile phone number
  • Not all tasks can be done on every device

RemoTasks Jobs

If I could describe in two words the jobs that you perform on Remo tasks I’d use the words “data labeling”. You’re pointing out as they’d say in their training objects of interest in different formats such as video, audio, and pictures.

Here’s a list of the actions you’re going to perform should you become a Remotasks user.

Image Annotation:
Determining what type of object is in an image by drawing a shape around it.

Determining an image type with the help of keywords.
Image transcription:

Transcribing content that is placed in images.
Data collection:

Collecting information from the internet
Audio transcription:

Transcribing audio files into text for people to read.

You’ll do these actions based on 3 types of tasks:

  • Audio tasks
    Transcribing audio
  • 2D Tasks
    Annotating images
  • 3D Tasks
    Annotating Lidar and Radar data.

The Audio and 2d tasks are relatively simple and can be done within minutes (even though you’ll have to spend time qualifying for them).

The 3D tasks are a bit more difficult and can sometimes even take multiple hours but they pay the most. This is why I think having a high attention span is a plus on this platform.

They intentionally mention in the basic training course that you don’t have a lot of time to stick to the 2d and language jobs because you need to finish the job to get paid and the 3d tasks require a lot of time.

Accuracy level needed for jobs on Remotasks

I also want to address the level of accuracy that will be asked of you when doing these tasks, because this is the biggest factor aside from the type of job to maximize your earnings.

The best way I know how is to share some visuals.

The security awareness guide on Remotasks is very strict about making screenshots of what goes on in Remotasks so I thought I’d make my own pictures to show you basically what lengths they go through when it comes to accuracy.

As you can see here this is basically how you’d do image annotation. You just draw a shape around the object they pointed out.

Remotasks example 1

This is where accuracy comes into play. How big the shape is around the object matters when it comes to how much money you can make.

In the first exam, they gave me an 80% accuracy because the lines of the shape were a few millimeters wider than they would’ve liked them to be. Here’s the difference between what I drew and what was expected.

Remotasks example 3

When working with images I’d advise you to zoom in a lot to get the lines of the shapes as close to the contours of the object as possible if you want to make the most money.

How much can you earn?

In the Remotasks training, they mention that you can earn up to $400/ month.

This however is in an ideal situation where there are enough tasks on the platform, you put in the maximum amount of time, and you perform the tasks with 100% accuracy.

Calculating how much you can earn is difficult but you can make an estimation depending on different factors that come not to play.

  • The difficulty of the job
  • The accuracy of your job
  • The number of jobs available
  • Contribution (how much of your work contributed to the end result.)
  • Invested hours

It’s safe to say from what I have seen the majority of jobs are somewhere between a few cents and a dollar per job. The moment you have completed more jobs you’ll get access to jobs between $1 and $3.

This is nothing out of the ordinary there are a lot of GPT-websites that pay at the same rate but to get the most out of it you’re going to have to invest a lot of time.

Remotasks affiliate program

The tasks aren’t the only method for making money on Remotasks. They also run an affiliate program that you become a member of the moment you sign up for Remotasks.

They’ll provide you with a link that you can share on your website or social platforms. The moment someone signs up through your link you’ll receive a $10 bonus.

I can’t say a lot about the affiliate program because I haven’t been to get someone to join Remotasks because f the phone number verification but a $10 bonus is a lot.

It sounds a bit off but I’ll update this portion of the review the moment I have found someone willing to become a member.

My Personal Take

In my opinion, Remotasks is one of the most professional micro job websites on the internet but I can understand why on rating websites half of the people give it a bad review.

How much money you earn isn’t entirely in your hands. Your accuracy in labeling for example and your contribution to the end result of the data provided play an enormous role in how much money you make.

Normally most people wouldn’t have a problem with that but Remotasks decides how accurate your work is and how much it contributed to the final product.

I also think there’s a big group that signs up for Remotaks with the wrong expectations. In the end, this is still a platform for micro-jobs so you can’t expect to earn a full-time or even a decent part-time income.

From my experience with this platform, I’d suspect the average user will make around $20 a month considering how much time you need to spend to make money and there not being enough high-earning tasks.

Let’s say you live in an ideal world and you earn $400 a month which is less than the minimum wage. I personally think my time is worth more than that.

That being said, it is a real platform and you can make money with it.

I do think it’s ideal for people interested in making some pocket money to go to the movies once in a while or activities like that.


Is RemoTasks Legit? Yes but don’t get your hopes up too high when it comes to how much you’re going to earn.

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Remotasks Alternative

RemoTasks is perfect for earning pocket money but looking at reviews on some of the rating websites a lot of people were expecting to earn more than that.

Making decent money online isn’t an overnight thing it takes time. This is why if you’re going to invest the time it should be in something that is worth the money.

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That’s all for today. If you have any questions or you just want to show some love don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

See you at my next post!

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10 thoughts on “Is Remotasks Legit or a Scam? It’s Not For Everyone.”

  1. Hello, Rogier, I’ve just read your review on Remotasks and I can say it’s one of the most detailed reviews I ever read. Remotasks may be legit but as long as it doesn’t worth the time spent, I don’t consider it an option when it comes to earning money online. After all, we should choose our direction: micro-jobs for micro-money or real online marketing for real money.

    • Well said!

      I think Remotasks is a great platform for those that come in with the proper expectations. People shouldn’t expect to earn a full-time income using Remotasks. 

  2. Thank you for this very thorough review. 

    Pointing out the intrcasies of this platform has really helped in my decision on whether or not to go ahead and apply with them. Since I am currently looking for a steady source of income this may not be the best option for me.

    Much appreciated

    • I’m glad you liked the review. 

      I think Remotask can help as a complementary tool and if that is your goal it can be of value but I wouldn’t recommend it becoming your primary source of income.


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