Is this really how you wanted to live your life?

I was watching the news yesterday and they were talking about that record amount of people are re-schooling to do something else, because they aren’t happy with their current jobs. Some of them didn’t like their boss, others didn’t feel like they were doing meaningful work & some just wanted more freedom.

When I saw this I realized once again that we haven’t always had full control of our lives. In most of the worlds societies going to school is the norm, but when I think about it one of the biggest decisions that form our lives are given to us when we weren’t really ready for it.

You have to pick a study at a very young age without actually realizing that it will affect the next 40-50 years of your life. I can’t speak for everyone, but in a lot of cases I know personally their motivation for picking a study was either status ( How people around me are going to look at me) or safety ( Let’s just pick something that makes a lot of money).

Where does happiness fit into this?

My motivation for my studies was to have freedom to travel and live life on my own terms, but the more I studied and progressed the more I felt like I got away from my main goal.

I still value school, but I value education more.

I realized what I wanted wasn’t on that list of studies you can pick, but that didn’t mean it didn’t exist. This is when I started learning about Content marketing, Copywriting, making websites and partnered up with companies like teachable & wealthy affiliate to make that possible. I knew to obtain that freedom I had to make money time and location independent.

We live in a digital age where people are being paid to play games, eat luxurious food, travel the world, prank people, talk to a camera about their favorite cartoons etc. It’s time to stop looking at the rest of your life in the terms of what kind of job do you want to have, but what do you want to do and what do you need to make that possible. You might find out that the last 15 years you’ve been doing the wrong thing and that’s okay, because you

can start now!

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to do what you actually want to do!


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