Social Bounty Review — Influencer Scam Rebranded

Welcome to my Social Bounty review.

You probably came to this page because you wonder if Social Bounty is legit or a scam?

No need to worry you’re in the right place for the answers to these questions.

Over the last years, I’ve been busy creating reviews about all kinds of online products.

Some turned out to be fake others were legit ways to make money online but in the process, I learned how to spot scams.

In this post, I’ll show you absolutely everything you need to know about Social Bounty and after reading it you’ll know exactly if you should give it a chance.

Social Bounty Review — Is Social Bounty A Scam?

OverviewSocial Bounty Main Page

Name: Social Bounty
Website: social bounty (dot) co
Founder: Unknown
Product Type: Influencer earning network
Price: Free
Rating: 1/10

Social Bounty claims to be a website where you can earn money by installing games, playing games, and inviting other people to the platform. In reality, it’s nothing more than a scam website that is trying to steal people’s information and sell it to companies.

Similar to: NextCash, Tap2Earn, Use2earn KashTree
Rating: 1/10
Recommended: No

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What is Social Bounty?

Social Bounty claims to be the #1 Influencer earning network.

According to the website, it has paid out over 12 million dollars since its exception to users just for installing apps, reading articles, answering surveys, and inviting friends to join the social bounty community.

If you have read my latest website reviews, you’d immediately be wary the moment you find a website that claims to be the #1 influencer earning network.

In just the last two weeks, I have reviewed 10 websites that made exactly the same claims and all turned out to be scams. It’s also a very weird claim to make especially since social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok exist.

Looking at the website I also wouldn’t really call it an influencer network. It looks more like a GPT-website (Get-paid-to) with a referral program.

Social Bounty has recently gone through a soft rebrand but still shows a lot of signs that make me think this could be a scam website. Below you’ll see the conclusion of my research which entail:

  • How Social Bounty Works
  • Who can benefit from Social Bounty
  • Social Bounty Red Flags
  • How Social Bounty Scams people
  • My personal take

Let’s get into it!

How does Social Bounty work?

Social Bounty provides its members with 2 methods to make money according to their website.

You can get money in exchange for doing tasks such as installing apps, reading articles, answering surveys, and watching Youtube videos or you can through their referral program.

How to make money with the Social Bounty Referral Program

Since Social Bounty refers to themselves as an influencer network their most popular feature is probably their referral program.  According to their website, you can earn money with their referral program by following 3-steps.

1.Join Social Bounty
You can become a member by going to their website and filling out the opt-in form. They even claim that you’ll get a $25 bonus the moment you sign-up.

2.Share and earn
After you signed up, you’ll get access to their member’s area and they’ll provide you with a special link that you can use on social media to direct people to Social Bounty so that they can become members.

3. Get Paid
According to Social Bounty, you can instantly cash out the money you earned from your Social Bounty account or get it in the form of gift cards. They even claim to payout in bitcoin which seems very unlikely.

Social Bounty payout options

Who would benefit from Social Bounty?

If everything they claimed on their website was true, then everybody that’d join Social Bounty would benefit from becoming a member. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

The only people I believe are benefitting from Social Bounty are the creators of the website. After taking a good look at what they offer and how everything works there’s a big chance that this is nothing more than a scam website.

In the next section of this website, I’m going to show you why I believe that Social Bounty is a scam website.

Red flags of Social Bounty

Red Flag #1: Fake Founder and team

I have been reviewing websites and products for a few years now so I know exactly where to start looking when I’m trying to find out if a website is a scam.

The track record of the founder of a business can say a lot about the product or service you’re potentially interested in investing time or money in.

In this case, they put pictures of the team that is responsible for Social Bounty. According to the website, Social Bounty was created by the CEO named Kiya Kremaric.

Social Bounty Team

Google image search results social bounty ceoI did a simple Google reverse image search and found out that this was a fake picture.

It’s a stock photo that has been used on numerous websites. 

This is definitely not a great start when it comes to convincing me that Social Bounty might be a legit website.

I consider this to be a huge red flag that has to be taken into account when you’re thinking about joining Social Bounty.

Red Flag #2: Lack of social media presence

You can’t call yourself the #1 influencer network in the world and have no presence on social media but Social Bounty didn’t get that memo I guess.

The only thing I found was 2 Facebook groups with around 100 people and it had an influencer link placed in its contact information meaning the groups were made by members, not Social Bounty.

The same was done on Instagram.

Also, Social Bounty says they’ve paid out over 12 million dollars to its members. If that were true there should be Social Bounty influencer links all over the internet but I have only found 8 links in total.

The math just doesn’t add up.

If all these claims were true Social Bounty should’ve gone viral in no time but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Red Flag #3: Bad Reviews before the re-brand of Social Bounty

During my research, I did a quick Google search to look at what other reviewers are saying about it. It turns out that not too long ago Social Bounty underwent a soft rebrand. The website looks different, and they removed a lot of images.

I suspect they changed it because reviewers were picking the website apart. This is what the majority of red flags reviewers found on the old website

  • The website was created 5 years after the “about” page claimed it was created.
  • They had payment proof screenshots with dates on them from before the website was created.
  • Testimonials that also were used by other websites claiming to be the #1 influencer earning network.

This is in my opinion, a huge red flag because reviewers tend to look with a more critical eye at these websites. I do believe in second chances but they’re still making claims about how much money you can make that don’t make sense.

It doesn’t seem that the creators of Social Bounty have learned the error in their ways. They just put a new “coat” on the website and went right back to scamming people.

Red Flag #4: Sign-up bonus is unrealistic

On the website, it says the moment you sign-up you’ll get a $25 bonus. It doesn’t matter how you look at it this isn’t good business because there’s no way to know if the person that joined is actually going to participate in the tasks and referral program.

If you’re paying $10 to all members the moment they invite their friends and they make $25 just for signing-up I can’t imagine you can make a profit.

This sounds like a terrible business model for the owners.

Red Flag #5: The Trust Pilot Mention

In the footer of the website, they’ve got the logo of websites where people can submit their opinion on websites and products. They probably did this as a way to show they’ve credibility but it’s all fake.

The moment I went to these websites and looked up what they were saying about Social Bounty it was nothing good. It mostly reviews saying that Social Bounty hasn’t paid them.

Social bounty trust pilot

This is in my opinion one of the biggest red flags you can encounter.

Red Flag #6: The Famous Members members they supposedly have

On the main page of Socia Bounty, you’ll see some of the famous members they claim to have worked with including Daymond John (from Shark Tank), Jason Nash ( from the last comic standing), and several other people.

Social Bounty famous members

If you have multiple influencers with audiences as big as theirs working with you there’s no way that nobody has ever heard of your business.

You have literally a shark from Shark Tank that invest millions of dollars in businesses around the world as members. Nothing adds up when you look at their claims and what you can find about them on the internet.

How does Social Bounty scam you?

You might be thinking:

How does Social Bounty exactly scam you if you don’t have to pay money to join?

I suspect they’re scamming you in multiple ways. The first would be that they scam you out of your information and sell it to companies.

In 2021, information about potential customers is the most valuable thing a company can have when trying to sell your services and offers. Scammers like these know that and encourage you to refers to as many people as possible to do the same thing.

Depending on the task even your credit card information can be asked. I haven’t heard specific stories about them using people’s credit card information but I wouldn’t give it to them just in case.

One thing about Social Bounty is 100% clear. They have a history of not paying their members which means they’re scamming you out of your effort and time.

My Personal Take

After doing some research, I can’t say I disagree with most of the reviews that are already on the internet. This website seems similar to a group of scam websites I have reviewed in the past.

  • They give false promises like how much money you get just for signing up
  •  They claim to be the #1 influencer earning network
  • They don’t have any social presence but claim to have paid out millions
  • They showcase fake symbols of credibility

There are a lot of GPT websites out there that are legit but even the biggest legit websites don’t even pay a quarter of what Social Bounty promises because they know you can’t sustain a business while basically giving away so much money.

I can’t recommend Social Bounty to anyone that wants to make money online.


Is Social Bounty A Scam? Yes. Social Bounty is a scam.

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That’s all for today. If you have any questions or you just want to show some love don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

See you at my next post!

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  1. Thank you, for the heads up on these scammers, Social Bounty. Though they are scammers some of us still fall for our traps. The click to read is powerful and sold me as I went into it.

    Thank you,


    • Hey Ntlhane

      I can imagine that a lot of people fall for it. It is definitely a nice looking website and they say all the right stuff. First time I saw a similar website I almost fell for it too.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing, when ever I see a review where the founder is hiding it is a warning that that platform is not legit especailly when they make claims about how easy it is to make money with their proven steps that is a lie just to get your money.


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