What Is Muncheye? Here’s How Can You Earn Money With It.

In this post, I’ll share everything you need to know about Muncheye and how you can earn money with it.

In my first years of affiliate marketing, I promoted more than a few products from Muncheye which gave me a certain realisation about using Muncheye as a monetizing tool.

What is Muncheye?

Muncheye is a website created by Chris Munch to promote launches of online products. If you have any online product that needs some “eyes” on it you can submit it to the website and they’ll portray it on their calendar.

Muncheye deals with products in the following categories:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • e-commerce
  • Listbuilding
  • PLR
  • Local
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Software
  • Video
  • General Business

Who is Chris Munch?

Chris Munch is the founder of Muncheye a website used by thousands of vendors to get more eyes on their product launches.

He has been active in the Internet marketing scene for 16 years and has accumulated an enormous network of blogs that he can leverage in his entrepreneurial endeavors.

He is also the owner of a blog named Munchweb revolving around online entrepreneurship, Blogging, Marketing, and social trends based on his running blogging networks.

In 2014, he co-founded Presscable a start-up that provides websites with PR-related services through spreading content on all types of online media publications.

In 2019, Chris founded Ampfire and is still the acting CEO. Ampifire is a more developed version of Presscable. They offer many of the same services but incorporate AI, content marketing, and other traffic sources to market their clients and do PR.

To this day he is still very active in the internet marketing niche.

How to make money with Muncheye

Muncheye is used in 2 ways to make money.

  • Promoting your product
  • Launch Jacking
  • Solo Ads

1. Promoting your product launch & Recruiting advertisers

The original goal of this website is to announce the launch of self-made products to get attention and attract publishers to promote your launch through affiliate marketing.

The more people know about your product, the higher the chance you’ll attract people who might sell your product.

You simply create an account after which you’ll access capabilities similar to that of the admin of the website. You create your launch page and after a review, it’ll be published.

The page will contain basic information about your product and a link to the affiliate page where affiliate marketers can sign up to promote your product.

Muncheye standard launch

2. Launch Jacking

Launch Jacking is the most popular way people make money using Muncheye. Instead of submitting a self-made product, they promote other people’s products.

Launch Jacking is a form of affiliate marketing where you specifically target products that haven’t been launched yet.

People perform launch jacking because of 2 reasons.

The company will double down on marketing right before the launch which means a lot of people will look up information about the product causing a spike in traffic.

These products also tend to have less high authority competition you have to deal with. This means getting eyes on your affiliate offers and earning money is easier.

If you want to learn more about launch jacking feel free to read my launch jacking guide.

3. Solo ads

Muncheye has spaces reserved on the website where they can place solo ads.

If you already have a product but don’t have traffic you can rent these spaces on the website and direct people to your offers.

Ads can be placed in the header, above the footer, and even inside the content on the website.

Muncheye solo ads placements

I tested it out and even with adblockers on these ads are still visible so you’ll get your money’s worth when advertising on the platform.

Muncheye Pros

Muncheye is Beginners-friendly

There’s no learning curve when it comes to using Muncheye to earn money.

You either submit your product launch and they review it or you can select someone else’s and apply for the affiliate program.

All product launches in 1 place
The Muncheye product calendar features product launches of which the affiliate programs are run on other websites as well.

This saves you a lot of switching between multiple websites and possibly losing oversight of all the possible opportunities you can take advantage of.

Free of charge
They could’ve easily charged people to be able to submit their products or get access to the product launch calendar but they chose to make it a free service.

There are some premium features that you can take advantage of for payment but simply submitting and applying to affiliate programs is free on Muncheye.

Muncheye Cons

Temporary products

There are great internet marketing products out there but most of them I noticed are quick cash grabs.

It’s not unordinary to see people that have launched 20 different products in 2 years and all are more or less the same.

In the past, I’ve come across products in which most functions stopped being updated after 18 months because the creator was in the middle of creating another product.

Low-quality products

The products on Muncheye are reviewed to verify their legitimacy but I do think they could do a better job when it comes to the quality of the products that get green-lighted.

There are a lot of launches on the website of which the products are mediocre at best.

As an affiliate marketer, your credibility is everything so it’s important to filter out the bad products for your promotions.

A lack of search filters on the website

Unfortunately, the website doesn’t have advanced search filters that you can use to pinpoint the products that can be promoted.

This way it’s easy to overlook quality products that you can promote and people might miss the product you have submitted to the calendar.

Requirements for promoting launches can differ

Just because you found a product doesn’t mean you can immediately start promoting it.

In most cases, you’ll have to become a member of their affiliate program which requires a review. I remember the first time I applied for the affiliate program of a product on the launch calendar I was denied.

They were looking for affiliates that already had traffic going to their platforms and I didn’t have that when I started.

Muncheye Alternatives & How Muncheye Stands Out

Muncheye isn’t the only product launch calendar on the internet. Other websites provide the same services such as JVnotifyPro, Appsumo, and JVzoo’s product launch calendar.

Where Mucheye stands out is that it contains not only products that are run their affiliate program through JVzoo but also other websites such as WarriorPlus and Appsumo.

You don’t have to switch between product launch calendars to get a holistic view of product launches that you use to make money.

That being said, it doesn’t mean that Muncheye is better than the other platforms I mentioned.

Muncheye Alternative: Appsumo

Appsumo for example has more advanced filters making it easier to find the product you’d be interested in.

These filters also make it easier to spot products that might be long-term solutions for earning money.

Muncheye Alternative: JVnotifypro

JVnotifypro is a great alternative for those who want not only access to a product launch calendar but also want to communicate with your potential leads and JVs from 1 platform.

I think JVnotify does a better job of providing you with those types of services than Muncheye does.

Muncheye Alternative: JVzoo

JVzoo just like JVnotify Pro provides you with more than just a product launch calendar and marketplace.

JVzoo’s additional features are geared more toward those who are planning to launch their products. This means having access to JV and Sales Stats and methods to communicate with JV’s.

JVzoo’s product launch calendar is only based on products that run their affiliate program through JVzoo but if you can live with that it’s an excellent alternative.

This doesn’t mean you can only pick one option.

Since Muncheye’s product calendar allows you to submit products from other websites I’d use these and use Muncheye in a complementary rule to get more exposure.

How does Muncheye make money from this?

You might be wondering what Muncheye gets out of letting people use their product calendar free of charge.

I had these same thoughts but they do have premium services that they provide to users. One of these services is called featured launches.

Muncheye featured launch area

This is a paid advertisement on the website. For $200 your product launch will be placed at the top of the website for everyone to see.

Promoting Muncheye products is also a method they use to monetize the website. They place ads for self-made products in multiple places on the website.

Final Words

Muncheye can be a great tool for earning money online but there goes more thought into making it work than a lot of people realize.

Whether it’s using solo ads, submitting your launch, or promoting other people’s products through launch jacking. This is why I recommend doing the proper research before getting into it.

Read launch jacking guides, look up conversion optimization posts, and learn the basics of doing a product launch.

It’ll save you a lot of money if you do.

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