Is 5 Minute Profit Sites a Scam? My experience with FMPS

This is a comprehensive 5 Minute Profit Sites review.

In this review I’ll be sharing:

  • How 5 Minute Profit Sites works
  • who can benefit from using 5 Minute Profit Sites
  • pros and cons
  • warning signs & misunderstandings
  • my personal take on 5 Minute Profit Sites is
  • alternatives to 5 Minute Profit Sites

I’ll start this off by saying 5 Minute Profit Sites is definitely sketchy

it reminds me of products as:

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5 Minute Profit Sites Review — Is 5 Minute Profit Sites A Scam


Name: 5 Minute Profit Sites
Founder: Unknown
Price: $77
Rating: 1/10

How does 5 Minute Profit Sites work?

5 minute daily profits is a product containing software that creates a complete done-for-you website that makes money by promoting affiliate products. According to the sales page, you can earn up to $3000 within a timespan of three days.

The Three steps of 5 Minute Profit Sites

According to 5 Minute Profit Sites, you can have a fully operational website and start making money in 5 minutes by following three steps.

  • Apply to Clickbank
  • Choose domain
  • Choose email marketing service

After that, you’ll have a fully functional website with an actor that’s a spokesperson for the products that you’re promoting.

The website also says that 5-minute profit sites is beginner friendly and contains a step-by-step method that’ll help you with getting traffic to the website.

Who would benefit from purchasing this product:

  • I’m convinced no one should buy this product

Who shouldn’t purchase this product:

  • Everyone that wants to make money online

My First Impression

I came across the 5 minutes profit sites on click bank and the name immediately reminded me of 7 daily profits.

The description also got my attention because it said that 5 Minute Profit Sites been proven to generate sales for newbie affiliates.

I personally don’t know any newbie affiliate marketer that makes money. It always takes time no matter if you do it organically or with advertising.

When I arrived on their website there was a sales video and a disclaimer underneath.

In the headline, they were talking about using a loophole to make money. The moment I hear people talk about shortcuts regarding affiliate marketing I always get suspicious. On first sight, this website doesn’t seem legit and when I dug deeper I encountered a number of red flags.

Red Flags of 5 Minute Profit Sites

Red Flag #1: Unknown Founder

When you start the sales video a spokesperson introduces herself as Samantha Smith (which is a Pen name according to the disclaimer under the video). She tells you all about how much money you can make with 5 Minute Profit Sites and what it exactly is but there’s one thing she leaves out.

The founder of 5 Minute Profit Sites

After looking at social platforms like Facebook and Linkedin I still couldn’t find anything. I consider this a huge red flag.Is 5 minute profit system a scam

Sam Smith — Spokesperson for 5 Minute Profit System

Red Flag #2: Absence of Testimonials

According to the sales video, the team behind 5 Minute Profit Series has more than 10 years of experience in the online space which would mean they know that to sell something online you need credibility. Testimonials give you that credibility.

I find it odd that they haven’t shared any success stories from members that have made money with 5 Minute Profit Sites. It makes it seem like there aren’t people that have benefitted from 5 Minute Profit Sites.

The only things close to that are PayPal screenshots of how much they’ve made in the last two years but there isn’t enough context to find out where this money came from.

Red Flag #3: $12.3 Million loophole

Affiliate marketing isn’t something only a few people do. It brings in millions every year. The idea that there’s some secret loophole that nobody has found seems a bit sketchy.

In the video, they show payouts from 2017 which means this secret loophole has been around for at least 2 years. I find it hard to believe nobody has ever heard of it.

Red Flag #4: The live demo

In the video, they show a live demo of 5 Minute Profit Sites in which they make the entire website and they show you how the website made $3000 after just being online for a week.

I have a problem with the live demo they showed.

In the live demo, you can pick the name of your domain but you also come up with your own domain.

I find this odd because how are they going to make a logo for that domain and get a spokesperson for it in just 5 minutes.

I know you can do a lot online nowadays but getting actors to create custom made videos and editing them within 5 minutes while also creating the rest of your website seems like a stretch.

Also when you look at this screenshot of the live-demo you’ll see the membership details.

You’ll see besides the 5 minute Profit Site that there are extra membership packages available. It turns out after purchasing the product that you have to pay for these plans.

The prices go up a lot when you purchase these plans. Since you’re responsible for getting your own traffic with 5 Minute Profit System you’re basically forced to buy the upsells if you have no experience with affiliate marketing or online marketing in general.

My Personal Take

What I didn’t like about 5 Minute Profit Sites

I’m not really a fan of what I’ve seen from 5 Minute Profit Sites. The Red Flags make me think it’s a scam but there also some other things that were said in the sales video that I didn’t like.

  • 5 Minute Profit Sites takes a part of your commission
    You already have to give a percentage of every sale to the company that owns the affiliate product but you also have to give a small percentage to 5 Minute Profit Sites.

    You’re basically making less than normal affiliate marketers promoting products on Clickbank.

  • They promote it as being free but then charge $77
    About 75% of the sales video they talk about the free software that’s used to create the done-for-you website but then start to talk about paying for the hosting.

    I’m fine with paying for hosting if everything else is taken care off but it’s not also $77 is a lot to pay for hosting.

  • You need to drive traffic to the website
    Any affiliate marketer would tell you that driving traffic to your website is by far the hardest part of affiliate marketing.

    5 Minute Profit Sites might say it’s a complete done-for-you system but 90% of the work you have to do yourself.

  • Upsells once you purchase the license
    The moment you purchase 5 Minute Profit Sites you also have to buy an email autoresponder. This is already at least an extra $20 a month.

    I personally have no problems with upsells as long as they aren’t essential to make everything work. This is not the case with 5 Minute Profit Sites.They also have 3 upsell products that are basically meaningless because none of them is actually going to help with the most vital part of affiliate marketing which is getting your initial traffic.

What I like about 5 Minute Profit Sites

The only thing I like about 5 Minute Profit Sites is that it’s on Clickbank which means they are forced to give a 60-day money back guarantee.

According to the sales video they say that 5 Minute Profit Sites has a low refund rate which I find hard to believe unless no one is purchasing the product.

I would not recommend this product to anyone.


Now to answer the question:

Is 5 Minute Profit System a Scam? Yes. It’s a scam!

I believe this because of:

  • fake promises about a complete done-for-you website
  • Lies about how much money you have to invest to make it work
  • No information is given about the creator

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That’s all for today. If you have any questions or you just want to show some love don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

See you at my next post!

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