7 Highly Effective Ways To Get Affiliate Marketing Leads

In this post, I’m going to share with you 7 ways to get affiliate marketing leads so you can hit the ground running and earn money as fast as possible.

Leads are the lifeblood of an affiliate marketing business. You might promote the best offer on the planet but if no one sees it you won’t earn a penny.

So take advantage of strategies in this post.

1. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO is the act of optimizing your website so it ranks high in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, And Bing.

The closer you are to the top of Google search results the more people will click on your page. Among affiliate marketers, it is the most popular way to get affiliate marketing leads.

SEO is divided into 3 types but they’re all necessary to rank high.

  1. On-Page SEO
    Optimizing your website so search engines can index your content properly and improve the user experience.
  2. Off-Page SEO
    Actions you do outside your website that can help with building credibility in search engine’s “eyes”.
  3. Technical SEO
    Optimizing the functionality of your website so that the “bots” search engines use to look at your content can do that without problems.

How to start with SEO

Start by creating a website and learning about keyword research. After that, start making content based on the keyword research that you performed.

I’d also recommend following an SEO course to learn the basics of SEO.

2. Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is a social media platform on which people can upload and watch images. The cool thing about Pinterest is that you can attach text and website links to these images.

Pinterest also uses a search engine as a tool for users to find specific images.

Pinterest marketing for affiliate marketing leads

Just like with SEO, you can optimize the images you upload so they’ll be seen by your target audience making it great for promoting your affiliate products.

How to start with Pinterest marketing

I’d recommend creating a Pinterest Business account. This account makes it possible to take a look at your analytics and tweak your Pinterest content strategy if needed.

After creating your account you can use type keywords in the search engine bar and see what pops up. These suggestions are the most searched terms.

You start making content around these keywords and promote them on joint boards. Do this enough and visitors will start clicking on them and will be directed to your website.

3. Google Ads

Google Ads is a Pay-Per-Click system created by Google that people can use to get attention to their products, services, and content.

Google has a huge ad network and they can show your content on it in exchange for money. The most common place for these ads will be at the top of their search engine results.

You’ll have to spend some money to succeed with this method but if you come up with a good strategy you can make a good profit using Google Ads.

A few examples of other PPC systems that offer similar services are:

  • Linkedin Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
  • Outbrain
  • Meta for Business

How to start with Google Ads

Create a Google Ads account and start doing some keyword research to find out what results pages you want to end up with.

Create the copy for the ad in the Google Ads platform start bidding for the keyword and watch clicks come in.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to get affiliate marketing leads. It also converts at an extremely high rate compared to other methods.

Since you can spread out your messages over a longer period you can add as much context as is needed for leads to buy your affiliate products.

You can also offer them other affiliate products afterwards making 1 lead have the value of multiple leads.

How to start with email marketing

Get an email marketing service that can capture and manage email addresses. Create an opt-in page that people can use to leave their email addresses.

Create an email sequence that you can send out to everyone the moment they become an email subscriber and include a CTA to purchase your affiliate products.

Describe the benefits of using email marketing for nurturing potential leads.

5. Giveaways

Giveaways can be a great way to get affiliate marketing leads.

I scroll through social media daily and see all kinds of giveaways that direct you towards a funnel which can end in purchasing affiliate products.

Not only directly but also indirectly giveaways can be used to attract affiliate marketing leads.

You can add all kinds of criteria to become eligible for the contest such as letting in 3 other people sign up to win the giveaway.

How to start hosting giveaways

Decide what type of people you want to partake in your giveaway and come up with a prize based on the wants and needs of your ideal target audience.

Sign up on a platform where you can host your giveaway. Map out how people are going to be directed from the giveaway to your affiliate offers.

Partner up with other content creators and start spreading the news about your giveaway.

6. YouTube Marketing

YouTube has been around since 2005 and up to this day it’s still one of the best ways to get attention.

Just like with Pinterest and Google, it works with a search engine which means you can optimize your content in such a way that for the majority only people interested in your offers would get to see it.

Start a coffee youtube channel

As a result, even years later your videos might still pop up if people type in the phrases connected to the subject of your video.

What’s great about YouTube is that the platform allows you to insert links in the description. This means you can direct people to your website or affiliate offers directly from the video.

How to start with YouTube marketing

Decide on a niche and create a YouTube channel. Start creating content for your YouTube channel with a call to action. Make sure your intended keywords are in the thumbnail, title, and description of the video.

7. Facebook Group Marketing

Facebook or Meta might not be as relevant as it used to be but Facebook groups are still as active as they have ever been. Most Facebook groups are also niche-specific making it a perfect method for attracting high-quality leads.

That being said, spamming will get you kicked out so it is important to offer value and maybe capture emails or provide content rather than posting affiliate links.

Facebook groups to promote blog featured image

You even have Facebook groups that are designed for people to promote their content and affiliate products. Facebook groups have done a lot for my websites in the past and I’m sure they’ll be useful to you as well.

How to start with Facebook Group Marketing

Create a Facebook account and use the search bar to find Facebook groups that belong to niches that’d be interested in your affiliate products.

After that, you can sprinkle in your content where appropriate. In the past, I used to provide people with ebooks but I’d put affiliate links in the ebooks.

You could also create a Facebook group and promote your products to the members. That is what most people who own Facebook groups do.

Final Words

Mastering affiliate marketing lead generation is a big part of becoming a successful affiliate marketer but getting leads doesn’t guarantee conversions.

This is why advise everyone to start with mastering the basics of affiliate marketing and taking it from there.

If you’re by any chance interested in learning all there is to know about affiliate marketing take a look at my affiliate marketing hub.

This is a page that contains all my affiliate marketing content and even an A to Z course for setting up an affiliate marketing business even if you’ve no prior experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need money for affiliate marketing lead generation?

It depends on the method you use to attract affiliate marketing leads. Most of the tactics (aside from Google Ads) can be done for minimum costs.

If you can spare $30 a month (for marketing tools) you could do a lot to acquire high-quality affiliate marketing leads in a relatively short time.

Do you need a website for affiliate marketing lead generation?

I always advise people who get into affiliate marketing to at least build a small website that can capture email addresses.

Most affiliate programs also still require you to have a website to join them. So technically you can do it without a website but in 80% of cases, you’ll want to have a website.

What resources do I need for affiliate marketing lead generation?

There are minimal 3 things that you’d need to start affiliate marketing lead generation. A website, an email marketing service, and a keyword research tool.

There are a lot of other affiliate marketing resources that you can get to make your life as an affiliate marketer easier but these are in my mind the big 3.

That's all for today!

Do you have any experience with affiliate marketing lead generation or affiliate marketing in general? If yes, I'd love to hear from you in the comment

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