Feature Points Review — Is It Worth Your Time?

Welcome to my Feature Points review.

You probably came to this page because you wonder if Feature Points is legit or a scam?

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Over the last years, I’ve been busy creating reviews about all kinds of online products.

Some turned out to be fake others were legit ways to make money online but in the process, I learned how to spot scams.

In this post, I’ll show you absolutely everything you need to know about Feature Points and after reading it you’ll know exactly if you should give it a chance.

Feature Points Review Overview

Name: Feature Points
Website: featurepoints.com
Founder: George Pogostin, Steven Brener
Product Type: GPT website/app
Price: Free

Feature Points main page


Feature points is an app on which you can earn money by completing surveys, watching videos, participating in contests, playing games, and installing apps.

The opinions on the app are divided online. Feature Points doesn’t seem to be a scam but it has got a lot of issues which leads me to believe that investing time into this app is only valuable for one specific group.

Read my review to find out if you belong to that group or if it’s just a waste of your time.
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What is Feature Points?

FeaturePoints is what we call a GPT-website/app. GPT stands for “Get-paid-to” in other words you earn money in exchange for doing tasks.

Feature points was founded in 2011 by George Pogostin and Steven Brener. It was launched in 2012 and according to George it has paid out 5.6 million dollars to the users.

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How does Feature Points work?

To get started with Feature Points you have to go to a very simple 3-step process that can be done in a matter of minutes.

1. You sign-up
You install the app or go on the website and fill in their opt-in form. No need to leave any billing information or anything like that. It’s free to sign up.

Feature Points sign up

2. Do tasks
After signing up, you get access to the Feature Points dashboard where all the tasks are. A lot of the tasks require you to qualify by filling out 2-minute surveys before participation. 

Feature Points dashboard

3. Cash out
After earning points, you can redeem them for money or gift cards.

Feature Points Cash Rewards

Who can benefit from Feature Points?

It’s very clear when you look at what you need to do to get a specific amount of points that this app isn’t for everybody. Most of the tasks are short but you don’t earn a lot of money with them.

Feature Points is suited for people that are trying to earn some pocket money and have a lot of time on their hands. I think a lot of patience is also needed when comes to payouts.

Pros and Cons of Feature Points


  • Available on Mobile and Web
    Feature Points has both a web and mobile version for both Android and iOS making it available for almost everyone. It also gives you the ability to do tasks on the road when you’re away from your computer.
  • Cashbacks
    Feature Points makes it possible to get cashback from stores they’re working with. If you’re already shopping at these stores it doesn’t take any time or effort to use their cashback function.


  • Prizes restricted to your location
    While you can sign up from almost anywhere in the world you don’t have access to all prizes and bonuses from anywhere in the world. An example are their cash backs that are only applicable for users that live in the US or Canada.
  • Problems with payout
    According to their website, payout takes a max of 24 hours but there have been a lot of users that have said that they were paid out much later and some haven’t been paid       out at all.
  • points expire
    You can lose your points if you aren’t active. After 60 days, your points will expire and   you can’t get them back.

  • Low Earning Potential
    This website is designed for people to make pocket money (want to earn more read below)

Features & Tasks

As I said earlier in the review, you can make money by doing different tasks on the platform. I have made a list of all the tasks to give you some insight into what you’ll be doing once you become a member. 

  • Surveys
  • Installing apps
  • Watch videos
  • Contests
  • Shop online and get Cashbacks
  • Referral Program


It’s pretty straightforward when it comes to how you make money with the surveys. You start off by earning 10 points with the basic opt-in survey where they ask basic things like your gender, age, and location. 

After that, based on your answers new surveys will appear that are done on other websites. They’ll show beforehand an estimation of how long it’ll take to complete it and afterward you’ll get your points.

Installing Apps

FeaturePoints promotes other apps from what I have seen on the platform. They do this by giving you points in change for installing apps and using them. Most of the time, these are either games or other apps that have GPT-tasks on them.

Watch video

I find this task a little deceiving because you aren’t getting points for watching the video. The videos you’ll watch will showcase an app and at the end, of the video you’ll get the chance to download and install the app. 

You’ll get your points the moment you have done these two things and used the app. It’s basically just another way to get people to download the apps they’re promoting.


These are simple contests where you can get a token. An algorithm created by feature Pints is going to pick one of the token holders and gives him +60.000 points that can be used n gift cards or be redeemed for money.

Shop and get cashback

Feature Points works with multiple stores so if you buy anything in those stores you’ll get a small percentage of the money you spent at those stores back.

Referral Program

Feature Points makes it possible to invite friends with a unique link that you receive after signing up. You’ll earn 25% of what your referral earns and if you got 4 referrals that percentage increases to 50%.

User Experiences and Complaints

Feature Pints since its inception has gone through a lot of iterations since 2012. The moment I look at experiences from users in the past, you’ll see some positive results but when you look at more recent experiences on rating websites most of them seem negative.

Feature Points testimonial
Can't qualify for survey

Here are a few things that seem to stick out to me:

  • Payout problems
    There’s a high percentage of members that complain about earning the points but not being able to redeem them. The moment they try either nothing happens or their accounts get closed.
  • Qualification problems
    Aside from referring friends, the most money is in completing the surveys. The problem is that a lot of people don’t qualify for the high-paying surveys. As a result, they’re stuck doing tasks that barely earn money.
  • Lack of tasks
    People have complained on multiple platforms about the lack of tasks to complete. It’s something I encountered myself when I joined. There were a max of 3 surveys and 2 apps I could install and it wasn’t refreshed after that for almost 2 weeks.

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How much can you expect to earn?

You’ll notice very quickly when doing some research that there’s a ceiling to how much you can make on Feature Points. The cash out threshold is 600 points which equal a dollar and most tasks earn you somewhere around 50 points.

This means you’d have to complete roughly 12 tasks in order to earn 1 dollar. Most of these tasks take somewhere between 3 and 6 minutes. Even at a minimum wage job, you’d earn a dollar every 6 minutes. 

Most people don’t earn more than 6 dollars on this platform. You can find this out by applying simple math to the claims Feature Points has made. According to George, they paid out $5.6 million to millions of members. 

On average people are making roughly $5.6 which is almost nothing and that is if you’re lucky enough to qualify for enough tasks to earn that.

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My Personal Take

I have seen a lot of good and bad reviews about Feature Points which makes me hesitate to call it a scam. This doesn’t mean the platform is legit. 

One thing I can say for certain is that the Biz ops at Feature Points are terrible.

I could understand if 10 percent of users are complaining about the platform but almost 50% of users on rating websites have stated that they couldn’t get the money they earned or it came months later than it was promised to arrive.

I have come to accept that GPT-websites won’t bring you anything more than pocket money but this example really drove it home.

I honestly don’t think it’s worth putting so much time into something only to receive a ma of $5 if you’re lucky.

As I said earlier, it’s hard for me to call this a scam but I definitely wouldn’t be able to recommend it to others based on:

  • Inconsistent payout of points
  • Low earning potential


Product rating

Is Feature Points Worth Your Time?

No. There’s no certainty you’ll receive your money and the earning potential is too low.

Alternatives to Feature Points

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