IG Profit Hack Review — This is what happens when you sign up.

Welcome to my IG Profit Hack review a.k.a the Insta Profit Hack review. You’re probably here because you landed on their website and you were wondering if this product is legit. Just like you, I found this website and did some research. Everything I found out is in this review.

In this review I’ll be sharing:

  • How IG Profit Hack works
  • who can benefit from using IG Profit Hack
  • My first impression of IG Profit Hack
  • Red Flags of IG Profit Hack
  • my personal take on IG Profit Hack

I’ll start this off by saying IG Profit Hack is sketchy.

It has some of the same red flags as:

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IG Profit Hack Review


Name: Insta Profit Hack
Website: igprofithack.com
Founder: Joseph Paul
Price: $7
Rating: 1/10

How does IG Profit Hack work?

IG Profit Hack is an info product created by Joseph Paul that’ll teach you how to use Instagram to earn money with a hack he claims went unnoticed by the internet marketing gurus. According to Joseph Paul, you can use this hack and make 7 figures without any prior experience needed.

Who would benefit from purchasing this product:

  • People that don’t expect to make money but want to learn basic things about Instagram.

Who shouldn’t purchase this product:

  • Everybody expecting the results promised in the sales letter on Insta Profit Hack

My first impression

I found this product on Clickbank in the social media category and the description immediately caught my eye. No crazy promises and they announced from the beginning that there’ll be upsells.

You won’t find a lot of people so confident in their products that they just say the results speak for themselves ( Even though they might have to work on their spell check).

I clicked on the website and to my surprise, there wasn’t any sales video. The entire sales page consisted out of copy. My inner copywriter was actually glad about this but my inner reviewer thought something was off.

I read through the copy and looked at the website as a whole and found some concerning red flags that make me think there’s a big chance that this could be a scam.

Red flags of Insta Profit Hack

Red Flag #1: $3784 in the next 7 days without experience

At the top of the website, it says “…Attention Anyone Who Wants To Earn Up To $3784 in the next 7 days…”. I’d have no problem with this claim if only he didn’t say later in the sales letter that you don’t need experience to earn money.

Instagram is more than just putting some random on your account. Just like all the other social platforms your content has to be native.

Small mistakes can be the difference between creating quality content that attracts people and content that scares them away.

The biggest IG influencers took years to grow an audience large enough to make money from. It’s highly unlikely you can do this based on the content of Insta Profit Hack.

Red Flag #2: Hack unnoticed by the online marketing guru’s

I spent at least 4 hours a day creating content, planning future moves, experimenting with content, addressing emails and I’ve learned a lot. Most of the online marketing guru’s live and breath online marketing.

The chance that someone who’s just started marketing on Instagram 11 months ago finds something those people haven’t seems very small.

It’s not impossible but when I hear a claim like that I become suspicious.


Red Flag #3: Fake testimonial

At the end of the sales letter, there’s a testimonial from someone called David Legg who talks about Joseph Paul being the real deal. He said he told him about this new opportunity and helped him get $1630 in just 4 days.

At first, the testimonial looked legit. Name and picture were given so you can actually find out if the person is real. The moment I did some research I found out that elements of this testimonial were fake.

The same picture has been used multiple times over the internet by websites.

  David Legg doesn’t exist.


Red Flag #4: Who is Joseph Paul

The moment you see that one of the people mentioned on the sales page is fake you begin to wonder if the other people mentioned on this website are fake too.

The founder of IG Profit Hack Joseph Paul didn’t have a picture that I could use Google reverse image search on so I had to do it the old fashion way.

I Google his name, social platform, and mentions on other websites. This is what I found out.

On Linkedin, I found multiple Joseph Pauls that were in the marketing sector. According to their Linkedin profiles, almost all of them have been into marketing for a very long time.

It doesn’t add up with someone that’s been a trucker and after that switched to making money with Instagram.

Red Flag #5: No traces of Insta Profit Hack on Instagram

Speaking of Instagram, I couldn’t find anything on Joseph Paul or the Insta Profit hack. This seems a little odd especially since your entire business model revolves around being successful on Instagram.

Hack or not, I can’t imagine you can make 7 figures of Instagram without having some sort of a presence on the platform.

Inside IG Profit Hack

The moment you sign up you immediately gets directed to the mailing list. Which isn’t active at the moment. The moment it gets updated I’ll let you know but for right now it seems IG Profit Hack isn’t available for anyone.


Is Insta Profit Hack a scam? I think it is a scam

I think it’s a scam because:

  • The unrealistic promise they make of making a 4 figure income in the first 7 days
  • Fake testimonials with stock photos
  • Joseph Paul the founder of Insta Profit Hack isn’t anywhere to be found on the internet
  • Insta Profit Hack is nowhere to be found on Instagram even though it’s the platform their whole business revolves around.

I can’t recommend this product to anyone.


Insta Profit Hack might not be what it presented itself to but there are other products out there that are legit.

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That’s all for today. If you have any questions or you just want to show some love don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

See you at my next post!

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