Survey Spotter Review — Scam or Legit? Why It Gets Negative Reviews

Welcome to my Survey Spotter review.

You probably came to this page because you wonder if Survey Spotter is legit or a scam.

No need to worry you’re in the right place.

Over the last year, I’ve been busy creating reviews about all kinds of online products. Some turned out to be fake other were legit ways to make money online but in the process I learned how to spot scams. Survey Spotter is one the websites I reviewed.

In this post, I’ll show you absolutely everything you need to know about Survey Spotter and after reading it you’ll know exactly if you should give it a chance.

Survey Spotter Review Overview

Name: Survey Spotter


Founder: Leadscale Labs Limited

Product Type: Paid Survey Facilitator

Price: Free

Rating: 5/10

Survey Spotter logo

Survey Spotter is a website that provides you with surveys you can complete in exchange for gifts and money.

On the contrary, through what is said on the website you can’t make money with Survey Spotter. You can make money with the surveys that the website recommends. 

Read below to find out if Survey Spotter is worth your time.

Rating: 5/10

Similar to: My Digital Survey, Survey Compare
Recommended for: People that don’t want to spend time looking for surveys

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Survey Spotter Video Review

Find out everything you need to know in this short Survey Spotter video review.

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What is Survey Spotter?

Survey Spotter is a website that provides you with websites on which you can do surveys. It’s not a survey website itself it reminds me of a dropshipping website but for surveys.

Survey Spotter is the middle man that provides you with websites you can do surveys on.

Survey Spotters Services used to only be available to the US but counting the available variations of the website it now lends its services to at least 10 countries.

Depending on the country the rewards you can receive vary. 

For example, according to the Survey Spotter website in the US rewards from Amazon, Macy’s and PayPal are available but when I go to the Dutch version of Survey Spotter only rewards from Amazon and Paypal are available.

US Survey Spotter Rewards

This makes sense because not every survey will be available worldwide. These surveys are often done to get feedback from a specific group of people.

Who is the founder of Survey Spotter? 

Survey Spotter is operated by Leadscale Labs Limited, a company registered in the UK (company reg: 04738797). Leadscale's headquarters is located at the address is 6 Owen Street, London EC1V 7JX.

They have also worked on websites such as,, and Bingo All Over.

Leadscale labs

According to the WHOIS information, the Survey Spotter website itself was created on May 22nd, 2017.

Survey Spotter WHOIS information

How does Survey Spotter work?

How To Get Started With Survey Spotter

Survey Spotter has a very simple 3-step process to make money with surveys. 

How survey spotter works

I’m going to take you through the process of getting started with the help of some illustrations I took while signing up myself for Survey Spotter. 

Step 1: Sign-up for Survey Spotter

On the main page of the Survey Spotter website, there’s an opt-in form. On the form, they’ll ask some personal information that they can use to create your Survey Spotter account.

 After you fill out the opt-in form, you’ll be directed to a page similar to a member’s area of Survey Spotter.

Unlike member areas of other platforms, the only thing you can do here is to choose a panel to join so you can start filling out surveys. 

Sign up for Survey Spotter comp

Step 2: Select and Complete Surveys

The surveys are from other survey websites. You won’t be completing them on Survey Spotter. Every survey website has a screening process that you’ll have to go through before being able to do surveys.

You have two options when it comes to selecting surveys:

Option 1: Choose the panels
Choose the survey website you want to join and look for surveys on them yourself.

Survey Spotter sign-up step 1Survey Spotter choose survey paneks

Option 2: Get notified through email
During the opt-in, you’ll get the option to get notified every time there’s a paid survey available.

Survey Spotter Email notifications edit

Step 3: Get rewarded with money, gift cards, and products

Once you completed the survey you’ll receive either money, gift cards or products. You have to keep in mind that Survey Spotter won’t provide you with these rewards. These rewards are from the survey websites that Survey Spotter recommended you to join.

Official website Survey Spotter Rewards

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List of surveys websites that you can pick from

Depending on the country you’re in the surveys might vary. That’s why it’s important to sign-up on the Survey Spotter version of your country so that you won’t get surveys recommended that you can’t complete because of your location.

I’ve sign-up for both the US version and the Dutch version and the list of panels was indeed different. The US had more websites available to choose from.

Here is the full list of survey website you can choose from:

  • Surveys2Cash – Earn Cash for Your Opinions
  • Swagbucks
  • Mypoints
  • YouGov
  • Point club surveys
  • Vindale research
  • Inbox dollars
  • Isay
  • Branded Surveys
  • Opinion Posts

Who can benefit from Survey Spotter

Who would benefit from Survey Spotter:

  • People that don’t want to look for paid surveys themselves.

Who shouldn’t join Survey Spotter:

  • People expecting Survey Spotter to be a Survey website to make money on.
  • People that want to make a full-time income online

Pros and Cons

  • Pros
  • cons
  • Can’t make money on Survey Spotter
    Survey Spotter is a middle man which means in contrary to what the website says you can’t make money on here. Survey Spotter only directs you to survey websites.
  • Emails come off a bit spammy
    You’ll also get emails going to paid surveys that are not on the panel. After a while, it can get a bit annoying getting all these emails.
  • Surveys are boring
    Most surveys are going to be about subjects that likely doesn't have anything to do with your interests. Doing it once a while can't hurt but doing this every day will be a daunting task.

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How much does it cost to join Survey Spotter? 

You don’t have to pay to take advantage of Survey Spotters' services. What I suspect is that most of the links to the panels are affiliate links. 

So instead of charging people, they earn money by receiving commissions based on the people they refer to the survey panels.

It’s actually really smart considering it doesn’t require much effort after the website has been set up.

Survey Spotter Earning Potential

The main page of Survey Spotter makes some bold claims no matter if it’s the UK or US version. 

According to the UK version you can earn up to 300 pounds per month or 20 pounds per survey. The US version states that you can earn up to $500 and up to $50 per survey.

If true these are some decent numbers, unfortunately, it’s not possible to make anywhere close to these numbers because of multiple reasons. 

1. Most of the panels don’t pay that much per survey
2. You won’t be able to qualify for every survey

Most of the panels that survey spotter works with pay at the most, $2 per survey.

They also acknowledge under the opt-in form that this isn’t a certainty and is based on doing 5 surveys a day.

Survey Spotter Support

The creators of Survey Spotter can be reached through email ( but they also have what they call a Helpcentre.

Survey Spotter Support

It’s an area on the website where they’ve summarized the most common problems members encounter. You can select one of the problems and their team will proceed and help you. 

It’s an efficient way to help people but I would’ve loved a bit more flexibility for problems that might not have been stated in the help center.

My Personal Take On Survey Spotter

What I like about Survey Spotter

1. Multiple Reputable Panels are available
The survey websites they recommend are for the most part trustworthy websites that have been popular for years. Most of them can be looked up on rating websites where you can read about the experiences of users.

2. The Survey Spotter Support area
Survey Spotter doesn’t have a lot of features you can use but I do appreciate that they created a mini knowledge bank they call their Helpcentre.

A lot of Survey Aggregators let you sign-up and you’ll never hear from them outside of emails about survey panels that you can sign-up for.

What I don’t like about Survey Spotter

1. No way to communicate with other users
It’s not necessarily that it’s a bad thing but turning it into an actual platform would help a lot of people with navigating through all suggestions.

2. You’ll be contacted about more than surveys
I don’t like that aside from emails about surveys, you’ll also receive other offers and discounts. That’s not what people sign up for and can be annoying depending on the frequency of these emails.

3. The Survey spotter main page is a bit misleading
Survey Spotter makes a big claim about the earning potential of Survey Spotter. The problem with this is that no survey websites exist that can help you make this much money. 

The only way you could earn these types of numbers is if: 

  • there were unlimited surveys on the websites

  • You qualify for every survey you target

  • you have the time and motivation to complete surveys every day.

My Overall personal take on Survey Spotter

I think a lot of reviewers are too harsh on Survey Spotter. I have seen multiple reviews calling it a flat out scam while it isn’t. I think most of the negative reviews stem from one misunderstanding and one exaggeration.

They expected it to be a survey website but just as the name states it only looks for surveys it doesn’t provide you with them. That being said I do think they’re a little dishonest when it comes to their main page. 

If they just put on their page that they act as a middle man and that you’re able to save time by using their services they would’ve had a lot less negative reviews.

The second is the exaggeration of how much money you can earn. The first thing you see when you arrive on the surveyspotter homepage is this banner.

Survey Spotter earning potential

Earning $20 per survey sounds nice but I have none of these surveys websites guarantee you making that money for completng their surveys. At the most, they offer $2 per survey.

They also put this disclaimer below to justify the 300 pounds statement.

Survey spotter disclaimer

The problem with this statement is that you don't have control over every survey you qualify. This means you could make no money at all or anything in between.

After seeing everything that Survey Spotter has to offer I wouldn’t join it. You could easily find this same list by Googling “top survey websites” but I do understand that some people don’t want to do that.


Product rating

Is Survey Spotter A Scam?

No, but it isn't legit either

The claims on the main page such as being able to make money with Survey Spotter and the amount of money you can make isn’t exactly honest. Here’s why:

  • You can't make money on the website
    While you can’t make money on the platform itself you can make money indirectly because of the survey websites it directs you to. 
  • Earning Potential is lower than advertised
    The amount of money you can make filling out surveys also is a bit exaggerated.

Survey Spotter gets a lot of negative reviews because of these two reasons.

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  • The pay out per survey is often somewhere between $0,10 and $2
  • There's a limited number of surveys available 
  • People get bored and quit

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See you at my next post

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16 thoughts on “Survey Spotter Review — Scam or Legit? Why It Gets Negative Reviews”

  1. Thank you for being balanced with your review. I know that Survey Spotter is not a scam. But they are not a good alternative either. Taking surveys was exciting, when I hadn’t earn anything online. But it quickly showed me that it was imposible to make a decent side income. I still think there could be some constant stream of income with surveys but I haven’t found that platform yet.

    • That is indeed the problem. There are research websites where you can earn $20 in one go but you can only apply for these websites once a year.

  2. I appreciate all the information you offered about Survey Spotter.  I have received some ads about the program I didn’t follow up on.  I understand that the program helps someone access websites that do review surveys.  I think this could be of value because it is difficult to know all the survey sites available.  However, it does not make sense that one cannot earn anything by using the site.  Thanks for the review.  

    • Hey Anastazja, 

      It can help but in all honestly, I’d just type the keywords “top 10 paid survey websites” and I’d have the exact same list. I have also noticed they stop emailing you survey websites after a while, I probably have gone through them all haha

  3. Hi, I’ve just gone through your article on survey spotter. It is very educative and informative. It is true that there are so many products online and we need to know if they are legit or scam. this article is one of the most helpful because it enables us to make a decision with full knowledge of what we are getting ourselves into. Thank you for sharing this amazing information with us, I will be sharing it further too.

    • Hey Kokontala, 

      Thanks for commenting. I tried to put as much info as possible in this review. I hope it helps.

  4. Great review of Survey Spotter. I’ve never heard of a survey site middle man before so that’s quite interesting. All of the survey sites that it links to are all credible and will eventually make you some form of money, although not quickly and not a lot. I do think someone would be much better off to register for those websites though, instead of registering for Survey Spotter.

    • Hey Rachel.

      I agree. I would’ve rated it higher if at least the surveys that are offered through email would be surveys that you can easily qualify for.

  5. I was never fond of these survey websites as the amount of money you can make out of them is just not enough to sustain you. As a little extra, yes maybe but is it worth your time for some little in return? Personally I believe there are better ways to make money online and this is certainly not one of them.

    • Hey Stratos.

      I’m not a fan of surveys either but I do understand why some people value them. It’s not my cup of tea though.

  6. Hi & ntmu. This is really very interesting website with your own truthful review.

    Survey Spotter is very very interesting. Looking and reading through your article, I’ve found that In a way, this site doesn’t fulfil any needs as it takes you from registration to another one, and you are not doing so much survey. This is my honest opinion

    I have some experience with some survey sites, as Branded Survey, NSS Survey & etc where I enter to take the survey and after for instance I said I am not a fan of let’s say, X supermarket, they stop me and said ups its seems that the survey is close or is not for you.

    Thank you for sharing this interesting article, I love how do you explain & enlightening thing us everything in your video.

    My question is, is this really worth it?

    Many blessings to you

    • I’m glad you liked it.

      I think most people would prefer just to Google surveys but to those that want to put all their online endeavors on autopilot, this might save them a few minutes a day.

      In my opinion ts not worth it for 99% of survey takers.

  7. Thank you,

    When I started trying to earn extra cash online, I started out with surveys. I am sure most of us do try them before anything else, so I never earned enough from any of the companies I was signed up with. I had a mailbox full of surveys, I could not keep up with the demand. Often you fill out all these questions, and then they say sorry you don’t qualify for this survey try again.

    I suggest you stay away from survey companies, they are not in business to help you make money. That is from my own experience before I found Wealthy Affiliate, you will receive everything you need plus all the training to succeed. I am debt-free now thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, and I tried many others before them without much success.


    • Hey Jeff

      Thanks for commenting. It’s cool to hear you’re debt-free thanks to Wealthy Affiliate. I also have had great experiences with that platform.

  8. Thanks for a very detailed and informative blog. I honestly have not heard of the Survey Spotter so far. I know it can be earned by filling out surveys but I also think it cannot be earned serious earnings. Maybe I am wrong and it all depends on the effort and time invested. 

    • I’ve seen people make more money than I expected but you have to be able to qualify for the surveys. Not everyone that spends a lot of time on these survey websites s going to make money, unfortunately.


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