Is Tap 2 Earn A Scam? Why 3 Ex Members Quit + Undeniable YouTube Proof!

Welcome to my Tap 2 Earn review.

You probably came to this page because you wonder if Tap 2 Earn is legit or a scam.

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Over the last year, I’ve been busy creating reviews about all kinds of online products. Some turned out to be fake other were legit ways to make money online but in the process I learned how to spot scams. Tap 2 Earn is one the websites I reviewed.

In this post, I’ll show you absolutely everything you need to know about Tap 2 Earn and after reading it you’ll know exactly if you should give it a chance.

Tap 2 Earn Review Overview

Name: Tap 2 Earn

Founder: Henry Chaplin and Davis O’Brien

Product Type: Influencer Network with affiliate program

Price: Free

Rating: 1/10

Tap 2 Earn logo


According to the official Tap2Earn website, Tap2Earn is an influencer network. That provides Influencers with advertising opportunities.

When you look at their website it seems a bit confusing because for the most part they only promote their affiliate program and offer paid surveys.

After looking into Tap 2 Earn I have to conclude that it’s a scam. They won’t give you the money you deserve. If you want to know why then read further.

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Rating: 1/10

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What Is Tap 2 Earn?

Tap 2 Earn is according to their website an influencer network that connects influencers with advertisers so they can make money. 

Tap 2 Earn home page

They claim to have been in business for more than 5 years and work with more than 300 websites and are behind some of the biggest names on social media.

In this time, Tap 2 Earn has won multiple awards and has been invited to more than 30 marketing summits.

They also have an affiliate program that according to the website you can make $500 with the same day you apply for it. 

Tap 2 Earn The Company

You can find out a lot about a product a company offers by looking at the track record of the company itself. This is why instead of just relying on what the website says I did some research my self.

The founders of are named Henry Chaplin and Davis O’Brien. I couldn’t find anything about them on social platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram.

According to the WHOIS info, the IP location is in Texas and the website was created September 2019.

WHOIS record of Tap 2 Earn

A lot of things don’t add up but we’ll get into that later.

How does Tap 2 Earn work?

According to the website, you can work as an affiliate by taking 3 simple steps. 

How Does Tap 2 Earn Work

Let’s go through these steps with some screenshots I took when signing up and trying out
Tap 2 Earn.

Tap 2 Earn sign up and login

1. Join Tap 2 Earn

On the main menu of Tap2Earn is a link that directs you to the sign-up page.

There you fill out the personal information needed to create your account.

The moment you signed up, you’ll be directed to the Tap 2 Earn dashboard.

From here you can overview everything that has to do with sharing your affiliate links.

2. Share

On the Refer, and Earn page you’ll find the unique affiliate link that you can use to refer people to Tap 2 Earn. Share your link with people you know and on social media.

Tap 2 Earn Refer and Earn Page

3. Cash Out

The moment someone either clicks on the link or joins Tap 2 Earn you’ll receive a commission that you can cash out through Cash App, Pay Pal, Bitcoin, Mailed check.

Tap 2 Earn Cash Out

How Much Can You Earn With Tap 2 Earn?

What I think you can earn with Tap 2 Earn and what is stated on their websites are two different things. I’ll start with what they claim you can earn and I’ll give my take afterward.

When you go on their website there’s a calculator with which you can calculate how much money you can make. I can tell you already after doing affiliate marketing for 2 years that this calculator isn’t based in reality. 

Tap 2 Earn Money Calculator

The moment you become a member of Tap 2 Earn you’ll get to see their real earning model.

Tap 2 Earn payment explanation

As you can see you can make a lot of money on Tap 2 Earn according to their website with the minimal being $2 for a click and the max being $50 for creating a video review (which I will get into a little later in the review).

You can only cash out this money out if you referred people to Tap 2 Earn. This makes me this something fishy is going on, to be honest. 

Who can benefit from Tap 2 Earn

Who would benefit from joining Tap 2 Earn:

  • Nobody

Who shouldn’t join Tap 2 Earn:

  • People trying to make money online
  • People expecting to use the affiliate links to make money 
  • People that want to earn money through surveys and tasks

Red Flags Of Tap 2 Earn

After going through the website and doing some research I found some things that raise a lot of red flags. Here are a few of those red flags.

1. The website’s age
According to the Tap 2 Earn website, they’ve been active for over 10 years. This doesn’t add up with when the website was created if you look at the WHOIS information. 

The website was created in September 2019. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a scam but it does raise a lot of questions.

Tap 2 Earn website age

2. #1 Influencer Network that connects advertisers and Influencers
When you arrive on the website one of the first things you see in the header and the subheader that explains what Tap 2 Earn is. 

It says that Tap 2 Earn is the #1 Influencer Network that connects influencers to advertisers. After signing up and going through the whole getting started process I found nothing that supports this claim. 

Yes, there is an affiliate program but that’s not the same as connecting influencers to advertisers.

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3. Tap 2 Earn isn’t mentioned in Forbes
On the about page, it is stated that Tap 2 Earn has been mentioned in Forbes. This quite the accomplishment if it were true. 

I went and did some research online and couldn’t find anything that connects Tap 2 Earn to Forbes.

Normally, mentions like that are easy to find which leads me to believe this might be a false claim.

 4. The Earning Model doesn’t make sense
The most lucrative survey and “get-paid-to” websites offer at the most maybe $1 — $5 per survey or task and most of the time the participation number of those kinds of websites is 10 people max.

These websites also come with these kinds of offers just once a month.

If they’d give that much money to all their participant then: 

1. This website would’ve gone viral a long time ago
2. Tap 2 Earn would go bankrupt in days

Even Google Adsense with the biggest ad network in the world doesn’t pay you that much. 

Tap 2 Earn earnings

5. Their pay-out conditions
You can make money on Tap 2 Earn but there is a specific set of rules you have to follow before you can cash out the money you earned.

One of these rules is that you have referred people to Tap 2 Earn and they have to become members.

In my 2 years, of reviewing “make money online” opportunities I’ve never seen anything like this. 

6. IP Location doesn’t match Address
According to the website, the business is based in the Netherlands but the IP address is located in Texas.

This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a scam but in this case it does. 

Funny enough I live in the Netherlands and I was able to check it out. No business is being run from that address.

How Tap 2 Earn Scams People

To join Tap 2 Earn is completely free but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t being scammed in other ways.

The YouTube Submission Scam

 If you go on YouTube you’ll find a lot of videos about how great Tap 2 Earn is.

This should normally be seen as a sign that Tap 2 Earn is legit but the moment you join Tap 2 Earn and you pay attention you’ll learn why these videos are made.

On the Tap 2 Earn dashboard, you have a page called YouTube Submission. This page is meant for people that want to make a YouTube review of Tap 2 Earn.

Tap 2 Earn dashboard

In exchange for the review, you get $50 but you have to refer people to the page first before you can cash out.

Here are two of those videos reviews.

I haven’t heard of a single case of someone getting their money but Tap 2 Earn gets a lot of promotion and fake credibility.

Acquiring data scam
There are a lot of companies out there that use surveys to get data on how they can sell their products. Tap 2 Earn offers surveys that you can complete for money but once again I’ve talked to multiple people that haven’t received their money.

How Tap 2 Earn Scams People
In short, Tap 2 Earn doesn’t scam you out of your money directly. They lead you to believe you’ll earn money (with surveys and online tasks) and make you work for it but you’ll never get your hard-earned money.

Here are examples of 3 ex. Tap 2 Earn members sharing their experiences with Tap 2 Earn on YouTube pages including on the comment section of the official Tap 2 Earn YouTube page.

Tap 2 Earn YouTube Comment Scam
Queen Rye Tap 2 Earn Scam YouTube comment
Tap 2 Earn YouTube Comment About Scam

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My Personal Take

After reviewing Tap 2 Earn, I’ve concluded that absolutely nothing ads up.

The website looks good which at first sight makes you think this might be a real opportunity to make money but the more you see, the more apparent it becomes that this is a scam.

I can’t recommend Tap 2 Earn to anyone.


Product rating

Is Tap 2 Earn A Scam?

After doing extensive research I've come to the conclusion that Tap 2 Earn is indeed a scam.

They promise you money in exchange for doing surveys and tasks but you’ll never get your money.

Multiple people on YouTube have been complaining about never getting their money. The only thing they’re after is your information so they can sell it.


Tap 2 Earn might not be what it presented itself to but there are other products out there that are legit.

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That’s all for today. If you have any questions or you just want to show some love don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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